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  1. That might actually work quite well (all live works but picking up on both sides at opposite polarities as normal is preferable). The other way is to use the pinpoints on the outside to pick up, but that implies a smaller area of contact and I probably don’t have room for outside frames.
  2. Isn’t the entire axle up to the wheel plastic on that though? And given the slight edge at the end the brass tube will not touch the back of the wheel. What I really need is something where the ends of the axle are metal but with an insulating section in the middle of the axle. Or alternatively completely uninsulated wheels, though that means a more complicated wiring arrangement.
  3. Currently I’m doing an 009 project (transporter wagons) with Greenwich 5.1mm wheels on an unpowered wagon, picking up current from the track. The wagon is inside-framed, and the current is collected via the brass tube that each axle runs in. In theory this should be a reasonably reliable system (and more free-running/less friction than sprung contacts acting on the wheels, an important consideration on an unpowered vehicle), and I’m working on improving various aspects of the design and building it more precisely. However, the Greenwich wheels are insulated on one side, which means that only one wheel on each axle is being used for pickup. What might improve things further is to use both wheels, which unless I start using a sprung contact instead means that the axles need to be insulated in the middle (rather than at one or both ends, as is more usual). Are there any 9mm gauge wheelsets like this? I understand there may be some wheels in N gauge loco chassis that might work but I ideally need something that I can get a reasonable number of (about 10 axles). I’m not too concerned about the diameter but generally smaller is better for this project. Alternatively, I could slightly alter the design to use completely uninsulated wheels (this won’t create issues with shorting etc. due to the way that I plan to wire the rest of the layout). These probably aren’t as easy to find in 9mm gauge as they would be in 16.5 or 32mm (i.e. gauges where 3-rail stock exists), but a few years ago I remember some black plastic inside-framed 9mm gauge bogies with fairly large, completely uninsulated metal disc wheels being sold on the 009 Society sales stand. I think I’ve even got some stored somewhere although I’m not sure they’re in a fit state to use for this project. At the time I was very surprised to find that they were uninsulated (they definitely shorted out 2-rail track, with a buzzing sound when placed on the track). As such, I didn’t really do anything with them at the time, but now I have no idea who made them or what they were for if I do want to get any more. Does anyone know what they were or have any other suggestions?
  4. And also it is quite reasonable that you cannot now be expected to pay more depending on the payment method you use (as opposed to only one being available, which is slightly different).
  5. And as discussed on the other thread, in some cases cash handling can end up costing more than the card fees nowadays.
  6. Apologies, didn’t mean to sound overly critical, I was just wondering whether people’s differing interpretations of ‘a local show’ would potentially create issues when interpreting the results. I think that part of the survey is fairly clear in that it asks people what they would prefer (i.e. card if available), even if they don’t always get to do that option in reality. So if you go to loads of shows that only take cash for tickets (and therefore pay in cash) but would prefer card if it was available, you should still select option 2 (assuming you’re not particularly interested in advance booking). I chose that option despite my earlier comments because for the size/level of show described I don’t usually feel that bothered about booking in advance. For the larger NG shows (which can reasonably be classed as national/regional) they don’t always have advanced ticketing, but again I’d use it if it was available, so would select it within the terms of the survey (I did book in advance for the 009 Society convention at Statfold for instance, as that did have it).
  7. Exactly, how are we defining ‘local’? Something large like Warley or one of the BRM shows I would definitely not class as local and would preferably book in advance, unless for some reason I’m not able to confirm my availability until the last minute when advance ticket sales have already closed (but unless it’s Ally Pally, my nearest “big” show, I’d have had to make other (travel etc.) arrangements in advance as well). Some of the larger narrow gauge shows (like NG South) I’d also like to book in advance if possible, but it’s not always available (not meant as a criticism); I wouldn’t describe these shows as ‘local’ either as people travel a very long way to attend them. For a small, local show in a village hall, it might not take very long to look round (so will fit into a couple of hours of the day, perhaps in the afternoon after some other activity) so in that case I’d generally prefer card if possible, but on the door rather than in advance. But the point is that, depending on people’s interpretation, the word ‘local’ is doing a lot of work here and possibly affecting the results.
  8. I’m not sure I’d want to risk it falling off and ending up in the drink…
  9. I think being very remote from the nearest cash machine is quite a good reason for a show to take cards. For instance, for the small local show I mentioned earlier we weren’t able to take cards but fortunately were able to signpost people to the nearest cash machine, just round the corner and often before they had reached the ticket desk.
  10. The one that I’ve modelled, as a working layout in 009, is at Whitwell and is still working. Ignore the inappropriate loco, it’s just an old Egger one having its traditional run at the end of an exhibition and I can’t find the other photos:
  11. It opens up another interesting potential layout idea, which is to imagine the watercress bed had its own railway (like at Whitwell and Cassiobury Farm) and model that as well.
  12. Perhaps not the most tasteful phrasing, given the historical connotations. That was what I was thinking with the situation at the start of this thread. It doesn’t sound as if the layout operators are particularly well known, have had articles about their layout published etc. etc. but what if it did involve someone more prominent? This is partly why there is concern from some people within the heritage sector about relying too much or exclusively on ‘nostalgia’ to get people to engage with heritage sites (there’s a few good articles about this, mostly relating to ‘living history’ sites like Beamish, though that’s a bit off-topic for this thread). Although it’s carefully phrased so that we don’t know which groups are actually affected, so maybe we should all assume we might be - that’s more potential customers gone though. I wonder whether something roughly analogous to the Kick It Out campaign in sport would ultimately be more beneficial than focusing on one incident. After all, as you say at the moment the two exhibitors can potentially just deny that they said anything.
  13. The comparison I was making was with acquiring the cash from a bureau de change before going abroad, which generally involves having British cash to exchange and paying some kind of conversion fee. I’m not sure how it compares to withdrawing the cash once abroad.
  14. Which is what the topic was originally about. I don’t think there was any suggestion from @Dungrange that their club show might go card-only, just that card would be available as an option.
  15. Neither of those is equivalent to paying by card in-person though, I’d suggest it’s the need to pay using an app (inevitably a different app from the one used at another car park you might visit the next day) that’s really annoying, more so than the inability to use cash. TfL buses are cashless, for instance, and together with having a flat fare (so you don’t have to ask for a ticket to a specific place) it does seem to speed things up. This was annoying before the advent of contactless debit cards, as I think it would have required everyone to have an Oyster, even for infrequent use. Although on that specific example, the most annoying bus payment system I’ve seen elsewhere in the UK is cash-only, but only accepting exact change. That was a few years ago though. Also, as I already suggested, logically it opens up the possibility of people then demanding the ‘statutory right’ to pay by card (and perhaps by extension also cheque, or BACS, or whatever) which is going to create other issues.
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