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  1. Some pictures of rural areas from Southern Finland in 1930´s. Please enjoy. This is prototypical modelling in 1:87 scale, all models are handmade. Petri Sallinen Helsinki, Finland [
  2. We have run the Finnish model railway company named Mestarimallit about ten years https://www.facebook.com/Mestarimallit We are using many parts and wheels made by Markits in our kits. We have never had any problems with deliveries. Sometimes delivery time might be many months if Mark does not have items in stock we would like to get. Because of our H0 scale and lighter rolling stock we are using smaller dia wheels as you are typically using in UK. Once Mark sent me samples of 12 mm dia disk wheels made in steel. These are not his normal products. He thought that I might be interested in getting these driving wheels for our new diesel locomotive kits. Very helpful service. In the last Scaleforum exhibition I was hanging around in exhibition area when the strange man met me near the Roxey Models stand. He saw my name in my badge and said: "What are you doing here? Here is nothing to see. Let´s go to my factory". I have never met this man before. He was Mark Arscott. I was very self-conscious. Anyway I and my friend traveled next day by the taxi from Aylesbury to Watford to see his factory. This was very nice trip. Fortunately we had one bottle of liquorice spirit with (this is the very typical Finnish stuff) to give that for the present. Mark showed us all his excellent CNC machines that are making parts 24/7 and the way he is making famous Romford wheels. We also met his very nice wife who made us the lunch. Our problem is that our English is terribly bad. We have to make hard working to understand what somebody is talking about. I think I did not understand all his jokes, stories or technical explanations but I think that was not the problem. We had very nice time with he and his wife. Mark also drove us to the nearest railway station. Later I sent him the book of Finnish steam locomotives and I think he was happy about that. Petri Sallinen Helsinki, Finland
  3. Season´s Greetings from Finland Petri Sallinen
  4. The company named Railway Plants Co situated in Leeds made some coaches for Finnish State Railways in the end of 1800 century. I have tried to find information of this company but with no success. Please let me know if you have any information of Railway Plants Co, Leeds. Petri Sallinen Helsinki, Finland
  5. Miniaturmodelle and Modela have quite good selection of Russian models. Heris also made some Russian and Eastern Europe coaches. http://miniaturmodelle.net/1-87-H0 http://www.modela.lv/new_modela/store/?lang=en http://www.heris-modelleisenbahn.de/modelleisenbahnen/andere-laender.html
  6. Here we´ll come again! Seasons´s Greetings from the northern front. Petri Sallinen Helsinki, Finland
  7. Höyryveturit Valtionrautateillä — The Steam Locomotives of Finnish State Railways is now ready. About 500 pages information of all steams used in Finland. All texts are also in English. https://webshop.trafiikki.fi/the_steam_locomotives_of_the_finnish_state_railways https://www.adlibris.com/fi/kirja/hoyryveturit-valtionrautateilla---the-steam-locomotives-of-the-finnish-state-railways-9789529390663 Petri
  8. Very nice weekend in Aylesbury! Now I have visited five times in Scaleforums. This was not the best ones but nevertheless very enjoyable exhibition, thank you for that. I spent two days in the show and had room in Five Bells Inn in Weston Turville — I think there were some other enthusiasts too . It was very easy to travel from Helsinki to Aylesbury — the flight from Helsinki to London Heathrow, with train to Paddington Station, with underground to Marylebone and last with train to Aylesbury. The trip took about six hours — not very much considering that I am living in the middle of nowhere Petri Sallinen Helsinki, Finland
  9. I have found that old Finnish coaches are using the same construction as some British ones. The idea of sheet metal plated two axles coaches was coming from German to Finland. For many reasons we made them a little bit simple but the main idea was still the same — later we also used the wood instead of sheet metal. So I think that we might have same problems when modeling these style of coaches. And that´s why I´d like to give some ideas. I have tested these ideas about one year and we have built tens of coaches this way. The main problem with these styles of coach body is convex walls. Many enthusiasts do not like bend walls in convex format or they are thinking that this is too difficult. Rarely this is quite difficult when using half etched walls. But first I would like to introduce my idea of wooden body of this style of coach. If you are modeling the same type of body with wooden walls, you are able to use "the box construction". My idea was to draw dashed lines inside the wall in places you have to bend the wall to the convex format. You have to be very careful when drawing dashed lines — small pieces of lines have to situated in the middle of lines that imitate joints of boards outside of walls. If you are not careful with that you will get small holes in your wall But this works. Dashed lines help you to bend the wall to the convex format. Many enthusiasts also like the box style body because that is easy to build. You are able see this idea in my first picture. My second idea was to make window frames and window sills in one piece. By this way I also will get the L-girder inside the upper wall. Later I am also able to use the flange of L-girder when assemble the transverse beam of the coach. Please note that bend window sills fit to chinks made in walls. That makes very easy to fit the L-girder piece on its place. The second idea was the construction of sheet metal plated coach body. Because the half etched walls you are not able to use the box style construction. I think these photos will give you the idea. My big idea was to make loops in the lower edge of the wall. There are also pegs in the lower edge of half etched wall. Pegs suit to loops and makes very easy to assemble the half etched wall on the body. This construction is also very strong. The three point suspension of coach base on the old English idea — there are not any new ideas of mine. My idea was only to copy "the bogie style assembly" from the long two axle coach made by Roco for the second axle. In my coach the second axle is able to turn a little bit like the bogie. This helps the coach to go in tight curves. Petri Sallinen Helsinki Finland ... and here are some ready made coaches.
  10. Flat can motor made by North West Short Line might work instead of Mashima 1015. http://shop.osorail.com/product.sc?productId=1907&categoryId=55
  11. Yes, you are right — the scale in Stanton drives is 1:87 so the WB of 8'6" Stanton Drive bogie is not right in 1:76 scale. In 1:76 scale you need the bogie with 33,9 mm WB. NWSL has the bogie with almost right WB — the 9'6" Stanton Drive with 33,3 mm WB. (I hope that I have made my calculations right with inches and millimeters
  12. North West Short is making Stanton Drive named motor bogies with 8'6" WB (gauge 16,5 mm, wheel profile code 110 or code 88). http://shop.osorail.com/product.sc?productId=1881&categoryId=110
  13. The Finnish atmosphere from 1910´s in H0 scale. Please enjoy pictures. Petri
  14. We have used Shapeways FXD prints as masterparts for making resin castings. FXD works quite well as masters parts but you have to make something for the surface — in my opinion it is not good enough for master using without painting with primer. Two or three coats Surfacer 1200 made by Gunze using the airbrush will make good. Please look at the picture of ready made master parts of Finnish H0 locomotive. Here is the ready made model with resin hulls. There are also better ways to make masters for white metal castings or resin castings. 3D prints made by US Proto Lab are excellent — they are ready made for master using but also much more expensive than Shapeways prints. Here you are able to see the master print made by Proto Lab and the ready made white metal casting. It is very difficult to take the picture of green print but I think you are able to see the excellent details in the white metal part. Here is the master part of the same locomotive you are able to see in my second picture. The scale in all parts is H0.
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