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  1. remove the wiper blades and pop the front windscreens out. on the bulk head at the rear of the cab theres 2 small screws remove these and the the cab removes from the bonnet section and then pop the cab floor out n its that simple
  2. that's great news n will be adding that one to my fleet now =)
  3. The model of D213 if its the preserved version it will need a new front end cause it carriers a high density headlight fitting like 40145 does for mainline use
  4. Looking forward to seeing pictures of these , now Heljan have released pics of the general release 37/4s just waiting to see these before i decide which to get in 2019
  5. my reply from Bachmann yesterday reads, We have sold out of the initial consignment of these however are expecting a further delivery later this week
  6. the real 37099 has been running up n down the branch at barrowhill today and talk is its derby bound tomorrow update on the real 37099, its been released from repairs at barrowhill and has run to derby rtc 21/02/18 and it had 37607 in tow which was on the rear of 37116 going to barrowhill
  7. I believe it ties in with the first gm variant aka 59001 was fitted with one, so they fitted one to the last ever built version aka 66779 is what ive heard
  8. Monk bar models have it in stock priced £135.99 , I originally went in for my drs 47 but ended up coming out with 66779
  9. had a email today from my local modelshop saying the Drs 47 is now in stock with them =)
  10. according to footplate models website their website says they have 8 in stock of the model of 47628 scrap the above, I scrolled down and it stated pre-order due in next 60 days
  11. BR Blue 20s now in stock at hattons includes their ltd ed br blue disc headcode ones as well
  12. received my br blue one today and it also runs slow and I run dc and use one controller for 2 lines and 40 looks nice plodding round with 21 tta tanks and then my 37s on passenger look like a express train going full thrash =)
  13. i recieved my replacement bodyshells for 68001 n 68005 today and i only posted them back last thursday and returned in the plastic inners n cardboard boxes . Well done to Dapol and dcc supplies in correcting the livery error and how fast they dispatch them back.
  14. aye its the engine in 37099 is the photo ive seen it n rumour has it the engine out and the one for 37207 is to go in ive read on the internet
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