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  1. Sounds Good Paul, I really need to look around more than just here, Realistic pics and the F1 threads.
  2. Cheers Bud, Yes I have some more small, one hour or one day projects in mind for the coming weeks.
  3. OR, As Rod Stewart does, have an EXTRA room in Hotels when on Tour to make his Buildings between rehearsals and Gigs to chill out. Now all I need is for us to do bigger Gigs so that we can afford Hotels. 🤪
  4. Cheers, Band work should settle down again now, so more time for the Layout to develop.
  5. Thank you kind sir. More will be done soon, and maybe even a Video, Watch this space. 🙄
  6. I've Also bought a Peco Kit for the Car Park and Station Entrance.
  7. I then decided to convert a Peco Office Kit of 3 buildings into one, (it has no back or far end to it, and God Bless my Hot Glue Gun. It still needs painting and weathering but will hide the actual entrance to the Ind Est.
  8. TIME FOR AN UPDATE? Well yes, some work has been done over the last couple of weeks. I built a Scalescenes Low relief Wharehouse, and then scratch built a second.
  9. I guess that's one advantage of my POD, (the converted Garage), and attached to the Bungalow in two sides. Its now habitable all year round. I really MUST start work on "Tonleigh Bridge" again soon.
  10. I have learnt so much in the last half hour. 👍 truly absorbing, and I can relate to your fascination Jeff, @Physicsman I did try to read it all to my Good Lady, but was told to SHUT UP, at this time in the morning.🤪
  11. Thank you, great answer, makes sense to me now. Cheers.
  12. Question Jeff @Physicsman any ideas why all moon craters are round, and yet here on earth, Rock and natural mountain formations can take on any shape, such as Snowdon and Ben Nevis for example? Most Moon ones also appear to have a centre spot of some sort as well.
  13. Bloomin WOWSER Jeff, that is fascinating, and funnily enough I've been watching Live streaming from the ISS over the last few weeks. More anytime as far as I'm concerned
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