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    GWR, pre grouping, WR diesel hydraulics, EM Gauge, late Broad Gauge.
    Member of the EMGS, GWSG, BGS

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  1. You just bend the ring up, not down and then get busy with the tweezers and thread… D
  2. Thanks. And no I won’t be unless you pay a substantial premium! D
  3. So I have continued with the experiment of adding stupidly small and fiddly details… I have added all 3 rings on one side You’ll also note the horse hook at the left hand end which I will definitely make a jig for as it took 6 different sized staples mage up of 0.3mm wire. Here is sheeting hook option one. It is bend you from the unused/excess leg of the sheet ring. I made a jig for it and you only need three hands to manipulate it. It is now superglued to a corner of DrDuncan’s patent one man portable workbench so that those not blessed with an extra hand (myself included) can use it without dropping it about 12 times. And here is option 2 for a sheeting hook. Bent up using 0.3mm brass wire And finally option 3 for sheet hooks: bent from 5amp fuse wire using the aforementioned jig: Views, comments and suggestions? I think the 5 amp is the best looking hook, but also is the one most likely to succumb to over enthusiastic roping, The 0.3mm won’t bend out of shape but is a swine to bend up even using the jig. Duncan
  4. I’m sure I’ve seen open wagons with a black panel - perhaps in the bible - I’ll check when I can escape the children and get into the attic workshop. D
  5. That’s impressive! I’ve always had a soft spot for the Victoria Bridge ever since l watched Gods Wonderful Railway as I small child in the early ‘80s. How have you done it? And where did you get the drawings? And your signal box is excellent too. Duncan
  6. Well, you could hardly claim bucolic beauty for the Midland. Dark satanic mills, yes; bleak pennine backdrops definitely - but not quite the rural idyll of cricket in the village green and old maids on bicycles etc etc. [Of course, all this is an invented rural tradition and while I admit the existence of village green cricket I’m not sure about old maids on bicycles.] D
  7. I was rather enjoying the bucolic soft focus effect and was expecting it to lead to a full on embracing of all things GW… …Alas, it seems I must continue to live with disappointment. D
  8. Dear Kris, I hope work has not been consuming too much of your time and that you’ve been able to work on Coombe viaduct and Saltash. Any updates you can share? Regards Duncan
  9. I think the weir option might be effective and visually interesting when looking along the original baseboard. D
  10. I think he might be referring to a star like device that can be seen on the left hand end of hired end door wagons from (I think) Birmingham Wagon and Carriage. There is a photo of one on one of the then new wagon tipplers at Carne Point, Fowey, discharging bulk china clay. Regards, Duncan
  11. I certainly have, but I’ve got in mind a glorified scenic circular(ish) test track with a Brunel timber viaduct as part of it. I suppose I should start a thread at some point…. …. and finish Nampara sooner rather than later! D
  12. It is exactly the same gauge for EM BG and P4 BG. The differences are in wheel profile and the resulting b2b, check and flangeway gauges. That said it should be possible for P4 standard stock to run on my EM BG track (but probably not the other way around) - at least that’s what I’m hoping as a fellow BG’er and I have been talking about a collaborative layout project and he’s P4 and I’m not…. D
  13. Yes, in 4mm there is a predisposition to P4. However, I’m an EM modeller and use EM standards and so far no problems… D
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