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  1. Hello Monty, I use 3 No Team Digital SMD84 ACCESSORY DECODER units firing 27 No Peco solenoid point motors. Each decoder can accommodate 8 point motors and has a built in Capacitor Discharge unit these have provided years of reliable service including where two motors are connected together for my two loops. Michael
  2. I use the prodigy Advance 2 with Peco solenoid points and have 3 routes set from Team Digital accessory decoders without a problem. It is important to set all points in the route to the required direction individually to the same setting (i.e.setting No 1 or No 2 it doesn't matter as long as all are the same) this can be done by switching the wires at the decoder or possibly at the point and then the route can be set. Michael
  3. As far as I am aware and certainly in the case of the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance 2 system all units are manufactured in China. The lack of availability from the American Companies is probably resulting from the ongoing Trump trade war with the Chinese Republic. Michael
  4. Does anyone have any details of the Ecclesbourne Railway Model Railway exhibition of 19th & 20th October 2019? The Ecclesbourne web site being devoid of detail Michael
  5. Since the units are manufactured in China could it be that Trump's tariff dispute with China is affecting availability Michael
  6. Having made an 80 mile round trip to this excellent show from the heart of Derbyshire I found top quality layouts, a fine mix of traders, a good and varied group of demonstrators and very acceptable catering all within a spacious building adjacent to acres of free parking at a very equitable price of £7.00. This made every mile of my journey well worth it. Add to this the organisation by the Lincoln team who are to be commended for their efforts leaving me to look forward to their future shows at this venue starting with the October event. Michael
  7. I suggest that the chips will not accept advance consisting (i.e. do not have CV19) To overcome this use Universal consisting by pressing double head twice to read old set, enter the number of the lead loco and set direction, press enter add the second loco and direction then press enter this should set the consist. To run the consist press double head then loco enter the address of the lead loco the consist should then work. To clear the consist enter old clear and press the enter button, this will reset the loco to the original speed setting most probably 14 Hope this helps Michael
  8. Has any one any experience of using Hair Lacquer as a layering spray when using static grass? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Michael
  9. This is one event that one cannot afford to miss, value for money wise it is a no brainer. Where else can over 70 excellent layouts and 50 well mixed traders be seen with three mainline steam engines, two diesels and a DMU on a very frequent timetable for a bargain £20 for a full days entertainment. It becomes even more financially attractive when one considers that the normal runabout fare is £17 with only two steamers and one diesel on a reduced timetable effectively making the show £3.00 for the Quorn marquees and the Loughborough/Rothley station exhibits. Personal favourites were Oakenshaw, Ambleside, Buxworth and Hassel Hill Colliery whilst all remaining layouts not mentioned were worth a second viewing. All in all a brilliant event for which the two responsible organisations (GCR & SVMRC) must be congratulated, roll on next year. Michael
  10. A very pleasant couple of hours spent at this well organised show watching a good mix of layouts with healthy activity on all rather than the dreadful pauses sometimes found. The venue being located so close to a tourist hot spot with more than adequate parking makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. Michael
  11. My first visit to this thoroughly enjoyable show with its excellent mix of quality layouts, traders and demonstrators all at a very reasonable admission charge together with plenty of easy free parking. It is one of the most friendly larger shows I have had the pleasure of attending, it will certainly be added to my diary for next year. Perhaps if I were to make a minor observation regarding the signing for the additional room containing layouts 23,24 etc. I very nearly missed them had I not referred to the layout plan as the directional signage to this additional area was inadequate in my view. Michael
  12. Thanks for your reply, you have pointed me on the right track, I went to investigate in settings and found a restore default tab which when activated has solved my problem. Thanks once again Michael
  13. I am having problems logging in via the log in button only able to do so by finding one of my previous posts, nor am I able to follow a subject or view a list using my preferred browser Google Chrome. However I am able to access all these areas via Mozilla Firefox. Has anyone any suggestions or solutions to solve the problem with Chrome. Thanks in anticipation Michael
  14. It was a pleasure to visit such a friendly show with a large variety of small to medium sized layouts showing visitors what could be achieved in a limited space irrespective of the gauge. The organisation of the event, the school staff, the catering staff, demonstrators, the traders and the model operators all combined to make it one of the better shows in the area, my thanks to all for making it such an enjoyable event. My personal favourite which may or may not have won the best in show had the quality of build and innovation that made it stand out. Not everyone would perhaps recognise these features but the owner/operator was only too willing to discuss his project in great detail. I wait or the best in show announcement. I am now looking forward to the next andyram production. Michael
  15. I attended on Sunday morning and found it to be one of the most friendly and welcoming shows to visit. The mix of layouts and trade was just about right perhaps the only disappointment was the lack of lighting on the excellent Sutton in Ashfield layout. I offer my congratulations to the Elizabethan club for a very pleasant couple of hours. Michael
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