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  1. Waiting to make all the kits up. I have a couple of preproduction kits if you'd like to buy on of those? Pm me if so.
  2. New packaging arrived today for a forthcoming relaunch of our 4mm precision scale kit range. Some 25 kits will be available at launch. Really pleased with the packaging.
  3. Will be on the website very soon. We are just building up some stock.
  4. Latest 4mm kit. Barmouth Signal Box.
  5. MDF laser kits are very easy to paint. I recommend a spray with primer first. I have instructions on my website http://intentio.co.uk/painting-tips/
  6. I dont think they make long lengths, they are modular in design.
  7. A test build of the signal box completed by Dan.
  8. 4mm Shops now available.
  9. Britain’s smallest pub is now even smaller! Following a request to scale our 7mm Nutshell pub kit down to 4mm, I've prototyped this today. A couple of small features to add and it will be ready. Again, I've used a 'living' hinge to get the MDF to bend at the corner. A lasercut card wrap then goes on. The camera has picked up all the glue!! It was suggested that I put some engraved details in the back wall. A great base for your own embellishments. Engraved slates. Quite fancy a pint in there myself!
  10. Thats just the bond on this particular prototype. I'll still use the my existing method but just trying things out.
  11. Always looking to keep ahead of my rivals with innovative lasercutting methods, I’m trialling a different way of cornering my Brick buildings. Your feedback is welcome.
  12. Some new 4mm scale buildings First up a signal box commissioned by Modelu Next a hut based on Didcot
  13. It was highlighted to me that it box needed ride tiles, so a quick job on the laser and five minutes, we have this.
  14. John, Ill speak to John Wiffen and see if he is ok with me making these available for general sale.
  15. The test build has been completed and couple of snags identified. Laser engraved roof.
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