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  1. Yes, I am ashamed to say I bought a completed kit. In truth I don't know why, I have no real use for it other than remembering the two originals. I do have an unstarted kit which I had plans a while ago to convert to E29166E. I can't see this happening now! For your info the parcels van is back in its box and in the stock cupboard. No doubt it will stay there, with all my other rash purchases!! Cheers IB
  2. Hi Paul, There is something you could help me with please. I am building a small (I hate the term 'Cameo') layout 'Tarnhouse Fell'. It has a self acting incline on it. I have read and re-read Mountford's books plus other sources. Would this be generally correct; starting at the Bank Head, three rail then meetings, thence single track down to Bank Foot? Did all/most N.E. Bank Foot (Feet) have kips and dishes, I'm not sure that Seaham did. I have motorised a 20 tonner to look as if it is cable hauled etc. I don't think it is any secret that I have a Parkinson type illness and am racing to get my models finished while I am still able. Many Thanks Ian B
  3. Seriously however, I suppose the Met Cam cars may have subbed for the Eastleigh unit when it was in the shops. On a couple of occasions I saw an EPB set run through Monkseaton, maybe taking the scenic route to Walkergate? IB
  4. Brilliant in all respects! Did you build the yellow brick terrace? IB
  5. No 11 rests in the shade on the truncated E.L.L. branch to Deptford Creek after working a S.C.T.S. rail tour from Baker Street. It will return light to Neasdon. Boy, close-ups highlight dodgy modelling, some work to do! I know there are no stop lights on the buffers, amongst other things!
  6. Sorry, it's because I'm from Sarf Shields. Yes will dirty brickwork. Cheers guys Ian B
  7. Some progress on Cable Street Bridge, but a lot still to do.
  8. Give it a go, if it looks right it is right, don't get hung up on detail. Try and get a copy of that book I mentioned earlier, it really is a gold mine of colour photos of the area. Have you a copy of ' London's East End Railways' Part 2, branch lines to the docks by D. Brennand (Book Law Publications) another excellent source. Sorry if I'm telling Granny how to such eggs! Keep us posted of your progress. Cheers Ian B
  9. Sorry got called away in the middle of that, I think using an ink jet printer gives a rough enough surface to provide a key for the powder. I avoid using laser printers as they give a semi gloss finish which requires matting down, I would love to see something based on a London Dock, have you anything specific in mind? Ian B
  10. No just put the powder on with finger and rubbed it about.
  11. Thanks! I used Scalescenes papers Cream Brick not London Brick, I scanned these and put them in Publisher so I could use the transparency tool to fade them down a bit. Weathered them with some powder, Hope that is useful Ian B
  12. Early Morning Delivery. ES1 has been towed from Borough Gardens for a days work moving freight back and forwards to the Riverside Branch. The role of the Drewry and ES1 will be reversed, as the ES1 will tow the Drewry down to the Riverside where it will act as the pilot. At the end of the working day the Drewry will take ES1 back to Borough Gardens. In my distorted world the N.E.R have 3 ES1's two on North Tyneside and one on the South Shields riverside Branch.
  13. Actually, this is what has been taking up my time, I know vacuum braked had all gone from the inner suburban routes by then and I never saw any Q1's around Depford. but hey-ho, it's only a game, I promise no more Sarf London shots on this topic! Cheers Guys
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