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  1. Yes It was about 150 or so views caused by a macro on a gaming mouse refreshing an open page in the back ground over about 8 hours. 150 views out of 200k hardly seems worth discussing in any depth, now we know what caused it. Thank you for your concern, but as said, no Dragons here.
  2. Hi I would love a stalker like that, but I think they are probably to deer.
  3. No J...your aiming up the wrong wall. We thought lets put up all of these pictures from all these great layouts and see who gravitates to the toilet scene with some dubious humour
  4. Hi No unfortunately, we will not be going to Warley, I just do not like the NEC for this type of show. Many reasons, but I would never try to put anyone off as those reasons are my own and others would have their own perspective. We will be looking for pictures from others if available, but I am not looking to feel as if I was there
  5. I am reasonably clever, but i am not too keen on being described as a door mat
  6. [quote name="thebritfarmer" post="1659983" timestamp="1415809395 Kal how do you find the Hattons 21pin decoders? http://www.ehattons.com/stocklist/results.aspx?searchfield=21%20pin%20decoder http://www.ehattons.com/71920/Hattons_DCR_21PIN_Direct_21_pin_4_function_1_1Amp_direct_plug_decoder_with_back_EMF/StockDetail.aspx Gaugemaster, hattons and dcc concepts are pretty much the same decoder, just with different features and prices.
  7. I have my Z21 connected to my digitrax loconet, so no practical limit , detection works and i end up with wifi for loconet. Works well.
  8. He was logged on yesterday, according to his profile. Just not posting. I have times that i prefer to read then write, so maybe he is feeling the same.
  9. Kal

    Hornby Class 67

    Hi It is limited to a 1000 units according to Hornby site.
  10. Next time we meet ask me and i will tell you some helecopter stories. It was my regular method of transport for a few years, but not for conversation here. Taxi helecopters, very much so on air fields, on purple star we saw squadrons of cobra and sea Knight, taxi one behind another before taking off at camp lejeune Airheads, not so much, such like locations tend to be drop in, straight out, but then there is no room or time for a taxi and the airspace is less restrictive. Unfortunately accidents happen, I have been unfortunate to be in the area of two mid air helicopter collisions
  11. Our time era, some time next week, so contemporary. Older items are then a film set, museum or re-enactment scene. Who knows what might be recreated for a film set next week, a 10000, or a DP2 replica for example.
  12. Credit where credit is due.... You have made a tragedy look well presented Now when you gonna put it back to GBRf
  13. Are Roco still developing the Z21? It seems to have no updates or news in a very long time, unless i am reading in the wrong places.
  14. Road surface looks very convincing, but couldn't find if you mentioned what you have used, is it a silver sand?
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