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  1. Hi Noel, Long time no chat! They are some of, if not the most popular freight vehicles on the layout for the visitors. We get more questions asked about them than any of the others. Thanks again for producing the kit! All the best, Castle
  2. The Fawley Flyers, triumphant after a good day’s running at our first show. We were all, what is best described as ‘well pleased’! Left to right: Miss Trees, Captain Phil (being a twit), Laura, yours truly, Alice, Leigh, Harry and, Moses like with his staff (!) Alan. As the designer of the layout, I always said that if it takes longer to put the stock out than to put the layout together then I shall be a happy man. Turns out, this is the case! Hours to put up and take down a layout is time taken away from playing with it as far as I’m concerned and it means
  3. Serious business this shunting lark! Captain Phil and Leigh, hard at work. We found that at table height, it is very difficult to shunt the front yard from the back. We are pretty sure that if the night is increased then it will change the angles that people are trying to operate at and make it easier. Legs required me thinks... A few overall shots to give the idea!
  4. Show Time! Hi All, Bacon Seeds Definition: We were once shown a lovely picture of some really cute little piglets. You know the sort of saccharin heavy, insta-vomit sort of a thing. Awwwwww! One of our members stepped forward to the picture profferer and uttered the immortal words: “Those aren’t piglets - they are bacon seeds.” Now try looking at a piglet the same way again... Well, the Beaconsfield Model Railway show 2019 awaits... How did we get on? Pretty darn well for a first try I would say! Undoubtedly, t
  5. ...and to balance it out at the other end, a suitable and relevant genuine BR wagon label! The lighting rig went home with Alan and Miss Trees and then primer. A black top coat occurred later... Nothing we can do now but turn up to the show. All the best, Castle PS: As I hope is obvious, the posts up until this point are very much history providing a background to the layout and how we built it. Here is a 'future echo' of what we got up to last weekend at Didcot. A write up will occur in due course. What an a
  6. Captain Phil and Leigh having a mini - shunt with the room lighting off to prove it can be done. It passed with flying colours! The recent batch of figures are in too. Here, Sir William chats with one of the shunters as a driver looks at the loco lamps and ponders the coming day’s exertions. I like to call this one “Hurry up and finish your tea driver, we are going to be late!”. There are a pair of P/Way workers in the background by their tools. A robin is sat on the grindstone, expectantly in hope of a small crumb of food from the monkeys in c
  7. Last Chance Saloon! Hi All, Badgers Definition: For some reason, one of our number has a thing for Badgers. Little white metal badgers to be precise. We think it derives from his fascination with the famous foreign version of this animal, the Honey Badger. This animal (if you don’t know) is about as close to indestructible as is possible, is evolution’s answer to the biker gang and a seriously good escapologist - all rolled into one furry little psychopath. They will eat anything at any time and disable Male opponents by, well, you get the picture. Really - look it
  8. Hi All, Thanks for the likes people! Mikkel, - by lamps, I mean light bulbs. They are of the 24v type used in passenger coaches of a certain era... The lamp shades MIGHT have a railway origin but we aren't sure. All the best, Castle
  9. Hi ADB968008, Thanks for posting that - it brings back fantastic memories. I was one of the very privileged few that rode inside No. 93 on that trip. The best bit was Sonning Cutting where three of us stood in the rear cab on a moonlight night with the GWR main line paying out behind us and the steam rolling off into the blue - black night sky. One of my two friends who was in the cab then is no longer with us. He was such a great guy - he is deeply missed by many of us at 81E. He wasn't well then, but he managed to get to see this with us. It makes me think of the thre
  10. Another shot of the Dean Goods - ready to go! A look down the belly of the beast from the fiddle yard! Right at the end of the day, Captain Phil came through, sending us photos of this little beauty! Amazing stuff! Fitting will be next weekend. The all important list of stuff left to do on the last Sunday before the show: 1) Fit the lighting rig. Obviously! It will need a 24v transformer as it uses the same fittings and lamps from a railway carriage. Are we taking authenticity too far here?! 2) The cent
  11. Dress Rehearsal - places people! Hi All, Tactical Greenery Definition: You can’t quite resolve that bit of scenery. You don’t know what to do. You have a piece of layout hardware you can’t remove. There is a really obvious gap in what you are working on but you can’t get to it to sort it out. What to do? Slap something on it to hide it obviously! Hence - Tactical Greenery. It may take the form of a weed or grass for smaller problems, a bush for mid-size issues or a tree for any utter disasters. It has related sub- genres. If greenery is inappropriate. These
  12. Not only is this a remarkable shot of Leigh performing the worst photo-bomb in history(!), it also demonstrates the working side of the layout. On the left is the model section. The small switch panel bottom left controls the model lighting (on/off and dimmer) and the water crane display (a start and a reset button). Next is a cheat sheet to refer to and the ‘signal box’. Then the centre box for the bell code machines. Under that is the main power on/off for the converted ATX (PC) power supply. A few scenic shots to finish off this post. The far end of the scenic secti
  13. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock... Hi All, Gus The Rhino Definition: Fawley has a full size, fake rhinoceros. His name is Gus. He occasionally gets dressed up. last time he had a Hawaiian motif with garlands of flowers and very stylish he looked too... Gus lives on a sheet of plywood that is, itself mounted on castors so you can simply and conveniently move your fake rhinoceroses where you need it. Quite WHY you need a fake full size rhinoceros called Gus to roll about and dress as you please is, however, up for debate... The first item in the agenda for
  14. Hi Mikkel, Thanks mate! I really appreciate the kind words. The animals are the sort of thing I'm prepared to be a little over done in order to provide a bit of visual interest for patrons - we are supposed to be entertaining after all. Every now and then it just clicks and you get a shot which just looks right - we are really pleased with it! I'm glad the madness comes across too. Sir would have most definitely have approved... All the best, Castle
  15. He Talks To (and Paints) The Animals... Hi All, Surprise Cow Definition: Thankfully, this is not a species related to the Drop Squirrel (see eponymous previous entry). Can you imagine the mess that would make?! We have a soundscape file that runs on the layout. It took a while to track down a file that was right. All the ‘relaxing sounds of nature’ type things I could find had a babbling brook, watery sort of theme. There isn’t a watercourse of any kind on William Street Yard (and they invoke the need to use the facilities on the older members of the Flyer troop!)
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