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  1. Thanks gents for clearing that up for me. Keith
  2. Was Stanier 2-8-0 8f 48188 repaired after the accident that tragically driver Axon lost his life.? Keith
  3. Yes, I have one in my collection and it still runs well. Keith.
  4. Max Williams, I was a regular there rom the age of 7 until Max died. In fact he gave me a referance when I was leaving school in 1959 to show possible employers. I still have the referance. Keith.
  5. I have said for a long time that they were announced in 2008, but most people argued that I was wrong ! My faith in Kernow as now been restored, looking forward to my ARK ROYAL. Keith
  6. I presume that Kernow had realised that the two previous suppliers had one thing in common.?
  7. Thanks for the info gents. Regards Keith
  8. I do not seem to find a bauxite paint in acrylic [for BR freight stock]. Anyone know of this colour in acrylic.? Thanks, Keith
  9. That is the solution I use myself, when the wife complains about time model railways take up.
  10. Does anyone know what motor was fitted to the Triang big big train Hymek, Is there any motor available that would easily fit as a replacement,? Thanks in anticipation, Regards. Keith
  11. Great, I wish to sign up for pasty making school then please. Let us hope that no one in particular sends a message to KMRC claiming the possibilitie that their copyright as been breached. . While there are local differences the recipe came from pasty land and the maiden name of this particular pasty maker (Mrs Stationmaster) began with the letters 'Tre....' plus they have the seal of approval (having been thoroughly tested) of a member of KMRC's staff. So they'm proper job pasties.
  12. Obviously Colas are going downhill since Big Jim left them. Keith.
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