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  1. I want to use toggle switches for points operation. Can you get a toggle passing switch that will remain up or down to indicate points position, or will I have to use Hornby or Peco switch?
  2. I recently asked for help on a short circuit. This was cured the another problem developed so I am going to start a rewire from new. Can somebody give me advice I where I should place the dropper wires to ensure I get power to the whole track. The minimum number of droppers would be ideal as I do not want to lift all the laid track. The plan is DCC n gauge using insulfrog points. All help will be gratefully appreciated.
  3. Thanks everyone. Will start rewiring tomorrow.
  4. 1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes, all runs fine but no power in siding 1
  5. Why am I getting a sort circuit when I try to run a train into siding number 1. If I disconnect siding rails after the point B there is no short but neither is there any power ,although point A remains fully operational. I am using Peco insulfrog points with seep motors, Wired as DCC with 16v power supply all in N gauge. All help appreciated, I have plenty of free time!
  6. Thanks for advice. now up and running.
  7. In the diagram A & B are points, numbers 1-4 led's. How do I wire the led so that when the train passes from one line to the other led 2 &3 light, and if train not crossing led 1& 4 light. Thanks
  8. Hornby solenoid point motors with CDU. Peco auxiliary switches powered by 12v DC
  9. Hello all, I have one toggle switch operating 2 points at a crossover. I also have LED's to indicate position of points. How do I wire these lights so A & D and B & C light ( drawing attached).
  10. Sorry, should have said this is DCC.
  11. Hornby set track with insulfrog points and clips on frogs.
  12. I have wired the shown track plan but get a short circuit when switching power on. Have double checked all wiring and track for any problems, so is the actual layout of the track an issue? Any advice will be appreciated. Untitled 2.pdf
  13. I have bought some Salecom T80-T toggle switches fairly common in most model shops.. I do not want to solder wires to each terminal, so can anyone advise what size crimp slide on connector I require? My local railway shop sold me Peco PL31 but these are too tight to slide onto termminal. Any advice or or a supplier name would be much appreciated.
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