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  1. Additional decisions The blue bank building has regained its two floors and has been turned through 45 degrees. This gives enough space for the low relief houses behind it. There will be the beginnings of a set of steps in sight, and the exit at that corner will be covered by a modern department store, with the railway and tramway running through the basement. The view of the turn on the railway through the gateway arch can be hidden with the Woodland Scenics stone walling, cut to fit. Turning the bank onto an angle and putting the houses at the back also means the space in front is now crying out to have a street market. DM Toys do German market stalls as lasercut kits in N, so I'll get some of those when the PayPal balance recovers. Opposite the gate on the Market Square can be a newer Rathaus. Kibri do one of the right style. The white shopping building is going altogether. I'll look for another two or three more traditional shops.
  2. Dec 29th I was going to post plenty of pictures this evening but the uploader won't co-operate. So a list of what has happened- 1. The stone walling above the railway has been done as far as the goods laoding dock. 2. The track has been vacuumed again and holes in the ballast repaired again. This part is getting tedious.... 3. The stone walling on the tramway cutting has been removed and replaced by Faller Black forest stone card- as Faller are from Gutenbach which is only 5Km from Furtwangen I reckon they have a better chance of getting the stone colour right than I do! 4. The nasty loading dock is now almost finished- the roof is complete, platforms added and canopies applied. 5. I've been over to Wendy's and spent a small fortune, coming away with cobblestones for the factory area, and some Woodland Scenics pine tree kits. She didn't have barrels or similar, but Newark Toyfair is on Sunday so I might get some there. Only 16 weeks to its first exhibition outing at Cotgrave, (but that is more weeks than it has been in build so far)
  3. Mr Simon has suggested making the roof as two seperate pieces. Back to the drawing board..........
  4. Wednesday- shopping finished (for now). Walked to town this morning- no Slaters plasticard on sale in Newark- will have to source that after Christmas. Plenty of other things to do apart from the arch. The Chinese railings arrived this morning. They look a bit big. I'll try a few tests here and there. As I still want them round the brewery I'll have to widen the top of the wall. I'll not now put them on the ramp to the platform. This pic also shows the Italian Sand colour of the walling, prior to weathering. Nasty enlargement also shows brickwork lifting- more fettling to add to the list. Today's workshop music by Meatloaf. Still nasty but getting better.... The apex of the loading bay has been giving me problems, exacerbated by not being able to cut straight even when my wrist is working. The first shows an attempt to get the gap closed with microstrip. Even after painting I'm not happy with it. Kitichen foil has improved it but will need the front edge gluing down better. Getting there but still a long way to go.
  5. Slow Tuesday Wrist acting up today so an early stop as I'm having difficulty holding a paintbrush. One decision- to go with Humbrol for the stonework around the gateway and Citadel's Italian Sand for the brickwork around the tramway. Both should show up reasonably when weathered- in the case of the brickwork very lightly weathered! This shows the first coat of brown on the arch over the railway, not a bad match. The gubbins at the far left doesn't work, so I'll get some OO stonework card to fill the gap up to the sidescene. I've done a little remedial work on the ballast, and will need to do more yet.... This view through the tramway arch shows what I've got to hide! This corner isn't nice- however there will be a building over both railway and tramway into the corner, and I need curved walling to hide the view through the hole. There isn't room for a street- this would be beyond the building.
  6. Monday again.... Not a lot of modelling done this morning, the priority being improving the workshop. I did a trial a couple of months back with secondary double glazing using A3 acrylic sheets- saves me shattering them by cutting. Six sheets fits one window aperture- the non-opening windows being done across the frame edges and the openers on the actual opeining window. I tested the heat loss and decided it was effective- but the supplier had run out of sheets. . However he had more last week to order and it arrived this morning. . Here is the result, looking down the shed from my seat. Mr Simon had placed one end of Gresby on the bench, and the test track is beyond. Good news is that there were two sheets left over, an order for 18 sheets appeared as 20!!!!!. These will (hopefully) cut down the middle (I'll ask Trevor to use his circular saw bench) and will make a perspex anti-gerfingerpoken screen.
  7. Just found this topic. Looks promising, will have to keep coming back. Merry Christmas. Les
  8. Quiet Sunday Oh no it wasn't - this morning's music was Slade, to repel all visitors before they get to the door. Quieter aftermoon with Gryphon. Mr Simon was in town photographing buildings so didn't need the workshop for Gresby. I spent quite some time fettling the tramway points. They now all stay set for the route I want thanks to a tiny dab of superglue to hold the blade against the stockrail. Trams just ride over a point set against them. I could have done this ages ago if I'd thought of it and reclaimed the motors for the three on the front. A lot of time also spent scraping invisible glue from the running rails. Trams will now cruise at a steady 10mph. Still a few bits to clean to get them even slower. Also shows progress on the stairs and the top of the ramp, brickwork mostly done but capping yet to be put on. I've been flitting from job to job to allow glue to dry on each part thoroughly. Having put part of the roof on the loading bay I'd not realised just how much the tram disappears as it comes down the hill. I think I like the result. Also shows the wall behind the cutting starting to appear. Loading bay has had some more work done since this pic, as has the wall. The top end of the backscene with all bits in place. Most of this will have buildings in front of the backscene, though as yet they either haven't arrived or are stlll in their boxes waiting to be built. The dodgy bit just off the photo to the left will be behind the brewery chimney. The Town Gate is now stuck down and I've begun the wall extension beyond it. The white is the Woodland scenics walling I had intended to use at the top end, all of this being held up with blu-tak while I look at clearances and effect.. The back of the arch has had stones made up separately to match the effect of the Ratio front. Cruel enlargement and low angle also shows the amount of work still needed to finish the ballast.
  9. We did try Mr Simon's pair on my Kato Unitrack test track, and they worked on the Kato magnet, which is slightly longer than the Dapol one.
  10. Another compliment, many thanks for that- I'm sure I don't deserve them... Saturday- backscene done. A day off yesterday, morning spent shopping and afternoon at a funeral. Evening spent earning the next expenditure on eBay. Today's music by the Moody Blues then Mika. The second (and third) layers of the backscene are now in place. I can now get a better idea of where buildings are going to be- in some cases going to HAVE to be. This bit works reasonably well, though it is a shame Faller couldn't match colours of sky that continues across two sheets....... Mr Simon has attacked the white top edges of the layers with green or blue chalk so the edges are a little less pronounced- said he didn't trust me to do it with fibre pen (cheek!). The bottom corner doesn't work so well yet- too many joins between backscene parts. I'm currently thinking of hiding the two holes in the backscene here with a building right in the corner- built on stilts to allow the railway and tramway to escape under it easliy. Other work moving is the white loading dock which now has its roof on (if unfinished) and the floor completed. All I need are about 400 beer crates and a number of kegs to go in it. I've also started the stone wall behind the loading dock and tramway, and done most of the brickwork in the station area. I'm getting a bit worried about the points at the right-hand end of the station. I'm going to apply a dose of oil to them tomorrow and then have some intensive running of the tramway. Plan B is to replace them with a pair of the new ones set into paving already- though that is a last resort if they fall apart.
  11. Looking at the second sky and comparing it with pictures of the first one I think I've got better cloud arrangements second time (as well as missing the wrinkles out...) The interesting clouds are away from the hill this time. I've also discovered about ten feet of low hills I cut off the bottom of the backscene sheet, larger and closer than the hill I've used. Just right for the front layer.
  12. Thursday- a good day. Back to normal today- the wrist splint is in the wash and the ibuprofen gel overnight worked. Have stopped at 2.30pm as the wrist is getting tired. Music today by Slade, Meatloaf and Russ Conway, though not all at the same time. This corner looks familiar, but moving the gate round about 30 degrees means I can use a Ratio tunnel mouth as a wall extension with an archway over the railway. The Woodland scenics walling from page 1 can go behind this as a wall extension, together with some bits from Faller. It works!!!!! I must confess I wasn't sure whether I would be able to repair the backscene but the new sky has gone on just about flat, though with a drop of about 1mm every 3 feet across at the top. I'll use some plastic channeling to finish the top and hide this... The first (or rearmost) hill has also gone on- held off the back with 0.8 mm balso to give the 3-D effect. The hill is now higher than it was, so a second, closer hill will go in front of it at each end when my wrist is well enough to spend 2 hours with a craft knife cutting them out. Now for something nasty. The loading dock with its first coat of whitewash, which might be the only coat if it dries solid enough just to weather over the top. Also showing that the balsa retaining wall has now progressed at this end as far as the loading dock.
  13. Wednesday - no modelling today. The splint on my wrist has been causing problems today- shooting pains beyond the end of it when I try simple things like steering the car. So a day off modelling while the ibuprofen gel does its stuff. The good news is that Furtwangen Ost has a firm invitation to appear at the Cotgrave Exhibition on 21st and 22nd April at Cotgrave Miners' Welfare, Notts. Many thanks to Bingham MRC for the invite. No time to waste - tomorrow the new sky goes in and another tidy-up of the ballast. Went shopping instead of modelling- have now got 3 sheets of 0.8mm balsa, the double-sided tape, some textured paper I might try as the brewery yard surface, and some brass rod for the tramway uprights in case the plastic rodding supplied by N-Brass isn't strong enough.
  14. An eBay find I've been looking for suitable small fencing to go on top of walls, around the brewery and as the tramway passes through the town area. If a new tramway were built through a historic area it would have smart wrought iron railings to set the job up properly, at least that is how the theory goes. This is the stuff- 4 metres of it coming. I'm not expecting it for a few weeks yet as it has to come from China.
  15. Definitely the thirteenth of the month Trevor came around today and fitted the extensions to the backscene. Isn't industrial hot glue wonderful stuff- takes a little longer to dry than the hobby stuff giving a fighting chance of lining things up. The wrinkly sky is a result of PVA not setting evenly enough. Fortunately there is at least five feet of leftover sky so I can re-do it and use double-sided tape on the second attempt. I need more thin (1mm) balsa before I do the hills in front, so it won't hold events up too far. Positives The new ramp to the platform looks much better than the first attempt, the thinner walling is much more suitable. I'm looking for suitable width plastic strip to make the capping. The tram shelter is the first of the pair assembled and painted- positioning trial so far. I've made the wall around the steps at the far end of the ramp but not yet got the brickwork in place. I've also repositioned the town gate- at 30 degrees to the line of the layout. That will give a little more room beside it for the wall arch over the railway, and make it easier to prevent a sight-line from the arches to the hole in the backscene. I've also done a bit more on the arch house at the top end. Mr Simon came back from shopping in Lincoln over the weekend with a sheet of brick plasticard. This is the first change to the low-relief loading dock. The fancy walls and doors on the front will stay as the original Faller, with new ends and platforms. The walls on this will be white. I'm not sure whether to make use of the unused station canopy, and the bothy from the shed building may yet be used on it. Another bitza in the making.....
  16. Very many thanks SNCF stephen for the compliment- I hope the finished article will deserve it. I'll know on Tuesday evening whether or not it is to make its exhibition debut in April at Cotgrave. Aren't photos cruel? That's why we take them. I've spent an afternoon on the walling and platform ramp, and the photo shows it looking crap. The 5mm balsa can stay for the retaining wall at the back, though I'll need to tidy the brickwork. Retaining walls often were quite thick, and this one is holding up a town. On the front of the ramp I'll replace the wall with much thinner stuff. I'm still prototyping brick paint to get the right shade for the region so for the time being it can stay as grey engineering brick. On colour schemes I've finally got the right shade of roof tiling, a ceramic paint I picked up from Hobbycraft's remainders basket. Shame it is gloss- I'll photograph it when I've got a layer of matt varnish over it.
  17. Looking at the last two photos I'm reasonably happy with the roof, but I feel the need for a little touch up session tp the left of the upper window, and some grey around the top of the chimney won't go amiss.....
  18. The case for the extra three inches Using some of the spare sky has rather clinched the need for a backscene that is a little higher than the buildings... The photos say it all. A quick look in the shed and a phone call to Trevor has revealed there is enough ply left to add three inches to the backboard. We've a Farndon Road day on Monday so I'll pick up the extra bits there. For those who know of Farndon Road we are selling it, but are having a work day on Monday (and Tuesday?) to finish the fiddle yard wiring and correct some ground colouring before we readvertise it. Today's work has seen the ground level of the top raised to the level of the tramway, and the disabled access ramp installed to the station. Bricking and painting of this to follow later. Music by Mika.
  19. Mr Simon has suggested that as the buildings are taller than the backscene it might be an idea to raise the top of the backscene by a couple of inches. Much more and there won't be enough depth of sky to position the hills against. Time to talk to Trevor to see if there is still 5' by 2-3 inches left over from lining the shed....
  20. We've been here before, but it shows how much difference the backscene makes, even in an unfinished state.
  21. Two Months Progress I started this project on October 9th by dismantling the baseboard to turn the MDF top over in its frame. This photo shows how far I've got in two months. The backscene has been cut to fit and blu-tak used to hold it temporarily into place. I don't altogether like it- most of the hills work but one or two bits need moving. There is enough unsullied sky cut off the top to make a complete sky backscene and then stick the hills onto it- perhaps a millimetre proud to give slight 3D effect. Playtime with the spare three feet off the left end beckons. In the mean time I've got the balsa for the ground at the top end. A little playing to get some pics for Bingham MRC to be unimpressed over, see if I can get into the club show in April as a work in progress. Four more months will see buildings all but done and ground finished, leaving population and detailing to do, which will no doubt take forever..... A better one of the knight sitting in his alcove. The scenery behind makes it look a lot less poor.....
  22. Positioning trial- top end Thinking about how the brewery is going to sit at the top end- the red Kibri building can have one end of the Faller goods building from eBay behind as an admin block. Putting it hard against the kibri building will hide the fact it has 2 blank walls..... The DPM building then sits above the level change, with the boiler house left over from the shed building added to it. That puts the goods lift in the Kibri building at the right place to feed the low relief loading shed below, currently in its mostly dismantled state. Back story is that the tramway was built through the brewery site, causing the rear part of the loading shed to be demolished for it. Tenuous or what? The balsa at the right hand side continues the line of the houses forming the archway for the tramway exit.
  23. Tuesday- ballast, backscene and beyond I've got the second coat of green gloss on one end of the layout and the first coat on the other end so it was time to get the Faller backscene out and blu-tak it to the wall to get some idea of how much I'm going to use. Today's music- Moody Blues then Strawhead- a good description of my brain today. The hill falls away at the right-hand end so setting that into the right-back corner will allow the ground to fall away and some sky to show behind the arch house. the left-hand end will still be a little green and high but will have houses showing behind the shed and the town wall as the train passes through. Exactly what wants cutting for where is still a little uncertain- I'm working on it. I'll blu-tak it to the plywood once cut in case it needs some adjustment. Ballast infilling well in progress. I've stuck the platform into place so the ballast can be filled in to a proper edge. Hopefully once the sleeper tops are uncovered again not so much of the infill will come away this time. Still, it is only the second gluing- I expect another two or three rounds of infilling before it is finished. Also shows the shade of green used for the surrounds. I found some odd pieces in the bits box and have made the steps from platform to street. This is just a fitting trial at present. They need painting and then walls and railings added. To the left will be a ramp access down. I've got balsa along a lot of the vertical surfaces now, ready for the brick overlay. Also started today but not photographed- I've made a start on the low relief loading building by destroying the Faller one from eBay and gluing the two halves end-to-end. No photo yet- it now has to be painted white and then all the bits I pulled off can be stuck back and a new platform made for it to fit the location.
  24. Sunday evening- The man in the alcove. This was the kniight before painting- not too preposessing. Progress so far with the stonework on the arch- still some more to do on the side and over the platform, which will also need some people putting on it. At least there is progress in a generally forwards direction. Tomorrow morning is booked for painting the right-hand end board. Once that has dried the paper backscene can go in and I'll get some idea of how things are really going to look.
  25. Looking at the top picture here I've also got to pick out the iron strengtheners on the stonework.....
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