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  1. Hi Have just done my first weathering batch since February (Lock Down) Three O Gauge topics added to my website:- Dapol Sentinal weathering J94 weathering Jinty Weathering and some thoughts on numbering! Cheers Kelvin B
  2. Hi four new posts on my website:- 1/ Scenic board 2 finished - OO 2/ Return to farmyard on board 1 -OO 3/ 2nd traverser finished. - OO 4/ Latest arrival G5 for repaint - O cheers
  3. hi three more blogs added to my website:- All OO 1/ Osier Common - Board 2 nearly finished 2/ Fircombe - My old garage layout 15 x 10 3/ Fircombe - Running a later Era' Cheers Kelvin B
  4. Hi Two more updates on my Website Both are looking back at my old Garage Layout - Fircombe (00) This layout was broken up about 3 years ago due to lack of space. Great memories of a very flexible layout
  5. Hi Another couple of updates on my website with reference my new OO layout. Work starts on 2nd Baseboards Posed Locos on baseboard one Kelvin B
  6. Hi Two more posts on my website:- OO layout - Dew Pond and more animals OO layout - Let there be life Kelvin B
  7. Hi Four more posts on my website - All OO layout progress. Farm Decision Work on Farm Lineside posts Lots more work Thanks Kelvin B
  8. Hi Three more items added to the blog on my website. 1/ Basic scenery painting 2/ Ballast staining 3/ First layer scenics All OO on the new layout
  9. Hi Two more items added to my website. 1/ More work completed on the OO layout - Modroc - river - tunnels 2/ WR (BR) O gauge Dean Goods Cheers
  10. Hi Added four more blogs to my website:- Ponds, bridge and embankments - OO Mas trunking - OO Ballasting - OO Glorious NSE - O cheers Kelvin B
  11. More Blogs added to my website:- Mission Road - Finished - O Gauge More work on the New OO Layout Cheers
  12. Further work on the fiddle yard project:- Track laying and electrical work complete. three new blogs on my website. OO gauge Cheers
  13. Added two more blogs to my website - both O Gauge More posed Locos on Mission Road Mission Road -Update 4/5/20 Cheers Kelvin B
  14. Hello I have added three more posts to my Blog/website:- Traverser - O Gauge? Traverser - OO Gauge? Traverser - Decision? More info on my website Kelvin B
  15. Hi Just made up a laser cut traverser for a potential new layout - my comments now on my website. Cheers Kelvin B
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