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  1. Hi All, i dont know of this is of use at all at all but I seem to remember Pete S. telling me that the paint for the wartime brown coach at DRC was achieved by adding coach brown and red oxide together. I’m sure he will elaborate further if required! All the best, Castle
  2. Hi All, No worries - it’s always a pleasure sharing my access to railway preservation with like minded people. It’s always great to put names to new faces and meet up with existing friends. See you all again soon! All the best, Castle PS - let’s see those pictures!
  3. Hi Mike, yep - top field please! That’s important. Information actually. The postcode to use for sat nav self loosing devices is RG9 6JA and you want to use the entrance next to the small row of houses. It’s on Dobson’s Lane, all the best, Castle.
  4. Hi All, The plan for Fawley is simple - turn up at about 11:30! All the best, Castle
  5. Hi All, Yes - yet to get to the bottom of no saint but I’ve just confirmed it with the crew. Sorry people... On the plus side 1450 will be operating with a pair of autocoaches and it means a close up view of ‘The Lady’ I suppose. I will work through my list of people and send the information for the donations for Fawley via PM this evening. All the best, Castle
  6. Hi there, The plan is to get as many as possible old hands from the 4079 story in one place at one time for a picture, sometime about 10:00 - 10:30hrs. Please come by if you are available! All the best, Castle PS: it is planned to be a 2999 running day too...
  7. Hi All, i am going to PM the details for the donations to those going to the Fawley Tour. You can pay on the day but it is easier for us to do it prior if possible. sorry things have been a bit quiet but I’ve been a tad busy. The morning of the 25th May now has the added attraction of the Pendennis Castle reunion going for it. Families and friends associated with the locomotive will be gathering as we start the final fundraising push! There are a whole host of people coming including an appearance from Doug Godden who was 4079’s last fireman in service on the 9th May 1964. It will be his 86th birthday! Does anyone else want the ultimate RMWEB full size train day out? All the best, Castle
  8. Hi All, Yep - still alive and kicking and we are all still go for launch! all the best, Castle
  9. Hi All, Here we are! This is the end (!). Note the added little blocks above the buffers. The little lower section folds down to provide a bit of floor over the buffers and the blocks holds it at the right height. I also added lamp irons and etched handles from the Mainly Trains and Dart Castings websites respectively. The main sides and the sole bars are scratchbuilt however. If you weren’t conifident in building the doors, you could chop them out of another kit like the Parkside MINK. An equally valid approach. I don’t know if Peco do the provide you with spruces from the kits service like Parkside did but as Ratio do, I suspect it might be a thing... I hope thie helps! All the best, Castle
  10. Hi All, Yep - I dun an ASMO! I used some pre scribed styrene sheet sides, a smattering of various strips to do the doors and frame. I think that the rest of it was pure PYTHON. I did have to ask the then proprietors of Parkside to send me an extra roof as the ASMO is a bit longer. I’m out and about at the moment but I will post a picture when I get home. The build is indeed on Little Didcot somewhere in the dim and distant... It is worth having a look through the wagon bible for options for the Parkside PYTHON. There Is ASMO, DAMO and an a number of other types that could be done with the bits in the bag. I rather like the look of the shortie DAMO myself! Thanks for the compliments MIB! All the best, Castle
  11. Hi Matt, Nice job! I’m going to push the follow thread button thingy... We are a bit busy preparing one of the GMRC layouts at Fawley as a show layout and looking after 12”:1’ scale trains as well as a whole heap of other life related stuff so I haven’t be able to post on RMWEB much recently but I will enjoy seeing this one progress! I’ll commemt when I can. All the best, Castle
  12. Hi All, Just 30 places left - book soon to avoid disappointment... On thread replies or PM is fine! All the best, Castle
  13. Hi Bazza, As you wish good sir - I will add you to the list! Both days? All the best, Castle
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