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  1. Hi Stuart, Do you have a thread/topic to your industrial layout ? I've really enjoyed your previous pictures. Regards,
  2. Hi Dave, the back scene looks good, coming on nicely. Would you mind letting us know who the northern lights building are made from ? Regards,
  3. The Shed is coming on nicely. My neighbour has one and he calls it his Doghouse. The WD looks great, nice and grubby.
  4. Coming along nicely. The last picture reminds me, in a small way, of a Pink Floyd album cover. Lighting and electrics soon?
  5. Hi Everyone I have been strolling through the old-maps.co.uk website, and as usual, looking for one thing and find another. I noticed that at Pillgwenlli (Pillgwenlly), Newport, Gwent there is a large building and sidings - “Locomotive Yard”, bound by Bolt Street, Commercial Road, and Frederick Street. I’m mindful that Newport had two GWR/BR engine sheds, one at Ebbw Junction and the other at Pill. What was at Pillgwenlli, did this serve the dock system or any connections with the GWR sheds ? Any information to please my curiosity would be gratefully received.
  6. I wish you every great success with your new project/endeavor. Regards, Chris
  7. Hi Hawin, For awhile I have enjoyed your pictures, especially as this shows that "less is more". I do like your back scene. Is it all one colour where the thick clouds shown with the use of spot lights. Would you mind sharing how you achieved this Regards
  8. Hi Neil I've been following your thread with great interest. I noticed in the last few photos that your baseboard uses "rough" plywood. Do you notice any warping, compared to more expensive plywood, or do you have it well braced ? Regards
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