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  1. Sad to have heard this today. Whilst I can’t claim to have been a close friend, there were many an enjoyable evening propping up the bar at Keen House into the late hours putting the world to rights. He will be missed. Nestor
  2. Just finished reading the article in RM, very interesting and well put together. Nestor
  3. That just shows how often I post on here there days... Will change accordingly sir! Nestor
  4. nest

    Peter Bossom

    Very sorry to hear this. I had Peter exhibit with us at Brighton on several occasions and he was certainly a friend of the club. Will be very much missed. Nestor
  5. Thanks guys There's some very useful pointers here, I'll report back in due course with results... Nestor
  6. Exactly, lockdown furlough is providing plenty of time for experimenting... Nestor
  7. Thanks both of you The ones currently in question are for a small Bavarian Engine Shed in H0. I like the idea of white paint with plastic strip round the edge. These look closer to what I have in mind. I will do some experimenting with both Plasticard strip and white paint and see which my hands are more capable of doing. Previous buildings have been from kits but I'm keen to get some scratchbuilding done well. Thanks Nestor
  8. Hello Everyone Not sure if this is the best place but a quick question regarding window frames. I am currently on my first round of proper scratchbuilt buildings and am stuck at a crucial moment. I am curious as to what methods people have used aside from buying ready made frames? I am working to some specific sizes so am currently struggling to find suitable ready made ones. I am inclined to cut out from card but am worried about the strength of these during assembly. Any guidance much appreciated! Nestor
  9. Hi Gareth Good to see this is still developing. Hope you're keeping well and hope it is not too long till the next update. Nestor
  10. Excellent work as expected by now Phil Nestor
  11. I hope you're counting anything below 6 as an odd number there haha Enjoying seeing the progress on the buildings!
  12. Now that would certainly be foolish... Nestor
  13. nest


    I hope to make both but only time will tell... There is a very active German section of this site which may be a good place to start such a thread, I think the interest is certainly there. Of course my suggestion to avoid bald patches in fields is to make grass mats out of hanging basket liner with flocks and scatter added on top to give it depth. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/134-german-railways/ Nestor
  14. nest


    Good to hear that there is progress on the Bavarian project, is there a thread for that as well? I remember you mentioning in passing the plan for that layout a few years back... I think you do yourself a disservice, the scenery on Woodstowe always struck me as of an extremely high standard, especially when seen in person. I hope you are keeping well. Nestor
  15. Grand work Phil! ...and i believe a happy birthday as well! Nestor
  16. Thanks this is helpful! Ill check out Conrad I'll also follow your topic, looks interesting. Nestor
  17. Hi guys Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this question... Having had a look online, I'm struggling to find a UK supplier of the lovely MBZ laser cut building kits. Does anyone know of anywhere they are available in the UK? Otherwise I'm quite happy to import but thought I ought to check first. Thanks in advance! Nestor
  18. That's really rather good! Would definitely be interested if and when they are available Nestor
  19. Great to see progress...now you just need to be finished in time for our next club cup night nestor
  20. nest

    Doug Hill

    It's with great sadness that I must report that this morning I was informed that Doug Hill, former treasurer of the Brighton MRC, passed away. An excellent modeller and an expert on all things LSWR, he will be greatly missed by all that knew him. Nestor
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