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  1. Yup; the same as if you fancy a ride in vintage stock - head for the Bluebell, Isle of Wight or Foxfield; no point moaning that you can't experience that on the mainline.
  2. Hopefully this link works (but still needs sorting as you say) https://www.google.co.uk/travel/entity/key/ChkI6rm27Li32cJTGg0vZy8xMXN2Zno0andrEAQ/reviews?ei=UKQVZZemCqSI8LAP2o-W-Ao&sa=X&ts=CAEaBAoCGgAqBAoAGgA
  3. Just join in with the existing topics then rather than telling us we're not doing enough. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/forums/forum/369-25mm-scale-tt120/
  4. Sometimes the parent may be less well informed or placed to see where risks and dangers may be. As an example there have been several instances of children killed on bouncy castles after the wind has caused incident or even the inflatable exploding. Should the parent be responsible for making a judgement on the weather or the safety of the operator? Where does a libertarian stand on such incidents? Conversely there'd be an outcry from some parents if headlines said that bouncy castles are to be banned. I don't know how well bouncy castles are regulated (probably not at all) but would a parent consider any of these possibilities? Unlikely, they just want their kids to have fun but ideally they'd like them to come off the castle in one piece if asked.
  5. That's the second time that you've stated that people should be discussing it more. Around here they have a habit of discussing what they want, when they want. To me, it looks like all you want to do is publicise your material here - rather than engage in dialogue (which there is plenty of in TT:120 topics).
  6. Daily. But not the advertising folk as such; more the implementation of it which falls under the IT department and the impact on user experience. At least you have someone defending against it; try and find one of those on a newspaper website.
  7. OK, so how should websites pay the bills?
  8. In each instance who would get sued if things went wrong? It sounds like you'd be happy to get a discount from someone who cuts corners. Your car service? Your dentist or optician?
  9. On that basis we are saying there is a single culprit to the crime?
  10. I have tested from this end using your login, permissions and settings etc and everything appears as it should so it's definitely something local to your end rather than the server. Could you try using a different, previously unused, browser to test and prove that please?
  11. Not necessarily so as some producers with more retail stockists have to produce more to satisfy supply over more stockists. Similar size production run but with fewer SKUs. Also some newer entrants (not those quoted) see tooling amortised against each unit produced against a minimum quantity production run, i.e. the factory is calling the tune.
  12. It could be if there are corrupted cookies at your end; did you read my previous post? It may not be but it could be so please check that.
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