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    I have varied interests. I enjoy playing sports and regularly play five a side football at weekends. This helps to lessen the effect of the real ale I also enjoy drinking. Hobgoblin is my beer of choice although I quite like Castle Rock ales and some from the Black Isle Brewery in Inverness after tasting them whilst on honeymoon.
    I enjoy computer games, regularly playing the latest Call of Duty or PES games.
    As far as railways are concerned I have a interest in preserved steam, regularly visiting lines in the local area. I am an occasional volunteer on the Great Central Railway where I previously worked at Quorn and Woodhouse station. I now volunteer as a TTI.
    I am currently in the early stages of planning and building my new layout, Skaleby Quay and have started a small shunting layout as a Christmas project.

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  1. Great to see more pictures of this great layout. It looks like a lot of fun was had.
  2. A2B Model Railways I am not sure of the meaning of the comment. My original post regarding the missing chimney banding were as a result of the issue with the customer. Thankfully it has not cost me a sale, he will be exchanging the loco for the KESR version providing the blue one has the copper cap as shown in all of the publicity shots including the latest picture that shows the full range.
  3. In response to the comments above, it is absolutely the point I am making. I am not suggesting the missing copper cap is inaccurate. However it is shown in all the Hornby publicity materials and is also depicted on the box picture for 32636. These were the images that us retailers had to rely on until the examples arrived in stock. Sadly, one of my customers was influenced by these images and is now returning the loco because he wanted a copper capped chimney version. When the loco arrived in stock I did put updated pictures on the shop’s Facebook page and website. These clearly show the correct version.
  4. Yes the brass chimney is missing. My apologies for not reading your post carefully enough.
  5. Spot on. Already caused me some issues with customers who saw the production pics and assumed the model would have have the brass cap chimney.
  6. Spot the difference publicity shot v final model
  7. The new Terrier from Hornby has been attracting lots of attention. Personally I think it is a lovely model. We have the first of the range in stock.
  8. My supplies arrived today. Despite being sceptical I was pleasantly surprised. The pipework on top of the boiler is a big improvement on the previous incarnation. The cab is very impressive with lots of separately fitted detail. On test, the loco had a slight stiff spot but it eased off after a short running in session. It then ran very smoothly and quietly in both directions and comfortably handled a four coach train on the club's layout that features a severe and lengthy gradient. This is definitely a big improvement on the previous tooling.
  9. It is amazing the impact a 7 year old daughter can have. Another day, and once again my little girl was determined to do more to Gairloch. I could hardly refuse and so we set to work once again. The goods yard was tackled with the final section of ballasting completed. Here my young lady can be seen brushing the ballast into place: After she had gone to bed I tackled the backscene and factory area. The back scene was one of the self adhesive ID Backscenes. I found this quite tricky to detach from the backing paper. Once this was done I found the whole thing difficult to put into place. This has left a gap at the bottom oft the picture and the white border also has been left on. I felt like I could use this as a guide and it would be hidden by further detailing. This will prove to be a bigger challenge as can be seen in the picture below: Part of the border has been hidden by the walling at the rear of the loading dock. Hopefully I can hide the rest effectively. Hopefully there will be more updates soon.
  10. Have a great time at the exhibition. I hope you enjoy yourself, but also find time to post some photos of this lovely layout.
  11. Life has been so busy recently with running the shop and the online marking work I have been doing. Gairloch has sat under the cover of a blanket in the spare room for several months. Once again is my little girl who made the suggestion that we did some more work on the layout so we brought it down into the living room yesterday and set to work. Firstly we set to work with the Woodland Scenics materials, mixing black, brown and grey before gluing it all down with PVA. A mix of black and brown was used to glue down the scatter to create the road way and the yard area in front of the factory building. A liberal spray of scenic cement was then applied over the top to fix these things in place. Static grass, from a Gaugemaster puffer bottle, was added to the rear embankment of the cutting. All has been left to dry. In time the layout is expected to be taken to the shop for display alongside Skaleby West. This is a change of plan. Originally the layout was planned to be used at home but we need the spare room so the layout will need to be moved. Here are some pics from yesterday:
  12. It is a beautiful looking model and has proved to be very popular in my shop. I still have a couple left however.
  13. Just found this thread. One word......stunning!
  14. I still have one left in stock. www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk
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