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  1. I have not trawled all through this thread, but has anyone thought that the delay in % terms is pretty close to the uplift of costs in % terms? This of course depends on when you define the start of the long sad process. But one thing for sure delay = cost increase, someone needs to get the varying Ministers to understand this before they call for yet another review or pause.
  2. I have been running my Arnold Trams of varying kinds quite happily on Kato Unitram Track. Link to a vid of my line with one running.
  3. Paul, I wanted to say that as well, CM not a normal buy for me but the SHB made it a must have. Sorry that I will not be able to make NEC this year to see the SHB. Must keep an eye out for other Shows when the invites stack up!
  4. Looked through the thread and no answer (that I can find) to your question. Yes Arnold Trams run fine on the UniTram Track as does pretty well every other N Gauge item of Stock that I have tried even including the Allegra. Look at the Kato Unitram Thread where I have done a link to my Vid of sundry bits of N running on my layout.
  5. Yes thanks guys that is definitely the beast. Knew you would come up with the goods.
  6. Morning all, on another Forum a guy from Spain has made a nice scratch build of this Loco. I have searched to find out what and where it is with no luck. I thought it may be a North. Ritish Industrial butbthat May be a blind alley.
  7. Hi Bill, I just found your Pics of the Selktalbahn on Paul’s Sud Harz Thread. Very inspirational. I first visited Alexisbad in 1981 sadly on a Sunday when not much Freight was travelling around. As I model the line in G in the Garden I am always in the lookout for Train Formations with Freight and other items to add to my admittedly liberty taking scenes. One of your Pics of Alexisbad shows the Wooden Framed Building just the Gernrode side of the former Buffet that I have been wishing to build for some time now, I think that your Pic will enable me to make a stab at it. Also noting that some of your Pics show 6102. She and 6101 were at Wernigerode during the time of my visit in February 1981 so were your pics taken around 79 or so? They must have transferred her by Rollwagen as needed I guess. Interesting that would make a great pic. But NG Locs were generally used to Big Works visits at Gorditz so would make sense to move the smaller Locs between Wernigerode  and Gernrode as required.

    john Dunford.

    1. Bill Jamieson

      Bill Jamieson

      Hi John,

      Glad to hear that you've found my Selketalbahn photos useful. The shots of 99 6102 on the Fotocommunity site were taken in September 1977 and May 1985. I know that 99 6101 was also in use on the Selketalbahn in 1977 (probably because of the derailment involving 99 5901 near the level crossing between Alexisbad and Harzgerode) although I didn't see it myself that year. Transfer of locos between Gernrode and Wernigerode would have taken place fairly regularly when they needed attention at Westerntor works between main visits to Goerlitz. Presumably the same standard-gauge flatbed wagons with fixed rails at the correct gauge as were used for transport to and from Goerlitz also saw use for Gernrode - Wernigerode moves - at least until late 1983 when the Stiege to Strassberg section was reopened.

      I have plenty more photographs of the line than appear on Fotocommunity but I've hardly posted anything there for a couple of years now - too busy with other things! I expect I will eventually do so again but it won't be in the immediate future.

      All the best,


  8. Fully agree, this year has been my poorest haul ever, only two. What will we do now for our small square bits if wood?
  9. I forgot to mention that Top Slots also has some Kato available. Would appear to be the best value for the Centram and Portram Trams just now.
  10. Train Trax, Hattons and Rails of Sheffield all list Kato including Unitram bits. Last week ordered 3 sets of Tram Points, 2 from Train Trax cos that is all that they had in stock and another from Japan still to arrive. I have been attempting to set up a Layout similar to the one in this Vid. From ‘the one true scale’. In the meantime I have ordered another 2 Points from Hattons that arrived this morning with some spare as new Kato Insulated and Non Insulated Rail Joiners. Hattons were a much better peice, should have done some more research! Plus I have another Unitram Set on Back Order from Rails. This will allow a similar Layout to the one that matey above has done. But mine will be a sort of Figure of 8 rather than an L Figure of 8 as it will use a Narrower Board (well Kitchen table). The Spare Point will be used to create a Tram Shed/Workshop/Sidings for spare Stock. I will need to get some single Points and Track for this. It may be that I will use Tomix Track for the Depot as I have a few bits and it looks possible that I may be able to get shorter Crossovers and Points to be efficient with space, non Tram types of course. So far as I can see he has done 4 informative and sometimes amusing Vids on his line. What has also come out of one of those vids is that one of his Points does not reset completely after being Trailed. Guess what? I have one that is similar and pulled it apart to see if it could be fixed, reasoning that a small piece of carp of plastic sprue could be the cause. Neither was an issue and so it remains an small but irritating issue. For those of a nervous disposition I have part taken a Point apart for you and the following pictures give some clue of what those clever talented nimble fingered Japaneese have produced. Below can be seen the point at top then underneath showing the orientation of the Mechanism with the Point set to Normal “Straight run”. Here are two pics showing the Point set to Reverse. Finally a brutal close up showing the effect of not fully returning the Blade to Normal which can have the effect of derailing a Tram. I have used two of the points as bought and find that when reverced the Power is cut out when fed in from the Right Straight Line in the Picture. I have looked at the Instructions inside the Cardboard that came with the Points and there are alterations that can be made to the Power Configuration of the Points. I need to investigate this a little further.
  11. Andy Rush had an old Planning Chest that was to be used for his Cassetts in his 20 foot River. Think that it may not be ideal for your Long Trains, but perhaps you can manage to keep most of the Big Trains in your Fiddle Roads and use Cassetts for the smaller Trains? This would mean less dodgy fiddling around with soking great long cassetts.JonD Assistant to the Ruschfuhrer of the former Ruschbahn.
  12. I think you can see in the Allegra Vid that one part of the Unitram is not lit and it lists a little. I had the Roof off quite a simple gentle pull out of the chassis. Fiddled around with the Contacts in the removed body and on putting back together the Lights now work. Must have got dislodged somewhere along the line. The list is also much better. Not used to playing around with this small stuff, G Scale in the Garden is my thing usually. But it is nice to have some RTR indoors and the Unitram Layout with perhaps some extensions makes a nice change.
  13. I checked mine out Today together with some other stuff including an old Bachman Market Street Car which after some TLC ran just fine as well, but that is not in the Vid. https://youtu.be/7chNshWVW7U As you can see the Duevag runs superbly
  14. Very interesting, Automatic Operations show great promise as well. Must check out my Rapido Duevag Tram on the Unitram, think I have run them and they are fine but must retest to be sure.
  15. Paul, really love what you have done, I accidentally bought a Kato Allegra at Rushden Show last year and put a UTube Vid of it running on my Unitram Track on GSC last year. Great fun. Probably the ideal Xmas Tree Layout if I did Xmas Trees. Not the best quality vid taken on the iPhone indoors but illustrates things quite well. I have been faffing for many years with N Gauge Modern mostly Trams, having part built a layout. But these days I have another plan in mind based on Aigle where 3 or 4 different lines Tramway/Light Railway Terminate in a Square in front of the SBB Station. Clearly RHB would be involved with a Tramway Station using Allegra and some Mixed workings.
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