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  1. Thanks 34. Are you privy to some information I'm not aware of?... Lol. Whatever the reason, having over 60 tank wagons on the size of layout I have is quite ridiculous! I seem to have a thing about green liveried "Peaks" diesels too! Ermmm... Jeff
  2. In the last 3 years I seem to have acquired an enormous number of tank wagons: Dapol milk 6-wheelers, Bachy Tarmac and Petoleum etc. Fiddle yard is clogged with them and lots in their boxes. I have no idea why! Obviously some kind of fetish. Perhaps good old Dr Freud could explain ("your muzzer first met your farzer on ze back of a UHT milk tank van way back..."?) Jeff
  3. I've tried to avoid the froth, but just to be on the silly side, how about Hornby do a super-detail class 40, since Bachmann seem to be taking years to get the job done (due in 201x?)? Jeff
  4. Physicsman

    Hornby B1

    Agree with you there bluex5. I found the same kind of thing with the 4MTs a few years back. The Hornby 4MT had the finer detail, but seemed a bit "clinical" with its shiny valve gear etc. Maybe the same thing here - VERY subjective! The dirtier Bachy looks the biz. Got a few of each version of 4MT and will get at least one of each B1, so it doesn't really matter I suppose. In the end as long as both types perform and chug round my layout I will be a happy chappy. Jeff
  5. If Hornby are reading this thread they are probably thinking "there's no pleasing some folk. Especially those RMwebbers!". But if they look carefully there are some really helpful marketing hints here. A top-of-the-line DCC set, with Rail Master connected to an iPad and James May in tow (good suggestion m0rris) would probably have worked wonders and had considerable street-cred. How about a Code of Duty themed military set? Jeff
  6. Ooooh, you are a naughty one, dilbert, sir!! Jeff
  7. Very interesting. However, I would suggest that Hornby doesn't need to push itself to please the general market because, as has been remarked on some of the extensive threads in this Forum, to Joe Public, model trains IS Hornby. Nice video - shame it wasn't a bit longer! Jeff
  8. I've just discovered this thread and greatly enjoyed looking at the way the layout has developed. I'm in the process of starting a long-term OO S&C-based layout, and hope to get some of my own pics on here in a year or two! Best wishes to 60091. Keep the posts coming! Jeff
  9. Physicsman

    New B17

    June of which year? The way this is going the b****y model is never going to appear!! Jeff
  10. It may seem an obvious question - forgive me if I've missed something - but since Hattons have been advertising the Bachy B1 in stock since the end of last week - has anybody managed to get hold of one yet? If so, any impressions? Jeff
  11. I agree entirely, Colin and as Alan (the OP) stated, the size "limit" was for an individual modeller. I think we'd all love the extra space but there is only so much that a single person can do, no matter how enthusiastic or what resources they possess. Jeff
  12. Hi Alan, thanks for that. I've spent quite a bit of time going through the galleries, looking for ideas. It's sometimes difficult to gauge the scale of layouts (sorry about the puns) so your information is very useful. Jeff
  13. Re. merging the two B1 threads...yes, do it. If only to save me having to keep looking at both separately (a selfish reason, I know). Jeff
  14. Physicsman

    Hornby B1

    Does it really matter which version you buy as long as you are happy with it? Personally, I prefer Bachmann locos. But I've got a Bachy 31-716 and a Hornby R3000 on order and I shall enjoy "playing" (am I allowed to make a statement of such gravitas in esteemed company?) with both when they arrive! Jeff
  15. Gordon S's comments very much mirror my own experiences and I couldn't agree more. The complexity of even the "basic" infrastructure is something that cannot be rushed, so sets another limit to the size of many layouts. I like to include a LOT of scenery, with the railway (hopefully) integrated into the landscape. So a garage-sized layout based on this premise can be achieved in a reasonable timescale. BTW, wrt the OP, I've just looked at Wencombe. Westerner seems to have got the compromise of size, buildings, operations and level of detail just right. How large is Wencombe as a matter of interest? Jeff
  16. Oops, sorry dilbert! Now if I was a "celebrity" I would live in fear of litigation due to my wrong attribution of Gulliver's statement . And I quite agree. If this thread was a little bit shorter then MAYBE Hornby might take some notice. Spamcan's summary today (post 744) sums up the salient points. Best wishes, Jeff.
  17. Really enjoyed your YouTube vids and I concur about working outside. I'm converting a double garage and the drop in temperature certainly slows things down. BTW, I will be using N gauge ballast (in about 2 years!) when I get round to the trackwork. Interesting to hear your comments on "OO" stuff. I agree, it's WAY too coarse! Nice job with the signalbox and signals. Keep posting, I'm picking up ideas as you progress! Regards, Jeff
  18. Two things particularly strike me when reading this thread: 1) How proud we all are of our modelling, whatever the skill level, and 2) Our willingness to spread the word - often finding that those we "spread" it to have already caught the "disease"! It reminded me of a plaque a friend of mine bought me on his last trip to the North Yorks MR... entitled "Beware - Rail Enthusiasts Disease"... Symptoms include "rapid rise in temperature at the sight of a (model) train...foaming at the mouth is not unusual...!!" It really IS a great hobby! Jeff
  19. Isn't the "locked" YouTube video that was posted 700ish posts ago the same as the video on the Model Rail Live DVD that was free with issue 163 (last month)? Not that I want to watch it again. Too much schmaltz for my liking and, as someone said today (dilbert?), no mention of the customers at all. Jeff
  20. Thanks Sarah, you have clearly done your research on the Freightmaster set I mentioned earlier in the thread. To be honest, probably because I'm of a slightly older vintage (!), I never realised that Triang released the set in BR blue form. Makes sense, I suppose, but I'm glad I got the (nicer looking IMHO!) green one. I must inquire what my brother did with the constituents of my first "layout" as your photos have piqued my curiosity! Thats the great thing about this forum. Best wishes, Jeff
  21. Wow!! That's a hell of a sized bungalow you have there 34!! Regards, Jeff
  22. I think it depends on your level of interest, time available and, obviously, finances. However, I wouldn't disagree with westerner that garage-sized may be a practical limit for an individual aiming to complete a project to a decent standard in a reasonable (1-2 years?) time. My last layout, occupying a bedroom, at about 10 feet by 9 feet, took me 8 years in fits and starts. With a bit more time on my hands I'm starting a 16 foot by 12 foot in a garage...with a time-frame of 5 years. It's a deliberate long-term project, so I'm happy with my plans. I remember Black Rat commenting, in an early Model Rail, that "no more biggies for me", as he wanted to spend time on the detail. In the end, it's a very personal thing, but, yes, for me - in OO - it's a garage size. Jeff
  23. I do wonder, as I contribute the seven-hundred-and-fiftieth post in this thread whether we are all spending so much time on this topic that we aren't actually doing any modelling! As dilbert said, and I think he's right, at the end of the day...why lose any sleep over this. But it's fun! So.....when does the froth begin, lads? Jeff
  24. Just got my copy - the usual range of interesting features and DIY topics... However, I'm a bit puzzled by the review of the Heljan 23. The content of the review itself is very fair and the reviewer ends by saying that "it looks bang on. Well done Heljan". The model then gets a rating of 78%, which is sufficiently low to put many people off, despite all the positives in the text. Why is this? Well, because the Value for Money score pulls the whole thing down. The cost of the item is relatively high, but maybe the VfM scoring should be kept separate from the actual rating of the machine itself. As the reviewer states, this model is likely to occupy a niche market. Anybody that needs/wants one is likely to buy it, irrespective of cost. What is important to them are the other rating categories, such as performance, looks etc that are included in the review. I'm not trying to be too critical as I find MRs reviews to be the best of all the standard modelling mags. Feel free to disagree with my opinion! Jeff
  25. I've just looked at the photos on the Hattons site. The coupling looks like every previous Bachmann coupling, so I don't see a problem. I know that Hornby are introducing a permanent engine-loco coupling, but is that such an advantage? The handrails look like those on the previous incarnation. But the weathered model looks pretty fine. Jeff
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