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  1. I'll be where the first steam loco hit 100mph 🤡
  2. As they were for the Western region they didn't have to put much effort in going by what had gone before. Me runs away.
  3. I am sad to read that John has passed away https://www.facebook.com/share/p/Wdkgt2aezPBUXw6r/ My sympathies to those who knew him especially @Deltic and all the staff. His legacy lives on with your shop. I haven't seen John since he retired but his friendly, helpful approach was unbeatable.
  4. I have just seen on the shop Facebook page that John Dutfield has passed away. During my first foray into model railways in the 1990s his shop in Chelmsford was my second home. Nothing was too much trouble, and he was always a joy to chat to. The shop lives on in his name even though he retired some years ago. My sympathies to his friends and families, and thank you for creating such a good shop.
  5. I can vaguely remember my Grandad had quite a bit of Limo O gauge. Then one day when we went round it was all gone. He had sold it to buy a pair of Hornby tinplate Orient Express coaches. I know you're not supposed to have favourite grandparents but...!
  6. Hi Mark, I don't suppose you happen to have a spare D16 chassis etch floating about? I can make an inner chassis but which is missing but would of course be easier to buy one if you happen to have one? thanks, Richard
  7. One of our chemistry teachers also did the lighting and other effects for the school productions - musical, gymnastics, plays and so on. One particular play had the need for a loud bang at the end, so he dipped into his chemistry background and came up with something. He knew it was going to make a bit of a big bang, so opted to place the charge in an old metal water tank, one of the thick galvanised steel riveted together jobbies. Worked very well. Except on the last night of the show he decided they should go out with a bigger bang - so tweaked the recipe. The resultant kablam popped quite a few rivets, splintered the table the tank was sitting on, and took out several stage lights that were 20ft above. I suspect some of the actors and most of the audience are still suffering an element of PTSD.
  8. They still are - you just need to find the shops that North Korea frequent. Magnesium ribbon. A perfect fuse for thermite. Not that I would know that of course, and I certainly did not "borrow" any ingredients from my secondary school chemistry department. Nope, not me.
  9. There's a big difference between a forum post and a curated work. Besides, I would happily overlook the the odd typo to learn more about the decades of industry experience that The Stationmaster has.
  10. I know the DJH J50 comes with a pre-folded one, as it is designed as a starter kit. The old Stelfox N7 is a foldup with a spacer then added in the middle. No doubt there are others. There are usually additional spacers to suit EM and P4, the idea being you break the integral OO ones out at the fold lines and replace for those scales.
  11. That model should be fine. I think I read that GM wanted to pitch the 9-3 at the same level as 1.8 BMWs etc - so they slightly de-tuned the standard 2l turbo map to produce a similar spec and tax rating etc. You can get it remapped to get the power "back".
  12. I believe all convertibles are bonded in as they provide additional strength. If it's a classic 900, the hard part may be finding a replacement screen if needed.
  13. I couldn't say for certain, but it's a pretty strong magnetic field so may be worth testing. If you use magnetic axles (and most are) that may be an issue.
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