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  1. The RCTS Volume 2 on BR Standard locomotives (table 59 Page 237) has full details of which locos were green, lined or unlined and when (all post 1957) which should provide any answers you need. 78000 was not green until 4/1961 and possibly reverted to black in 1964 by when it was on the LMR. Richard
  2. Probably, it has been built as an exhibition layout, but it's a few years off and I am busy on the exhibition circuit with South Pelaw for the time being. There isn't a thread or blog yet, but the track is complete and I am on with wiring. Richard
  3. In reply to some earlier posts, I've not seen any photographic evidence (yet) of 78010 running over Stainmore, 78010 to 78014 didn't hang around at West Auckland for that long unlike 78015 to 78019 which stayed for several years. However here is plenty of evidence of 78011, 78013 and 78014 running over the Stainmore route whilst they were at West Auckland so safe to assume the other two must have. On Stainmore Summit I had 78013, 78016, 78018 (all DJH kits) running over, so one or two more on my new layout of Barnard Castle wont go amiss. Richard
  4. HI Paul Personally I've not seen this shot before. I think all of the ground signals we need are now completed, in fact we may be mounting some of these in position tomorrow. Thanks for posting it. R
  5. Hi Ian I'm just wondering if either of your Trestrol kits is still available. If so can you mail me with price etc. Cheers Richard
  6. I think I can stake a claim on the K3, it's March's 61880 cobbled together from a Anchoridge kit powered by a D13 motor, it went like a bomb but couldn't challenge Martin's all conquering 9F in the haulage stakes. My model of the goods shed was largely built in a caravan awning on holiday in Spain at least until all my MekPak evaporated in the heat! Tony, your memory has served you extremely well on the respective builders of builders and stock. Thanks for reinvigorating our happy memories. It was a great layout but physically very demanding to exhibit, those like Tony, who knew the conditions that the layout was stored in would echo it. I dont think we ever capitalised fully on its creation, being a small group and very reliant on drafted in labour we couldn't physically manage more than two or three exhibitions a year and layouts seem to have a shelf life measured in years irrespective of how complex, accurate, or how many exhibitions they may or may not have attended. Richard
  7. Hi Simon The South Pelaw blog finally got updated yesterday- hope you like the new pictures. In the end I filed down the O1 cast brackets to wafer this, reduced the height by about 3mm so the top edge fits just below the boiler centreline, its not looking too bad. I agonised and changed my mind several times over the pump centres though. I will post some photos when I have got it done. Still not happy with the great big lump of plastic called a pony truck. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Simon- Yes thats correct its for South Pelaw (EM). Thanks for the tip on the pumps, I may also make new brackets out of brass- the cast whitemetal ones are too thick and consequently the pumps protude beyond the cab sides. It means going backwards a few steps but the end result shoul be better. The blog is getting really out of date, we had the full layout erected at the end of September and took a load of photographs, trouble is we are all too busy building it to write blog updates, articles etc. Thanks for your help Richard
  9. Hi I am doing a Tyne Dock O1 for South Pelaw in EM, whose air pumps have you used on your conversion, these look just right, I have a set of Dave Alexanders but they look too tall? Regards Richard
  10. Hi Chris & the team Many thanks for hosting an excellent weekend and show, all the team on Stainmore Summit thoroughly enjoyed it. Richard, Martin,Mark,Chris & Pete
  11. Hi Steve Sorry for the delay in responding. Stainmore route signalling renewals. I don't think that one can be absolutely specific to a year when there a major, there would be an ongoing programme of renewals as they became due. At Stainmore Summit there are a number of tubular posts, photographic evidence suggests that they were there for the whole of the BR period to closure. Notwithstanding, there were a number of life expired NER timber post signals renewed around the mid 1950s. My layout is a bit of a mixture really, I cannot be absolutley certain that it is 100% accurate, i.e. that the signals modelled all existed in that form on a certain date in time, however they are all accurate as individual pieces if that makes sense! At the summit one NER lower quadrant (a lattice post) existed right to the end. So unless you have a suite of photographs that you can guarantee were taken on the same day you can have a nice mixture of NER, LNER & BR. Cheers Richard
  12. Hi Steve I've not got very far with this. The best LH shot of 65098 that I can find is in Yeadons page 64 clearly showing the lubricator drive linkage from the middle crankpin, dated 1949. Later photos seem hard to come by, not that she lasted a lot longer. RCTS Vol 5 does start that the mechanical lubricator were generally not changed even the the boiler was reverted to saturated. Let me know your working period and I will have a look for photos of 43129. Hope this is of some use. Cheers Richard
  13. Hi Steve 65098- I will have a look for some LH side shots when I get home tonight. 43129- Quite a celebrity engine this one, used on lots of railtours so photographs are in abundance, not quite sure of your timescales, are you working in the mid 1950s or later? Personally I like the Ivatts best in plain black with the large numbering. I have just converted yet another (43050) to EM using the original chassis, this was a Middlesbrough engine, I have photos of her working over Stainmore, this seemed quite common ever after the Ivatts were transferred away from Kirkby. I left her in plain black, but accordingly to the new book on Ivatt 4's she was lined out by 1953. I've got another to do with a Brassmasters chassis, this is going replace my Millholme 43129, I have to say for the money I would have preferred a full chassis (like Bradwell) rather than padding out the Bachmann one. Cheers Richard
  14. Hi Steve It may be too late but..... 65098 is a good choice for a Stainmore engine! I have a model of her running on Stainmore Summit made form a Nu Cast kit (all the other J21s are London Road). There are 3 photos in Yeadons all very early BR days, page 10 of Northumberland and Durham Railway Pictorial has a picture dated 1948 at Barney and there is a shot which has been published several times of her coming under the bridge at Lartington. All of these show her with a 2 rail tender which is what you get in the kit I recall. The main work is that she was superheated (as were most Stainmore J21s and J25s) so an extended smokebox is required. I have built several London Road J21s and J25s and I have found the J21 much the harder of the two. The J21 kit is actually a J25 with additional etchings (and work) to convert it to a J21. One of my operators has also built one and found it awkward, whilst the J25 is really straightforward (apart form the smokebox issue). Anyway hope this is some use and I forward to seeing progress Cheers Richard
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