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  1. Exciting! Anything happening this Friday? I'm free!
  2. 2BIL

    Lima Pantographs

    I've started work on yet another motor-coach for the Isle of Dhoon Railway but my supply of Lima pantograths (the IDR standard) has run dry. Does anyone know of where one or two may be obtained from?
  3. Looks very smart David. I might be shamed into doing something along those lines myself: one day!
  4. 2BIL

    3rd Time for Dhoon

    The track revisions to the Isle of Dhoon are to appear March 2014 (provissionally) edition of Railway Modeller.
  5. Goodness - you've done it now! Looking forward to see East Anglia arise from the ashes of East London.
  6. Very nice. When do you start on the station building?!
  7. It is an honour to be able to thank you for the Aire Valley. Along with episodes from Craigshire, the articles in the old Railway Modellers were my modelling inspiration all those years ago. This resulted in my own modest Isle of Dhoon Railway (Rly Modeller last year) which has been evolving over the last 30+ years. Thank you and more stories from the AVR please!!
  8. 2BIL

    Old Sox

    Here in Cambridge the new LED lights are starting to take over from SOX. We are fighting to save the 'famous' 1950 Richardson's Candles: vertical flourescent on ornate fluted cast iron posts. They are grade 2 listed but there are still threats to switch them off and/or move them to a museum site. I've made a couple of 4mm models for my Isle of Dhoon layout so at least these will remain!
  9. Nice bridge - signing will be a good excuse to browse a few books I think. (I'm really just trying to work out how to use this site!).
  10. Pub names can be dangerous subjects. I've named my pub by Egdon Heath station "The Quiet Woman Inn". I got into awful trouble from household authorities until I ponted out the name of the hostelry situated in the middle of Egdon Heath of Hardy's novel.
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