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  1. Jim P thanks for the reply, I have asked and received my deposit back. But the reason I asked on RM Web at the time was because I wasn't getting any answer's ATB Chris
  2. Thanks, Its true all available elsewhere. Shame as I have 5 Locos running on their kit. I'll try to get some answers from them. ATB Chris
  3. Has anyone heard anything about the New controller from Protocab, it all seems to have gone very quiet. It was supposed to be on sale before the end of 2020 ATB Chris
  4. Good afternoon, just rec'd some laser cut Gauge O kits from Fair Price Models, no instructions included. I searched modelrailwaystation.com where the kit says the instructions would be located. No Joy so far. Just wondered if anyone has anymore upto date information on the company, these kits seem very good on first inspection. ATB Chris
  5. Hardleigh-A-Station updated with a Double Sector Plate, one for NG & one for Std Gauge, all packs away now as shown for transit in our Ford Fiesta ATB CHRIS
  6. Sidmouth MRG held there first Open Day on Sunday 15th March, this was a lucky day for us as most other Exhibitions after that date were cancelled due to Corona etc. We had a good variety of Group members Layouts on show and some displays of model collections along with a nostalgic look at 1950's Hornby Dublo 3 rail. Visitors on the day came from far and wide, it was encouraging to see some families from the local area attending, Overall a Great first Open Day Our group Modular layout Barton Marsh (4mm) received its first public showing, all work in progress but at least the trai
  7. Gentlemen, you can all see what I've been doing with my spare time in my Modelling room! Hope you like the accessories! ATB CADhris
  8. Great show Yesterday compared with other years, well done on the venue, look forward to next year. CADhris
  9. Good morning, Thank you all for replying, I had better get on with some etched parts design, then I can test the suppliers you suggest. Thanks a lot. best rgds CHRIS
  10. I am looking for a good company to make me some etched brass parts from my own 3D CAD work.
  11. Good evening I have heard you have put the Loco to good use and have better pictures than these, would you please add the better pictures. It helps when people can see the finished result, and they know its easy to burnish the parts. Thank you, I have tonight started the Glyn Valley Tramway version to be ready for sale at the end of this week Thank you for the publicity you have made on our behalf. It all helps. best rgds CHRIS
  12. Ref 3D CAD be careful where you start from we have had a lot of customers just lately starting with SketchUp and its not producing good data when converted to STL file types. Try 123D.com which is a free AutoDesk product best rgds ChrisJward
  13. Many companies produce parts for others from their own 3D CAD some companies like us specialise in Model Railway parts, also be aware of the different standards available from different machines, our machine has Layer thickness of 28 microns, (0.0012") less than 1.5 thousands of an inch. their are some multinational bureau companies, with fantastic machines $300,000 etc. and others with machines that cost less than £2,000 so you will get what you pay for.best rgds chrisJward
  14. M5-M50-NGModellers OPEN DAY 6th OCT 2012 Narrow Gauge Railways @ Corse & Staunton Village Hall, Gloucester Road, Corse, GLOS. GL19 3RQ For more information Email [email protected] Tel 01452 849051 Approximately 12 Narrow Gauge Layouts, + Trade support, Demonstrations, 009 Society & 7mm Association Sales Stands,
  15. Interesting, one place you can try is your local college for night school, or even the library for information on local courses You will all heard of AutoCAD, well have a look at 123D.com best rgds chrisJward
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