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  1. Hattons got pr owned a3 for 630 and thay reduced the new ones to 579 makes no sence
  2. Hattons now selling a4s and a3 for 579 each no shocks there .
  3. What makes this an ideal project is the fact 66s have maneyLiverys .modern quite a long time span .exellent choice from Dapol.a 67 to complement it would be good.or even 68.good luck Dapol this is what's needed. Quality model competitive price. Modern vibrant.
  4. Any one got any picks of there vallance a4s plz
  5. Just kit build your coaches as these are not up to par .if your going to do it do it right.
  6. Papyrus. Sir fredrick banbury. Had corridor tenders. As for names blenhieme. Geltymore . trigo Doncaster. Night of thistle. Merry Hampton. Call boy. Flying fox.prince palatin. Spearmint .lemberge. come to mind.all nice names well I think so
  7. 1st of August saturday 10am grand opening of Keith's railwayarna. At wansford nene valley railway.come and see wide range of new used.models and railway relics
  8. If any of you where wondering way the model of sng has stainless tread plates.this wos done when it had its roof white for royal train duty when she wos at the nymr a few years ago.a nice touch I think.
  9. 're a4 body removal not as straight 4ward as it may seem .seems to b some what easier if you remove the main threaded bar that hold everything on to centre drive wheel .remove screw that holds speed .remove don't bogie then there is a screw under the bogie and one on cartasie. There are 2 more screws under the back drive wheels remove these as well.take off front coupling. And gently remove you will have to prise the vallance. Over the cylinders. And the body should come away a bit tight mind you.hope this is of help
  10. Interesting point there wos 2 kits of class 89 made back in the 90s one made in Grantham and 1 retailed in Doncaster I made the tooling and prototype model during Hornby hst and lots of plasticard .and 58 chassis. It had rtr rubber mould taken from it cast in resin not to bad .
  11. That ment to say wansford station great to see new shops opening well stocked all sorts of things from name plates to models .frindley staff .who know there stuff. Pre owned models and new to follow. Specialties in railway memrabilia. Lamps to whistles.
  12. Keith's railwayarna and model railways sandford station nene valley railway.opening soon
  13. Got my gwr liveryed 14xx popped a set of brass no plates on it what a wonderfull little loco she is .highly recommend it if you are modeling preserved or gwr runs fine looks spot on well done Dapol a winner.
  14. Exellent to see that hattons sending out detail packs.and that thay now will be with all relevant a4s.well done hattons that's what one expect from you.spot on look forward to seeing mallard any up dates on arrival dates yet.
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