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  1. Sorry I can't be much help but IIRC the LNWR Society does not hold Working Time Tables back to that date because they have assumed they didn't survive because they did not exist then. I would assume the GWR was the same and used something else at the time. Of course I could be completely wrong.
  2. I thought the law of Sod would kick in here but fortunately I have sufficient parts on the both etches now for the left and right frames of a curved frame Bulldog or Duke. There is a lot missing on the Mallard fret: Again looking at the chassis fret, there is a chassis for the tender but no body? The label on the package mentioned a tender...
  3. I’ve not looked but from memory my fret is the same. The frets are probably just handed and possibly from the same artwork but the missing one is reversed. It would not be impossible to produce the missing fret if it was never etched in this batch. i too was surprised to find parts for both versions when it is described as curved framed. But IIRC there is only one firebox. I’m not too concerned about the missing parts because I have all I needed and it wasn’t the frames in this instance. I treat these etches as scratch building aids that will save me time. oddly, I also have a Mallard Duke etch that has bits missing so I probably have enough bits to build a curved frame Bulldog or another Duke if I ever need to.
  4. i too acquired a kit and it appears to be short of an etch for one side of the frames. Also, my quick look, suggests there are footplates for both the curved and straight frames. Any response to the query via eBay?
  5. Thoughts have turned to the continuation of the layout and an extension scenic board that will complete a full 180 degrees curve. This is to be added to the existing layout that covers 90 degrees (or there abouts!). The whole is on a transition curve so this has been extended on Templot. The layout was taking into Photoshop so that I could draw the baseboard edges to match the existing: Next stage is the cut out the boards to the right profile and yesterday I acquired a sheet of 6mm birch ply that has been cut down to a manageable size. Don't expect a lot of rapid progress as currently I don't have the space for the whole layout.
  6. My analysis of the data showed I would need around 70 vehicles to run a 24 timetable. My issues are the same but I am reluctant to frequently handle the stock to rearrange formations. And apart from fiddle yard, there is also the issue of storage. I think Tony Wright has storage for about 70 trains on Little Bytham. I don’t have his room nor have I come up with an answer yet.
  7. How much stock do you think you will need for a 24hour timetable?
  8. I think this will be my last K’s kit. I do have a 44xx which I was going to build as a 45xx (2190) but I have since acquired a Malcolm Mitchell kit so will build that instead. I also have some Falcon etches that I will combine with a K’s Dukedog footplate to build a Bulldog/Bird. Waiting for the wheels
  9. Thanks. Yes the wheels are Gibson as well as the rods I think and the outside cranks of which I managed to split a few. The biggest challenge was the springs. The spring hangers are a Martin Finney etch and the castings came from the spares box
  10. Beyer Goods 334 pretty much finished; springs and brake gear added:
  11. Bank Holiday weekend has seen the Beyer Goods 334 pretty much finished now with added springs above the footplate. The safety valve is just plonked on whilst I await something better...
  12. I admire your ambition of running a 24hr timetable. I have the same and have accumulated all the required info (WTT's etc.) for 1912. When analysing I did not come across the same challenges as you (I model the LNWR/GWR joint line) such as banking etc. However, a lot was available in the LNWR Society Archives including the weekly notices. These may include finer details that may fill in the gaps in your knowledge. It strikes me, there must be some GWR equivalent of the Archives, maybe the GWS, that have some of the weekly notices. Sorry I can't be of any more help. Edit: there is also usually an "Appendix to the Working Timetable" which is actually quite a large document and covers a lot of detail. Do you have any of these?
  13. What you bought was a curved frame Bulldog. I bid on that one too. Subsequent lots have included the tender at a higher price. But I intend to build a straight frame Bird for which I have the footplate and everything below. If you have some spares from a K's Bulldog though, such as the boiler, firebox and cab, I might be interested.
  14. Yes Mikkel this is a joint GWR/LNWR layout and thankfully the GW 4-6-0’s were banned by the LNWR. Shortly they’ll be an 0-6-0 Webb Coal Engine to join the brake van. Might finish that first whilst I wait for the spring parts for these 060’s and the Metros…
  15. Thanks for asking but no they are based on kits with some scratch building. The Beyer Goods was bought as a wreck of parts from a K's kit on eBay. It has been supplemented by many parts from an old K's Dean Goods and a few Mallard Dean Goods parts too. The chassis is scratch built with compensation on all 6 wheels. Being almost entirely whitemetal, it weighs a lot. The 388 Armstrong Standard Goods is an old Jidenco kit with scratch built boiler, firebox and cab front. The tenders for both are based on ex-K's Broad Gauge Rover tenders that I have converted to standard gauge by narrowing down. Chassis for these also scratch builds.
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