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    I have varied interests. I enjoy playing sports and regularly play five a side football at weekends. This helps to lessen the effect of the real ale I also enjoy drinking. Hobgoblin is my beer of choice although I quite like Castle Rock ales and some from the Black Isle Brewery in Inverness after tasting them whilst on honeymoon.
    I enjoy computer games, regularly playing the latest Call of Duty or PES games.
    As far as railways are concerned I have a interest in preserved steam, regularly visiting lines in the local area. I am an occasional volunteer on the Great Central Railway where I previously worked at Quorn and Woodhouse station. I now volunteer as a TTI.
    I am currently in the early stages of planning and building my new layout, Skaleby Quay and have started a small shunting layout as a Christmas project.

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  1. The layout looks good. Hope to see updates on SMS too.
  2. Just stumbled across this thread. Great to see the developments on the former Bench Road. I will follow with interest.
  3. Hi Jim Love the pics. It was good to see you today. A shame that, due to the the zoom meeting I was doing at the time, I could not stop for a long chat. Proof that you can never predict what a day is going to be like. I agreed to the meeting because I expected it to be a quiet day. Andy
  4. Looking forward to attending the show with my A2B Model Railways trade stand and getting to a chance to catch up with some old friends. Always a good show and well worth a visit.
  5. Lovely pic. Nice to see the layout again. I hope things go ok for your Dad and he is able to enjoy the layout again soon.
  6. I know I posted yesterday, but I wanted to just follow up and congratulate @Les1952 on winning the best layout vote. I would also like to congratulate him, the new show manager and all of the team on an excellent show. As I have already alluded to, the show contained a good mix of layouts which I was able to view prior to the show opening each morning. From my stand I got a good view of arrivals and departures on the Boghampton layout and probably appreciated this model much more than I have ever done before. I also was able to see the constant procession of trains on Newton's Folley which was next to me. I was also opposite "Cumanavago" and it was a delight to see so many youngsters enjoying operating the model. Food was excellent and the trader's lunch a very nice bonus and also very enjoyable. The show was well organised and the safe Covid practices from one way systems, entry and exit points, ventilation and outdoor seating were all well thought out. I cannot fault it. After a very quiet Saturday I think there were a few worried faces amongst organisers (and traders). Sunday definitely picked up and I am so pleased it reached a break even figure. It deserved to. There was a lovely buzz in the room this afternoon. It is great to be back at a show again. From my point of view as trader, I was concerned after a very poor day of sales on Saturday. I had fairly low expectations for the weekend since this was the first one back. I am pleased to report that it was definitely a show of two halves, Sunday more than made up for Saturday. Congratulations to all. I look forward to April!
  7. Definitely a nice show with a good range of layouts. Bacon cobs were welcome and delicious. Definitely well looked after as a trader today. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  8. I think the warping shown in your photos is severe when compared to the others I have observed.
  9. I recently received a book on the IOW railways for my birthday. Front cover picture shows an unidentified 02 with running plate that definitely rises at the front, at least four further pictures show such distortion. I had to look closely to see the distortion on my shop display model of "Chale", although it is evident on the photo one of my earlier posts.
  10. I received my stocks today. As someone who is a fan of the IOW railways, I was very keen to see the new versions. A very nice looking model indeed. I think I may have to hang onto one of them! Still have stocks of all three versions www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk
  11. That club viaduct is a masterpiece. I remember sat watching many trains cross over it during open days. It was my daughter’s favourite spot too.
  12. The back scene still exists. If you look carefully in my photo you can see it lying under the bench. The group have removed it so that the scene can be viewable from the other side. I know they plan to tidy up the front in time. The back scene may switch sides.
  13. I am happy to share another update on Kings Moreton. Since I last posted, the group have continued on the re-wiring and have managed to get the two circuits operational and are wiring the yards up for independent use. The layout will form the centre piece of the new museum called "The Loft" which is situated up the steps in the courtyard next to my shop. The group have been developing their collection with some of the former gallery shop units converted into individual displays. These include a display of old toys, a Hornby Triang layout complete with working Minic Motorway and a Hornby Track Mat layout which will run some of the Thomas models. No scenic work has been undertaken on Kings Moreton as yet but I can share a pic of one of the test workings The temporary sign is also in place. There are plans to open for preview days weekends from September to coincide with the Matlock Bath illuminations. I will share further updates as and when I can.
  14. It is great to see that the new owners of both Seven Mills and Bench Road are RMWeb members. I do hope that they will either update this thread or set up their own and share the link so we can see the ongoing progress of these excellent layouts.
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