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    GWR, pre grouping, WR diesel hydraulics, EM Gauge, late Broad Gauge.
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  1. I think so, certainly given the discussion on various wagon threads. And I want to make finescale easy and that means giving as accurate prototype info as possible. Let’s face it getting to York to consult stock registers is not everyone’s idea of fun! This will mean that we all can then choose whether we want to be as accurate as we can be, or be happy (and this is perfectly acceptable in my book as long as they buy my prints) with a generic number for that prototype but it might not have been in the configuration modelled for a particular year. D
  2. Hi Chris, The oil lamps are probably the best option for your period as gas lamp by and large came in (as conversions rather than built from new) in the 1900s although I’ll be putting the earliest and latest in service dates in the prototype info and on the product listings when the prints are ready. As to price the 6w U/19/21/28s will probably be in the £30-40 range. You’ll get a one piece body, separate roof, under frame and brake fittings as well as a jig to cut the footboards from brass L section and assemble them on supports, and laser cut windows. You’ll need to source w-irons, axles boxes (maybe no promises at the moment), vac pipes, coupling hooks, door and grab handles and some 0.3mm brass or similar wire as well as 3x1mm L section brass for footsteps. The E19 and F1 expect £50-60. You’ll get a one piece body, separate roof, under frame and brake fittings, bogies, footstep cutting and assembly jig. You’ll need to find vac pipes, coupling hooks, door and grab handles and some 0.3mm brass or similar wire as well as 3x1mm L section brass for footsteps. L7/M2 price probably £40-50 but what you get (and what you’ll need to source for yourself) will be as for the E19 or F1. Youll be able to order these (and any of my prints) directly from me by emailing DR3Dmodels@outlook.com or via the Modelstock website when it is up and running. Regards, Duncan
  3. Hi Mikkel, Thanks for the email. The broad gauge versions are almost ready - I’m having problems getting the springs to print reliably which may cause a further delay if a full redesign is needed. I’ve got a possible solution to the windows problem and I’m awaiting samples for trial fitting. The standard gauge oil lamp versions of the U21 and U28 should be ready for release at the same time as the BG versions, but all the SG U19 and gas lamp versions of the SG of U21 and U28 will need a redesigned end and roofs so will be a bit longer. All of them need instructions/prototype information writing and checking, which is the longest and hardest bit! At the moment the probable release order will be: E19 oil lamp versions BG and SG at the GWSG open and members day. I’m waiting for windows to be proved correct and need to finish the instructions. L7/M2 oil lamp versions as above E19 gas lamp versions hopefully by August Then the Oil lamp versions of the U19/21/28 hopefully by September The the gas lamp versions, probably before Xmas. If I can get any of them out earlier than this I will. Which particular U19/21:28 versions are you after - the BG ones, right? 😜 Duncan
  4. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to be able to chat with you about the prints. D
  5. Well, it does look like a GS wagon… … unlike the hay wain you had earlier! D
  6. Dear all, Ive just been told that Modelstock ABS will be at Railex Aylesbury on Saturday only. Apparently they have been asked at very short notice to fill in following another trader cancelling. Duncan
  7. The 2 three plankers in the front appear to be iron under frames. D
  8. I think the problem will be preventing handling damage with thin section brass sheet, (think of images of a modern warship where you can see the dishing of the hull plates between the frames) nor will it give you scale thickness for the sides overall - depending on how your coach is constructed. Those using multiple laminations of plasticard cut with a silhouette cutter or similar are probably closer to scale thickness than an etched brass side. And you’d have to get the sides etched (time and money) and to to the same tolerances you print at to make sure they are a good fit - not impossible but time consuming. I also suspect it will be more expensive than a printed body shell. So a long answer to say it’s not something I’m considering doing at the moment. D
  9. BTW that’s for the oil lamp lit version. The 2 different gas lit types need more work. D
  10. The E19 cad is finished and it prints satisfactorily except the roof which sometimes warps so I’ve added transverse strengthening and need to do a test print. I’m also working out how to best do the windows - or indeed how not to do them. D
  11. Today I started on the CAD for the broad gauge version of the 40ft E6 brake tricomposite. On the basis that one can never have too many brake tricomposite or brake composites, once I I’ve exhausted the 40 ft CAA12B options I’ll attack the E25 double coupe brake comp - it ran on a BG under frame prior to 1892. D
  12. You just bend the ring up, not down and then get busy with the tweezers and thread… D
  13. Thanks. And no I won’t be unless you pay a substantial premium! D
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