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  1. I knew the engineer well, he lived less than half a mile down the road. Knew his son quite well too, but not the daughter. The Bulls Head has just reopened after being "refurbished". Not been in there for a loong time
  2. Hello, Is it still possible to get at individual layout topics on the old RMW forum? I've tried entering two key words and using the "site:rmweb.co.uk/forum/" method mentioned by Martin Wynne a couple of years ago, but can't get the posts from my old O gague layout - which I wanted for information before I dispose of it. Obviously, the link in my signature no longer works because of all the various software updates. Any help welcome Thanks
  3. And work is under way to build the 8 or so shops which will be on the bridge in the background in the top photo. The last two signals are under construction, although btaking considerably longer than I would have liked
  4. Very nice too - well done everyone
  5. Most of the topics I follow I no longer get an update for. I swithced everything off about 11 February before going to New Zealand for a month and switched them back on again when I got home, but I only get updates for a few of them. Is there a logical reason for this, am I doing something wrong? Paul
  6. A long time ago I updated this thread. Life has got in the way in the shape of two club layouts. Trezeath performed quite well at Tolworth in November 2016 and some of you might have seen the "What happened to..." article in the Railway Modeller in summer 2017. Very little has happened since then except the occasional movement up and down the layout to impress/please my 3 year old granddaughter. I did build a new fiddleyard and a 90 degree arc with a single track 2' 6" radius curve so that I could use the layout in the shed. Given that the layout currently has no exhibition invitations, and everything else that is going on, the layout is likely to be up for sale later this year.
  7. Thanks for the comments. We are at our club's show, the Orpington model railway exhibitiion on 12/13 January 2019, a small exhibition at Pratts Bottom, followed by the Epsom show in April
  8. Meanwhile, work continues on the signals, more specifically, the gantry, which is proving frustrating as it is extremely fiddly! Work starts on the framework on one side The bottom crossbeam is added and the uprights are trimmed to size The second one is started Both crosspieces ready for the next stage Which is adding the diagonals And finally for now, the fiddly bit prior to assembly - adding the top horizontal supports. Meanwhile, the side supports were done earlier (and not subject to stage-by-stage photos)
  9. And work has started on the 13 signals needed for the layout. They are built from slightly modified Train-tech kits, with truer colour LEDs sourced by one of out electrical wizards. There are 2 3-aspect, 7 4-aspect, 2 4-aspect with route indicators (feathers) and 2 4-aspect which will be gantry mounted. Both of the 3-aspect and 1 4-aspect have got to the stage where they can be test mounted on the baseboard. This is an original head, a scale 2' 6" wide, which looked too wide for the layout, where most of the signals are "old" style. So 1mm was shaved from each side This is a "spare" head. The two 3-aspect signals are shown here, with the 4-aspect one behind. and one of the 3-aspect signals was tested. The other one is not drunk, just leaning gracefully. Unfortunately the photo does not show the true colour of the red aspect...
  10. I couldn't possibly say, Ian, but - yes! I've been laying some of the conductor rail - and a fiddly job that is too.
  11. Excellent as ever Giles: nice to see the layout "in the flesh". If it works, some photos will be attached ;=)
  12. Ah yes, the A team! Having returned from the wilds of Nepal, I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at Uckfield on Saturday. Well done for winning the trophy at Farnham.
  13. A few photos from our first day visiting the Crawley exhibition (in Horsham). All was well after an early gremlin caused the power supply box to fail.... Very quiet today - there are some good layouts there, hopefully more people tomorrow
  14. We've already had a couple of show invites, so watch this space! Thanks for the comments
  15. Hi Most of the layout runs to a sequence of 6 moves (although some of the moves encompass two separate trains) and the route is set for the move automatically when the sequence is advanced using MERG equipment. There are 9 trains which operate in turn from the rear fiddleyard and 3 NG/3 SG which use turntable fiddleyards on the front of the layout. We also use MERG controllers. The industrial area at the front of the layout is operated on an ad-hoc basis if we have enough operators. At the moment, the lorries were a one-off guest appearance at Tonbridge (as was the Garratt) - they may appear again but can't be guaranteed! Thanks for the comments
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