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  1. Two more adventures on O Gauge wagons:- 1/ six minerals + brake van (using liquid rust) 2/ eleven various wagons. Thanks Kelvin B
  2. Hi All Two more posts added to my website:- Both O Gauge. Last two LT Panniers weathered. Darstead BG weathered - Tool Van. Cheers Kelvin B
  3. Hi All Been very busy recently - two more posts on my website:- Both O Gauge 1/ New Layout started - DARK LANE - London Transport - late 60's end of LT steam. 2/ Busy weekend for Morlock Heath - Sudbury MRC Exhibition on 5th - GOG Meeting Bury St Eds on 6th.
  4. Hi All Three moor posts on my website this week:- Four OO Diesel Loco weathering Seven O Gauge wagons weathered Some kit built O Gauge wagons
  5. Hi All Four more Steam O Gauge Loco's finished.Full details on my website. The B17/4 is the one that arrived badly damaged in LNER livery - now repaired and repainted as BR 61647 Helmingham Hall Regards Kelvin B
  6. Hi All It is with great please that I can announce that our Syndicate as purchased Ebridge Mill from Mr Graham Tandy Full Details and more photos on my website Cheers Kelvin B
  7. Hi All Two more posts on my website:- Repairing a Damaged Loco ------ O Gauge Copsey at Bressingham Model Railway Day. (OO Gauge) Kelvin B
  8. Just finished six projects for my friend Graham - he made the wagons and the WW1 tractor - I painted and weathered them all. Just added to my website - they are SM32 and O Gauge. Cheers Kelvin B
  9. The Three O Gauge Loco's that I have worked on over the last fortnight are now finished. Below one photo of each - more photos and text on my website - www.kelvinsrailways.com Cheers Kelvin B
  10. Hi Added two more O gauge items during the last week. 1/ Undercoating three Loco's 2/ Progress on the three undercoated Loco's Cheers Kelvin B www.kelvinsrailways.com
  11. Hi Two more items added to my website this week. WW1 SM32 Tank Wagon - camouflaged O gauge Layout refurb - Norfolk Coke and Tar becomes 'Grub Lane' plus extension to fiddle yard. Kelvin B
  12. Just added something a bit different to my website - Discovering the history behind a bridge plate on the Waveney Valley Line. Full story and photos on my website www.kelvinsrailways.com
  13. Hi three more items added to my website this week - all O gauge. 1 ------ Southern Region (BR) E1R 2-------- Eastern Region (BR) C12 3-------- Midland Region (BR) 'black 5' cheers Kelvin B www.kelvinsrailways.com
  14. Hi Two more posts on my website - both O Gauge B12/3 restoration finished Beattie Well tank finished at last see website ---- www.kelvinsrailways.com Cheers Kelvin B
  15. Hi All Something a bit different this time - restoration of an O Gauge B12/3. Purchased of a well know auction site - what risk factor! Full story on my website with more photo's
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