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  1. Remove 2 coils off the springs that helps stop derailing.
  2. Hi Richard cut down the spring on the rear poney.the cheque the wheel back to back as it's not standard .I have done 7 a3s and all run fine over points.i have yet to find 1 that has not got this problem .easy fix.
  3. It made a change from people showing me ones that have problems.
  4. I've seen a br f Scotsman with no seem and perfect in every way the first lve seen in person. All should have been this way.gos to show that Heljan can do it if thay try.
  5. Hi hattons dave the tooling its self I exellent rivet perfect it just is the seem on top of boiler and sum running issues.valve gear failing.and sum of the locos being cruced. Mainly on the buffer beams and above cylinders. Fully aware that is nothing to do with hattons .and is down to Heljan and there QC process.and I think it's fair to say that's the same with the a4 hand rail issue.
  6. My friend ordered one from hattons. I presume dave that these will have been chequed by hattons staff .and that thay wont have the same issues.these a3 really are a credit to your team.its just sum issues that have let sum of them down.
  7. Hope fully the new batch wont have the horrid seem .and wont be so badly put to gather. A friend of mine just ordered one but wont be hear till new year carnt wait to see how it faires up. If any of you has a replacement from this new batch please post a few pick please.happy newyear to to all
  8. Has any one received any of the new batch of replacement f scotsman yet eager to see how there compared to the first wave
  9. Interestingly brm dos state Hattons exclusives.
  10. So now it's a debate about Heljan gears no longer the a3s.
  11. That was meant to read wheels falling off. And stripping then down and refitting parts so thay fit properly.
  12. Well to date I have repaired 7 a3s in total .ranging from wheels feeling off to motors not engaging with gears.right down to bits falling off and I don't charge a penny .I do it just to help .and it faster than waiting for a replacement.
  13. Just of note ill be buying as many broken a3s as i can.the amount ive repaired already. And i dont know if hattons will be doing spares .or howes so makes sence to me .
  14. Have any of you seen an a3 that has a wheel that's feel off .fixed one four a friend today easey fix but strange how it fits .lucky the valve gear wos not damaged .
  15. Sum of us now seem to have details from the subject in hand .Heljan locos are to heavey for nylon gears there is the problem.at least the a3s have brass ones .and thay are the there'd loco made by Heljan good body's poor mechanism. Poor qc the next batch of a3s will b spot on I bet.hattons will put them right .
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