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  1. Sorry yeah that's correct, well away from the normal or intended stomping grounds of the Mk4s, the set in question was actually on one of two overnight test runs. 67008 in TfW colours was on the other end but unfortunately didn't get a photo. An open access operator had proposed to use Mk4s on the GWML, but they are now planning to use AT300s IIRC.
  2. When you model the GWML, but want to show off your (Ex ECML now WCML) Mk4s, but you forgot your matching 90 so you stuck a TfW 67 on it.
  3. Cheers Jack, unfortunately not much has changed with the layout, it is currently packed away having recently moved counties. Hopefully the layout is still mostly intact. I did recently have chance to help operate one of the Warrington club's layouts at their exhibition so a few items from my fleet got a shakedown then.
  4. My pair turned up today (DVTs 26 & 29), I must say they do look smart and fortunately doesn't seem to have and QC issues that I can see. But the first thing that strikes me (not assisted by the underframe colour being grey admittedly) is just how toy like the chassis is, it just doesn't look 'sharp'. I am not trying to have a go at the manufacturer, just expected the model to be comparible to the very good Mk3 DVT. I've put in some shots for comparison (I know the underframes are different, but just to compare the approaches), fastening detail, printed detail, even the BIS is a separate part on the Mk3, not so on the Mk4 which has is molded in neither the on or off position on the Non-Drivers Side. Also worth noting that the Mk3 DVT has wire handrails and opening doors. All in all, more than a little disappointed to be honest. The Mk3 DVTs were up there with the Class 60, this feels like Railroad Range. But that's just my opinion.
  5. Realised I hadn't posted this yet, from Flickr For anyone modelling the TfWR rakes, remember that the formation changed between the training runs and them entering service (the TO moved).
  6. The UICs are just out board of the Main Res pipes in the linked image (you can see one just below the driver's side buffer). I'll post a link to a good photo of it later, but the bogies do appear grey in a lot of images, but are actually black/very dark grey as per LNER service.
  7. Looking forward to my TfWR pair arriving, but agree there are a few things that aren't right, looks like the front lamp iron and UIC sockets are missing. The bogies should be black (they weren't repainted when the bodysides were). Headlight clusters as you say, also appears to be wrong. It would have been nice to also have some printed/painted detail on the underframe such as the yellow behind the BIS. The DVTs also very quickly gained Holyhead depot stickers. I've not seen any photos that show whether any representation of the push-pull equipment (for 67s) has been added on this or the coaches. The livery of DVT and coaches is correct for approximately Feb 2020 to May 2021 between delivery to TfWR and entry into service.
  8. The brake connections are not part of the tightlock (or Alliance) coupler. They have conventional pipes with gladhands. Agree that the gangways would not be compatible. Electrically the vehicles would be incompatible due to the systems used on a Mk4. ETS wise you could connect to other LHCS.
  9. Last time I went to BN was in Q1 (January I think) 2019 and it had already become a Hitachi depot, with most staff transferred across. At the time the depot had been prepared for Azumafication, but I think the units there were for familiarisation, with the active ones working out of Doncaster Carr. As for the remaining sets, I think they were withdrawn during 2020 from Bounds, and reentered service from Neville Hill a few months ago (during the Hitachi crisis).
  10. Hello Steve, Thanks for asking, unfortunately I am not planning to continue this project further with the Bachmann model now being imminent/available (out of the loop sorry). Leopald is quite correct that even though the price at the time was high, the issue was a distinct bowing of the structure. Earlier this year I had been experimenting with a new machine, which is having similar issues on smaller prints. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  11. Hello Meld, My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I've just had a luck and unfortunately it is the case that I.materialise won't make the 3 spindle variant. I believe they had a few issues producing them on the last batch. Kind Regards, Wild Boar Fell
  12. Looking good, Although hoping that Hornby have an alternative end tooling for at least the TOE on the TfWR vehicles. In theory all other (TfWR) vehicles should be missing the aero baffles on the non-drivers side (relative to the DVT cab). Also noted is the WiFi connection on the TOE sample shown, which is correct for the post Mallard vehicles Hornby are now doing I believe.
  13. I also note these have the later Virgin style horn grille, I believe in this era they also had clipped buffers. Still finally glad to get some for Bank Quay.
  14. Supposedly he's also going to do some filming on the International Space Station, although not for a future Mission Impossible.
  15. Just when I thought we'd seen the end of the 150 hybrids.
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