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    I have varied interests. I enjoy playing sports and regularly play five a side football at weekends. This helps to lessen the effect of the real ale I also enjoy drinking. Hobgoblin is my beer of choice although I quite like Castle Rock ales and some from the Black Isle Brewery in Inverness after tasting them whilst on honeymoon.
    I enjoy computer games, regularly playing the latest Call of Duty or PES games.
    As far as railways are concerned I have a interest in preserved steam, regularly visiting lines in the local area. I am an occasional volunteer on the Great Central Railway where I previously worked at Quorn and Woodhouse station. I now volunteer as a TTI.
    I am currently in the early stages of planning and building my new layout, Skaleby Quay and have started a small shunting layout as a Christmas project.

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  1. Great to see you again. I look forward to seeing the figures featuring in future pictures.
  2. A small update on Kings Morton and the rest of the project. I popped up to the club room during a quiet and wet Bank Holiday. All three committee members were present and their wiring expert was busy on the rewrire of the layout. He praised Andy’s work stating how easy it was to renovate the electrics for analogue control. They hope to have both circuits working by the end of the week. No further scenic work has been undertaken on the layout. This has been due to work on other areas of the building. Beyond the main room, the building has several small shop units from the old galle
  3. This is an excellent layout. A real masterpiece. I love the bridge. Glad I managed to catch up on it.
  4. Thanks Polly At the moment I have a clear idea about what I need to do to progress the next stages of the layout. I want to complete the rear of the platform by building up the section with plaster bandage before applying some static grass and trees etc. I then aim to ballast the track and complete the tunnel mouth. Some of the finer details can definitely wait as you say. Overall I am happy with the look of the layout and will be using it for more photos in future as well as enjoying operating it when I can. The first week back in the shop has been the busiest ever wh
  5. Unfortunately the self imposed deadline passed a week ago with the layout some distance from completion. The preparation for the reopening of the shop took over much of my time over the last couple of weeks. I will return to working on the layout soon and my next target is to try and complete by August 6th which is the shop's third anniversary. Perhaps I can display it in the shop on that date. Tommore Bay has seen some visitors today with the station used as a backdrop for photographing some items from a recently purchased collection. The largest visitor was Coronati
  6. Back at the shop today and I managed to catch up with Pete again. Further work has been undertaken with some replacement track laid and wiring completed. A train can now travel around one of the circuits. Providing government restrictions ease as planned, the group can start to allow visitors into the building in the middle of next month. They are working to get Kings Moreton presentable in time. They are also looking to display other working layouts too but none of their other projects are close to being completed. They may be on the look out for loans or other layouts for sale.
  7. Yesterday, whilst visiting the my shop to complete preparations for today's reopening, I caught up with Pete and had a chance to view the progress on Kings Moreton. The support system has been completed and the layout is now back up on legs at a working height. The regular members of the group have decided to rewire for analogue control because most of them have mainly analogue collections. Rewiring has started and train can now run from the remains of Kings Moreton station along the main scenic section, over the canal bridge and to the smaller station (Dore End?) Here are a couple
  8. A2B Model Railways, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire will reopen on Monday 12th April 11am - 5pm. The shop will also open Tuesday 13th, Thursday 15th and Friday 16th (11am - 5pm) and Saturday 17th from 10.30am, but closing at 2pm as a mark of respect in light of the funeral
  9. Following yesterday’s government announcement, I am pleased to announce that A2B Model Railways will reopen its doors next week. We will reopen Monday 12th April from 11am - 5pm. We will then open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (11am - 5pm) and then Saturday (10.30am - 5.00pm) All orders placed before midnight on 12th April will qualify for our prize draw for the chance to win a £100 voucher.
  10. 11 DAYS TO GO At present there is just 11 days until the likely date the shop reopens. Not a lot of progress has happened this week so completion is looking next to impossible. How far away things will be come the planned finish date remains to be seen. Small progress to report today. The balsa wood has been cut to size to form the rear of the platform. This will allow the main station building to be supported. Hopefully more progress to report soon.
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing my A2B Model Railways trade stand to the 2019 show. After last year’s cancellation, I am looking forward to returning in 2021. It is a very friendly show.
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