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  1. Them TTB Co2 wagons look great! Will you be making them available to buy via shapeways ect as I'm highly interested? Connor
  2. Ah my mistake, Id missed the subtitle in the video explaining that Ive got an EM2 sat waiting to be fitted so will have a go with that then. Thanks Connor
  3. Whats peoples thoughts and recommendations for EM speakers in a Bachmann class 47? Out of curiosity what speakers are fitted in these models? Thanks Connor
  4. Just like to say im really pleased with the EM2, fitted it in my Bachmann 40 yesterday and its amazing!, it really does move the earth! class 37 next on my list i reckon Connor
  5. Are the EM2 speakers available to buy yet? cant wait to get one in my Bachmann 40 Connor
  6. DCCmad

    New layout

    Hi every one, Due to Due to starting work last year I've not had much chance to get on with things on the layout, my grandad has been doing another layout which is more to his era than mine, I hope sometime soon we will be able to get it finished but that isn't a promis. Just lilike to say that I don't seem to be getting some of the notifications for this topic although that may be due to me not being on here as much as I used to be. Connor
  7. Hi Simon, Your work is amazing! I would also be interested in a 4mm scale co2 tanks? Thanks Connor
  8. Hi, Its the link for the drawings im looking for, if I remember correctly it was this in the magazine http://bit.ly/1m8omax but it doesn't seem to work? Connor
  9. I cant get the link given for the road rail trailer's to work has anyone got a link they could post here please? Connor
  10. Hi all, Im thinking about getting a new laptop for myself for use of college work ect. Im doing mechanical engineering and it involves using autocad for assessments. At the moment my current laptop really struggles to load and let me flow through autocad and sketchup work even when its been made faster in the settings ect, but its a bit out of date now anyways. Has anyone got a suggestion for a great laptop ut to £1000 mabey a couple hundred more that has super fast processor and works with Microsoft office and autocad? Connor
  11. picked up a bargain Bachmann railfreight 20

  12. Thanks for that Guy, I'll have a look tomorrow Connor
  13. Thanks Andi, yes I'll want it to be in contact with the overhead? Connor
  14. Hi Andi, I'm looking to do one running around 1985? Thanks Connor
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