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    I have varied interests. I enjoy playing sports and regularly play five a side football at weekends. This helps to lessen the effect of the real ale I also enjoy drinking. Hobgoblin is my beer of choice although I quite like Castle Rock ales and some from the Black Isle Brewery in Inverness after tasting them whilst on honeymoon.
    I enjoy computer games, regularly playing the latest Call of Duty or PES games.
    As far as railways are concerned I have a interest in preserved steam, regularly visiting lines in the local area. I am an occasional volunteer on the Great Central Railway where I previously worked at Quorn and Woodhouse station. I now volunteer as a TTI.
    I am currently in the early stages of planning and building my new layout, Skaleby Quay and have started a small shunting layout as a Christmas project.

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  1. COMPETITON ANNOUNCEMENT A2B Model Railways are currently running a competition until the end of January. Pre-order any item from the Hornby 2020 range from our website and be entered into a draw for a £50 gift voucher. www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk
  2. It was great to see the sketched out plan on Saturday Phil. Things seem to be progressing nicely. Sorry that I can't help with the Minitrains item at present.
  3. The Ratio 554 is the ARP wartime fact roofed wartime box, which is the subject of this original thread and relates to the pre-production picture I have included in my post.
  4. Arriving in our shop next week: https://www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk/product-page/ratio-oo-wartime-arp-style-flat-roof-signal-box-plastic-kit-554 https://www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk/product-page/ratio-oo-wartime-arp-style-flat-roof-signal-box-plastic-kit-554
  5. Looking great Phil, you certainly seem to be enjoying the research.
  6. I was going for silent and mysterious! Either that or some of the delectable runners decided I had a face for radio!!
  7. Those are some interesting photos Phil. Great to see the past and present comparisons.
  8. I heard it was a nice shop, but the owner is a bit of a tv mute!
  9. Spoken like a Trip Advisor blogger who has never visited the places they moan about.
  10. Some great photos Phil, I recognise quite a bit of the stock on there, I think they may have originated from a certain model shop.
  11. Hornby 2020 RANGE Pre-order the Hornby 2020 range from us for just a £30 flate rate deposit. Simply select the deposit option on our website, and then enter the model details in the "order notes" section of your order. We will contact you once the item is in stock to arrange final payment. https://www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk/Hornby-2020-range. (steam locos) https://www.a2bmodelrailways.co.uk/Hornby-2020-range-diesel-locos The deposit option is also open to all other items - including the Bachmann Thomas range.
  12. Looking promising Phillip. The photos you showed me in the shop were quite blurred so correct identification of the loco would be difficult. It definitely was similar in shape to the Baldwin, although I am nowhere near 100% confident that it is. It will certainly give you something to work with though. The location looks great. Andy
  13. Likewise it was good to see you.
  14. CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES Please be advised that A2B Model Railways Christmas opening times are as follows: Monday 23rd December: 10.30am - 3.00pm Christmas Eve: 10.30am - 3.00pm Christmas Day: CLOSED Boxing Day: CLOSED *The annual Matlock Bath raft race has also been cancelled due to the river levels* Friday 27th December: CLOSED Saturday 28th December: 10.30am - 5.00pm Sunday 29th December: 10.30am - 4.00pm Monday 30th December: CLOSED New Year's Eve: CLOSED New Year's Day: CLOSED Thursday 2nd January: CLOSED
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