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  1. The goods shed turned out nice, well done. Your customer should be pleased
  2. Hi Corbs, That's a fantastic looking model of Bob's Regards.
  3. Hi Bob I have this saved on one of my Pinterest boards, and might be useful for you Modeling Oil Soaked Track Regards
  4. Hi Nick, these look very good. If you have time, I'd be interested in you step-by-step guide Regards
  5. Hi Steve I've been catching up on this thread of yours, great work. I would guess that the sand is glued in place with the tried and tested PVA, a feww drops of washing-up liquid and water, is this correct ? What did you use to stick the talcum powder ? Regards
  6. Thank you Stationmaster, I'll give this ago over the weekend. Regards
  7. “Notifications – View all notifications” now at “n” pages and growing Hi Everyone In a PM to Andy Y, and I hope he won't mind if I paraphrase, with the previous web version, if all notifications were viewed, there was the option to select a topic with a tick/check box, and then select delete all selected. This only deleted the notification and not to un-follow the content. Andy had suggested to got to https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/followed/ From this page at the end of each topic I follow, there is a tick/check box. Unfortunately though, this unfollows the content / topic I follow, and the “Notifications – View all notifications” pages keeps getting bigger. Has anyone found away to resolve this ? I must say, that I like the new web pages and appreciate the hard work that has taken place by Andy and the team
  8. Thank you very much, great explanation. Keep up the good work Regards
  9. Hello You may have mentioned this before, but what have you used as your substrate to the landscaping ? As a compliment, I like the photos of the bare scapes you have posted, though I don't know much of the area you're modeling, I do like the openness. Regards
  10. Hi Bob Please excuse my comments "from the back seat" (cirtenly as I don't have a layout). I've been looking at various pictures on Flickr for reference, and some sidings look darker in the 4' than compared to the area to the next siding. Might it be worth applying a darker wash in the 4' Keep up the postings Regards
  11. Hi Bob, I'm following your topic with great interest. In Chris Nevard's article I seem to remember that he stippled the surface with a short haired stiff brush, have you done the same thing. Keep up the great work. Regards,
  12. Unfortunately Paul the link isn't working Regards,
  13. Hi Alister I've been enjoying the progress you have been making. Don't mind me asking if this has been asked before, but who's plain track are you using, it looks good. Happy New Year Regards,
  14. I like how this is developing nicely. Well done Regards,
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