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  1. Thanks Phil H. Got all that, but Nathan and I were asking: Is it for loksound? and are there reblows available?
  2. Was this answered? I too have some loksound fitted locos requiring re blows inc. 8F and some of the other types mentioned above. Where can more information be found? TIA
  3. I have great respect for Kenton's comments normally. However this was a genuine query. However sad/upsetting, there seems to be some over-sentimentality creeping in to these responses, which is not unreasonable from those who actually knew this gentleman. This is a common event that all of us will have to face, sooner or later but business has to go on.. How would people feel if it was a much larger sum? Or someone not so closely connected to the hobby? Not every has a gold-plated index-linked pension or can afford to write-off even 'small' sums of money. Before going all 'Lady Di', remember to check out these charities. Some of them are more like big profit-driven businesses and we've all been subject to unsolicited phone calls and chuggers. I would suggest doing a good deed or volunteering rather than giving cash which normally goes to help pay top dollar for a chief exec. Cancer Uk for instance has 189 staff paid more than £60,000 with the boss getting £230,000. See: third sector.co.uk
  4. This limited edition run tag is totally pointless now. Falcon, D8000, 66522, 97201...
  5. By that description then, we should already have had such as Hattons, Kernow, Harburn, Invicta, Osbournes, Rail Exclusives, N Gauge Society, etc etc for some time. Surely need to be fair all and equal.
  6. Is this in the wrong sub forum? Surely Locomotion are a shop/commissioner not manufacturer? Maybe time to revamp and make new division for manufacturers and commissioners. It would be much fairer all round and more obvious where to look.
  7. And somehow this wasn't known or factored in at the start/announcement? I like REM, but it here's one for you: I said slippage is understandable but not in years. I cannot dispute what you say about delays and the reasons BUT the current mess is wholly unnecessary and is a bad vibe. The vapourware and jam tomorrow phrases are a direct result of making announcements at the point of initial idea and no work has been done. Announcements have become a standing joke. I'd rather this was accepted and we discuss the resultant planning blight issue. I am critical, and I can see I am in the minority. However I genuinely think that statements glibly trotted out on here do need to be challenged to make sure they are honest, reasonable and robust. I note that some have wrongly interpreted what I am trying to say deliberately or otherwise. I'm sorry I could not make my point more clearly, must be my heritage. I don't need to have a high post count or show my work to have an opinion. I'd have to disagree with DJMs post as I explained above. Brinklays reply is the usual ridiculous retort about the real world. But we've been here before. Can we debate model railways?
  8. That just the point JJB. There's 'slippage', and there's slippage! I don't see this being described as such. 6 months or so is slippage, missed slot or boat etc. Slippage can be excused. Up to 18 months is disastrous in my mind, and I would suggest anything longer is a complete runaway and verging on deliberate irresponsibility. This isn't rocket science and all the firms know exactly how long each stage takes to make a model. In this instance we are talking seven years without a single piece of metal cut. We all know the whole process takes 'give or take' two years from start to finish (plus 6 month slippage if you are being generous)! Are we suggesting these risky investments are being made without any project managing or timeline planning?
  9. Bad choice of words by me at the end there. You summed it up well, but how can anyone 'forget' something they've already be told about? You can't get a brainwash. If something like the D600 was absolutely fundamental to a major new project, it would always be in the back of your mind and, in a world short of time, would sow at least a seed of doubt with priorities. Do I build? Do I wait? What's best use of my time? And the closer to 'perceived' release, the bigger the issue. See?
  10. I'll entertain you in your self-appointed role as the 'patience police' but please remember every one has an opinion, and there all equally valid as yours and no less valid if they differ. Potential purchaser? Might have one, once I've have had a good look over the finished item. I don't buy blind - got caught once too often. Quite like all the ugly NBLs, but I'm in no hurry. Why would you assume otherwise? You're not intimating your opinion is worth more than mine again, just because you 'want this model' and you thought I didn't, are you? If you are going to quote me then be accurate. You have translated 'handsome' into rich. I didn't say rich. I believe there is handsome reward in model railways (if you get it right) otherwise you wouldn't see so much activity and companies would be shedding staff rather than taking them on. Reasonable timescale? I think, like a few others on here, that within the lifetime of an annual catalogue is reasonable. Perhaps 18 months at a real stretch. That's what used to happen. Reasonable assumption? That companies are in business to make a profit. (is that allowed these days?). Usually, as much as they can. Slapped down? Not at all. I'm of the opinion many might think what would be termed 'opposing' thoughts but don't comment these days, since the disagree button seems to have gone. Surely if you can agree, you must be able to disagree just as easily to give fair balance? (Looking like the EU referendum will go the same way). But you've 'slapped' Mr George down pretty quickly never the less . Froth storm? Nope, just don't understand the need for them so early in the process. Penalty of being 'found out'? I would suggest you are looking at it. The number of people that are starting to get tired of pre-announcements and announcements so advanced as to be counter productive. Look around. People are increasingly scratching around for news, anything, on a 7-year old project like this and much newer ones... DJ models, Oxford, even Bachmann. All after initial fanfares. Someone has said even said Rapido has gone quiet. That's hard to believe, but they've set themselves up now. Sooner or later, some of us will just look at an announcement and say "oh well, I'll forget about that and revisit in X years time to see if it has moved any closer from pipe dream to reality. The frothy coffee quickly goes cold (if not regularly topped up) and sooner or later the milky publicity turns in to sour frustration or cold disenchantment. I suspect some newer brands are close to being actually damaged by it. Negative? I don't think so. There's always two sides to everything and I don't think the downside is given a fair hearing. It like we're all on Prozac. I am just really concerned for the future as it leads to less actual practical modelling (I won't bother to build that kit/scratch/carve it, because I know xxxx is due in the future) and layout blight, whilst waiting for a particular favourite loco, essential to a new layout design, that never turns up. Result: Limboland. Frequent top-ups in the form of useful and informative communication (natural 'highs' if you like) are the solution. Just look at how the mood has changed with regard to Hornby (who are otherwise killing all the model shops)!
  11. The reason for taking a financial risk is, I dare to suggest, the prospect of a handsome reward... How do you know it's a big risk? Doubt it's a philanthropic gesture. Big is relative. And, one would realistically assume to get... rather a lot more...back! Why do all the calls for more frequent communication get slapped down with the stock answer of 'you do better' or 'be patient'? If firms are going to whip up a froth storm, at least have the decency of providing honest and frequent updates. No point in being vague or going quiet, since you'll always get found out in the end. ie the thing won't arrive in a reasonable timescale.
  12. Trying to give balace and a alternative view for those waiting - The problem is.. it still is vapourware because we can't buy it yet! For those that have waited, it must be noted that back in January it was officially announced that the loco was going to be out in 5/6 months. Here we are - 6 months later - and we are being told that it wont be out for another 6 months! I'm not knocking the product but why cant these companies be a bit more truthful with dates (or less optimistic). I know Bachmann and Hornby (less so lately) have had this problem but DJM is supposed be a 'new broom'. With the weather like it is today a phrase comes to mind: One swallow does not make a summer. It must be remembered that the delay to this model means that every other of the numerous DJM products that rely on the sales of this model to finance them have also now been pushed back by the same six months...
  13. If? Is it now a deceased announcement? Is there some suggestion this is no longer happening? I didn't quite understand the above post and Pete Harvey's reply. Is there some 'in' joke, since someone thought it funny?
  14. "BigAndy" said: Does it really, i mean REALLY matter if a project takes one, two or even three years to hit the shelves? No it doesn't. But ask yourself: Why are these people are making these announcements so early? What's actually to gain? From what I've seen, the get in quick anti-duplicate argument has now been demolished several times over. The benefit of reflected glory on the announcer now goes sour quickly and the worm is turning if you read the Bachmann tube stock thread. Just look at the flack here... But let's be realistic and say if you announce stuff, at least give regular updates or explanation until it arrives. I think that's all what most people want. "stewartingram" said: Invisible ink again? Dave has posted many times, lots of hidden progress but little in the way of tangible things to report. Tooling is a money pit, and Dave is a one-man-business who has mortgaged his home to set it up. Therefore cashflow is needed to progress.anything. Whatever happenned to patience? It IS invisible ink, Stewart! Not everyone is on this forum or can be bothered to search through the various threads. I've said before, this cash flow 'one funds the next' funding system needs to be on the manufacturer's website so it's made clear front and centre! Others are asking about priorities and order of production. I made a list some time back: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/75838-djmodels-announce-new-models-in-n-oo-and-o/?p=1680218 How about DJModels putting these in order of proposed manufacture at the very least, without any dates, so that we can at least tick them off as we get to our own particular 'most wanted'. That would be a proper timeline. BTW, by last count, only 27 days until the J94 arrives....
  15. Hi Khris. Sorry, cannot agree. The funding method is not made clear at all on the front page of the DJM website. That's why it keeps coming up. It's very important and therefore should be very prominent. If all the question here were duplicated on the website it would form a useful FAQ. This would then save time in answering the same questions, over and over again. To me, an answer to a question is the same as news in this instant. I think I've said it before but not every customer is on this forum and if they were, it would be a lifetimes trawling through threads to learn all this stuff. The DJM website should be the place to go...
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