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  1. Cracking job on the weighbridge office build. Just a Pro Tip, gently rub the corners with fine sandpaper before painting. That makes sure the bricks are squared off nicely.
  2. I should be able to make Cressing a bit smaller. It will be a nice little project especially as its a dinky station already!
  3. I think if you’re not handy in carpentry then it’s a really good investment to buy in baseboards. Tim Horn are in my opinion the best. It may feel like money spent that you’d rather spend on rolling stock but a good baseboard is the foundation to your whole layout and you’ll regret for a long time a bad baseboard. If money is tight and hey, it is for most of us, then ready built baseboards are usually modular so you can add more later on. As others have said, for the landscape, there are lots of free information on the web and much of it on RMweb. Good luck. PS nothing wrong with metric measurements!
  4. Now that really puts my models to shame. Superb.
  5. Hi, I'm the owner of Intentio so I should make that clear! I do have a GWR station and Goods Shed in the range as well various other GWR buildings. The station and Goods Shed are out of production at the moment while I'm concentrating on 4mm versions. They will be back and improved very soon.
  6. You've made a really nice job of that. Sorry to hear that some of the parts were missing/poor fitting. I'll double check the kits to make sure a manufacturing error hasn't crept in.
  7. A couple of pictures of our 4mm coal office kit built and painted by Dan Everson.
  8. Thats is my range and I can tweak the file so the weighbridge text and number matches.
  9. The bricks will be 3inches high, so looking at those, the planks look like 6inch planks. The bricks will also be 9inches long, so by counting those. you can get the width more or less. Hope that helps.
  10. Those look really good. The concrete render particularly so.
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