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    I have varied interests. I enjoy playing sports and regularly play five a side football at weekends. This helps to lessen the effect of the real ale I also enjoy drinking. Hobgoblin is my beer of choice although I quite like Castle Rock ales and some from the Black Isle Brewery in Inverness after tasting them whilst on honeymoon.
    I enjoy computer games, regularly playing the latest Call of Duty or PES games.
    As far as railways are concerned I have a interest in preserved steam, regularly visiting lines in the local area. I am an occasional volunteer on the Great Central Railway where I previously worked at Quorn and Woodhouse station. I now volunteer as a TTI.
    I am currently in the early stages of planning and building my new layout, Skaleby Quay and have started a small shunting layout as a Christmas project.

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  1. Just to confirm that A2B Model Railways are still trading online. www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk New Bachmann and Farish buildings recently arrived.
  2. Two more days of lockdown and more progress made. Yesterday the children joined in to paint the landscape in a green undercoat. It looks a little too vibrant at present but will soon be covered over with scatter and static grass. Tonight I have added a wash of acrylic paints to tone things down a little and create some rock effects. It is clear that the green will need covering.
  3. So lock down means working from home with A2B Model Railways operating online and over the phone at present. This has given more time for modelling. Another project has just been started (maybe a new thread coming soon), but there has been some more progress with this 009 layout. It has been brought home in order to allow work to continue. The track was tested and some dead spots were found. It seems that the glue had not been sufficient and some of the track had moved resulting in a poor connection. The track was amended and tested until full and continuous running was achieved. Then further glue was added, the track pinned and the layout tested when dry. All seems to be fine now. Today I took it out into the garden and added the remaining covering of plaster bandage to the corners of the layout to create the small cuttings. It may be small progress, but it is progress. Who knows whether Matlock Bath will see a summer season this year anyway!
  4. Looking good Phil. I am sure I have seen that Baldwin somewhere before.
  5. Afternoon all and my continuing good wishes to you. Decision made this morning - foster child is no longer at school so we have both children at home from now on. Lockdown day 1 - we have made the most of the good weather to be out in the garden. A very pleasant morning with the girls playing with the bubbles, chalk easel and on the bikes. Now we are in the kitchen doing creative activities, making Giraffe pictures - an idea shameless pinched from Jason Manford's Facebook page of all places. They will go up in the front window when they are finished to brighten things up for passes by. Business wise I have had a couple of enquires this morning. One is for some Peco products. Unfortunately they have announced that no stock will be dispatched for the next three weeks. Nothing wrong with that, and perfectly understandable, but to add to the same note that all bills should be paid as normal is a little bit of double standards - we want your money - but won't / can't supply you any goods! I may even partake in some modelling later depending on whether I can get the last couple of assignments marked in reasonable time. Stay safe Andy
  6. Evening all. Thanks for the good wishes. My thoughts go out to you all but especially those who have lost, who know people who have passed away today. Sad news and puts things into perspective although I admit to feeling lower than a work’s belly right now. I heard the “lockdown” news whilst out delivering a loco to a customer this evening. As with all deliveries I have done this last week or so I knocked on the door, left the parcel on the step and retreated to a safe distance. The news was not unexpected. That means working and trading from home for the foreseeable future. The marking money takes on added importance, but difficult to concentrate with wife and daughter around. No chance of any space - Sarah is struggling to cope already and is insisting on sending foster child to school still (she is eligible because she has a social worker). As the person who does the driving to school and back now, I feel it is an unnecessary journey especially as I am not going to the shop. Sarah states she could not cope with them both in the house 24/7and needs to protect herself. Row number 1 ensued. There have been others but I won’t bore you with the details. To compound things, thanks to the panic buyers , we are now dealing with a cat with an upset stomach. The shops had sold out of his food and only had fish flavoured food left. He had to have it because he was hungry, but we know it disagrees with him. Result = sickness, diaorhea which manages to stick to his fur! He is feeling sorry for himself and we have lots more cleaning. Thankfully we have managed to secure some the correct food so hopefully he will be back to normal soon. Life won’t be back to normal for some time. At least we are healthy. Stay safe Andy
  7. it is mad isn’t? I was closed yesterday as I normally am at this time of year but saw the photos everybody from the town was sharing. Many retailers in the area took the decision to close after yesterday’s madness.
  8. Hi Polly Yes I include website details on the opening time signs on door and all publicity posters in the windows etc. I can’t say this has resulted in much of a difference. Time will tell if restricting myself to online, telephone, Skype sales will have result in a significant enough rise in these areas. There are so many established online retailers around who people understandably turn to first. Stay safe Andy
  9. CORONA VIRUS UPDATE Following this weekend's madness in Matlock Bath I have made the difficult decision to close the doors of the shop for the time being. The level of people coming into Matlock Bath this weekend has been ridiculous considering the latest government advice. I feel that remaining open as a physical shop would be irresponsible at this present moment. A2B Model Railways remains OPEN FOR BUSINESS via the website, telephone and SKYPE orders Contact me via SKYPE on [email protected]
  10. Evening all and once again my hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. I have only just made it onto RMWeb today so I have not had chance to catch up on many posts. My apologies. The sun has been shining and much of the day has been spent in the garden catching up on various tasks. The lawn has had its first cut of the year, some of the bushes trimmed and the backlog of weeding begun. There was a brief walk over to the local supermarket this morning due to a need for cat food. It was busy, but not overbearing and the shelves seemed well stocked. Sadly, it appears the guidance from the government seems to have been well and truly ignored. I saw a lot of photographs of how busy Matlock Bath was today. It seems other National Parks and open spaces were equally busy and many have now made the decision to close. It is a decision I have sadly made too. I can no longer justify keeping the shop open to the public for the time being. I intend to head over there as normal this week, and work there so that I can handle any online or telephone orders but the door will be locked. Since the large percentage of my takings are from over the counter sales, I am very concerned about how things will progress. I can only hope and pray that the upturn in sales from non face to face avenues will continue. I have started a video diary on Youtube of the experiences. The link to yesterday is included below: Stay safe Andy
  11. Evening all. Good wishes to everyone and I sincerely hope that you are staying safe and healthy. I have not had chance to catch up with the last day and half of posts - I hope I have not missed anything. A strange day today. I arrived at Matlock Bath this morning to an empty car park. I was only the car in the station car park, and anticipated a quiet day. In a way it was, with people through the door being about a quarter of the normal total. Thankfully some of those who ventured in spent well, and there were those who did support via website and telephone. The irony is that this week has managed to exceed the corresponding week last year. I am sure that it will prove be the calm before the storm however and things will drop off. I feel less comfortable with continuing to open the doors in the current environment and I am thinking about the prospect of online sales only for a period -whether these will prove enough is questionable. The sooner the details of the government's support package and eligibility comes through the better for me and many others (assuming eligibility of course!) The latest casualty of this situation is our booked meal on the Great Central. A member of staff from the booking office called today to inform me of their decision. It is understandable and a new date has been provisionally booked for August. Hopefully things will have settled down by then, but there are many who will suggest not. Lots of prayers being said for everyone right now. Stay safe Andy
  12. Evening all and congrats to Mick NB on completing another year of “bliss” / “his sentence” (delete where applicable). Good wishes shared to all ER’s with hope that the virus has not come to stay. An update from here. We have had it confirmed that foster child will be entitled to attend school so, from Monday, it is one in and one at home. The school will no longer provide transport to the child’s contact sessions though so that is two more additions to my timetable. A good book or magazine will be needed for the ninety minute wait in the car park. Today was the second day of the reduced opening times. Matlock Bath was much quieter today than on Tuesday. Fortunately there were some online and telephone sales so some funds have come in. Unfortunately my favourite cafe has joined the ranks of those who have decided to close so no more delicious cakes or breakfast sandwiches for a while. Their decision to close is perfectly understandable of course. Tomorrow my thoughts will turn towards former colleagues in schools. Some may feel teachers are going into isolation or having an extended holiday. Not so, many will be in teaching those who still attend school. They will also be updating online learning resources whilst all the time feeling that whatever they do will be inadequate. It will feel like unfinished business because the year stands to incomplete. Thoughts also for all those students working hard for A Levels, GCSE’s or even SAT’s who will not get the chance to properly finish the job. Sad times. Keep safe Andy
  13. Evening fellow ER’s and good wishes and hope that all are staying safe and healthy. Am I the only one who gets a sense of foreboding daily at around 5pm? These news conferences seem to bring more and more bad news. Today’s was to be expected and it remains to be seen how long the schools remain shut. I suspect that they may not reopen until after the summer. At present we await news from both schools. Our daughter will certainly be off, and she was distraught at the news, she loves school. As yet we are unsure if foster child falls into the vulnerable category and will be able to attend her school. Time will tell and we will deal with either outcome. Both children are of an age that I have recent teaching experience of so there may be a retrieving of old teaching resources from the garage. Today was a day off from the shop. Sarah decreed it was essential to head into the city centre for required supplies. These included duvet covers, clothes for the children, toys, flannels and pet food. In my opinion only one of those was essential and could have been located without braving the shopping centre. Cross words were exchanged! That said, it was a surreal experience. Clearly people in Derby are generally following the guidance. Whilst shops remain open, there were very few people around. If anyone has experienced Primark on a usual day (I hate the place), the comparison to today was unbelievable. It really felt eerie. At present, the plan is to head to the shop for a few hours after the school run tomorrow. If nothing else I can isolate and do the marking. Two customers are due to phone or Skype about possible orders so that is something. A call to the insurers about whether would cover me for any enforced closure is also on the agenda. I am not confident. Like many business owners I am awaiting more details about the government support program. That, I believe, is due next month. Stay safe. Andy
  14. Evening all - I hope everyone here is virus free. Today has seen the interesting developments regarding the government's "plans" to support business etc through the current crisis. I remain open minded but sceptical about the methods and it remains to be seen how helpful they prove to be. So to today - I did open on the planned reduced opening hours. Matlock Bath was as quiet as I expected it to be, but the irony was that I actually ended up with a total number of visitors, sales and takings that is similar to a regular out of season day. At home there was a much clearer indication of the current impact of the virus. We have been doing our weekly food shopping online for several years now. Today's arrived with 11 items unavailable. These included toilet paper, kitchen roll, cleaning wipes, vegetarian steaks, cat food and beer! Thankfully I was able to pop into another supermarket and secure the two essential items from that list (I leave you all to decide which two items they were!!!) Tomorrow is a day off from the shop anyway so it will be a day of marking for the college, braving the post office to dispatch online orders and then trying to secure the other items that are required from the above list - all of this is health permitting of course. Stay safe everyone. Andy
  15. My thoughts are definitely with you. It is a very worrying time.
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