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  1. Not sure if this video has been mentioned yet in the thread. It's on sale right now. https://railfandepot.com/product/street-running/?fbclid=IwAR1eqqoKG4o_LfdeshY0TCCt4TpojkdQwISS2xFxL2DI6k8jt-_aCehe1Qs Jason C Indiana
  2. Managed to catch an ethanol train running through Warsaw Indiana on the South Hickory Street trackage this past Saturday (May 4). Norfolk Southern - Warsaw Indiana Jason Cook
  3. A brand new roudabout with a mainline through the middle just opened on March 1st in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This line is the former Pennsylvania Railroad (later PC, CR) mainline to Chicago and was double track into the 1980's. CR rerouted most traffic off the line, single tracked it and turned off the signals. Later, NS operated it west of Fort Wayne. During the split of Conrail between NS and CSX in 1999, the STB gave this line to CSX. CSX showed no interest in the line outside of a large grain elevator halfway across the state in Hamlet and leased the line from Crestline, Ohio to Chicago to a new RailAmerica subisidary, the Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern. So......the property is owned by CSX, leased to the CF&E and dispatched by NS which runs a number of trains over the line. CSX retained that previously mentioned grain elevator as a customer so on occasion, you can also catch CSX grain trains in addition to the daily CF&E and NS traffic. New roundabout opened - WFFT news Aerial view of the roundabout under construction: Another news video: WANE 15 News Jason C Indiana
  4. Yep, that's an SD40. Share some pics when you finish your model. Jason
  5. It would help if you could post a picture of what you have so we have a little more to go on. If what you have is indeed an SD40 and not an SD40-2, here are some post-2000 ideas. FURX 3000-series https://www.flickr.com/photos/hunter1828/15969197265 Electro-Motive https://www.flickr.com/photos/hunter1828/4609023085/in/album-72157602127646787/ National Railway Equipment - NREX http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=214391 HELM http://www.trainweb.org/screamingeagle/gallery/leased/j_glenewinkel/HLCX6092.jpg Jason C Indiana
  6. Southern and N&W continued to order their locomotives with high short hoods long after everyone else. I believe the final HSH locomotives ordered were the Southern 7000 series GP50's. I still encounter HSH GP38-2s on a regular basis here in New Haven, Indiana at the NS East Wayne Yard. Jason C Indiana
  7. Just scanned this thread and did not see any mention of Alloy Forms. AF has kits for exactly what you're after. http://scale-structures.com/af300 Take a look at their kit for the 1955 Autocar Constructor with 20' box. They also offer the 20' dump box a la carte so you can combine it with their 1966 Mack DM-800 or R-800 tractor kit and build yourself the ubiquitous butterfly hood heavy duty Mack. AF also has kits for 1969 Ford LN and LNT that were common as dirt from coast to coast and would look right at home with a 20' coal body, especially the LNT. Additional links with coal trucks and Appalachia in general. Mack http://www.baileyjavinscarter.com/design/images/i-coalloggingtruckaccidents.jpg Love the mint green Mack in this post: http://www.dewitzphotography.com/personal-photography-projects/pieces-of-me-keystone-tipple/ Assortment of Mack's. Ignore the modern Granite body style that appears in a couple of the pics. That's a post-2000 vintage truck. http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/gallery/album/1028-coal-packin39-puppies/ Another Mack http://www.coaleducation.org/technology/Transportation_Coal_Prep/images/Truck2.jpg http://s73.photobucket.com/user/thaddeusw/media/73202617.jpg.html More Mack's and a couple of Autocar's. These two Autocar's are too modern for your era. http://hankstruckforum.com/htforum/index.php?topic=18765.0 Not really coal truck related, but if you're modeling Appalachia, take some time to look around the Appalachian Railroad Modeling site. http://appalachianrailroadmodeling.com/ Jason C Indiana
  8. Once upon a time, I used to heavily collect toy tractors. Most months, I'd attend at least a couple of toy tractor shows around Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. I had gotten to know a number of dealers that set up at these shows. I also had a job that involved extensive travel, nearly all of it driving, and basically a complete and utter lack of supervision. I'd pick the routes that interested me instead of always running the limited access interstates. This allowed me to make many stops at farm equipment dealers, most of which in addition to selling full size tractors, carried toy tractors. I came across a John Deere construction equipment dealer in southern Ohio one day that was overstocked on a certain limited edition model of a 1950's era John Deere crawler in 1:16 scale. I immediately thought about a dealer I knew and called him, told him what I found, and to he told me to negotiate a price with the dealer for two full cases, 12 units. Made the deal with the John Deere dealer and the following weekend, I met up with Phil at a gas station in the middle of nowhere Indiana along US 30. We pulled in within minutes of each other, parked off to the side, I transferred two large heavy boxes from my SUV to his, and he handed me a wad of cash. Shook hands, and went our separate ways. Afterwards, I thought to myself if anyone was watching, that looked awful suspicious. Jason C Toy tractor trafficker
  9. Was over in Defiance a couple of weeks ago to check out the ND&W and then swung past the Defiance yard again last Friday on the way back to Indiana. Overall, the line is significantly improved from what it was in 2012 under Maumee & Western ownership. Still certainly not up to mainline standards at all but it's really good to see Pioneer putting some money into the line. BTW, anyone looking for a nice small yard for your layout, Defiance is a good one. Just a few tracks but you can get a lot of switching done, especially if you give the yard tracks a little bit of length and an equally long lead to work the yard. Jason C 10 miles west of the ND&W
  10. Thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to take a look at the Bitter Creek throws and also experiment with putting the Caboose throws on the front edge of the layout. I like the functionality of the Caboose throws, I just don't care for how they look on the layout. Putting them on the front edge out of the scene may work. Thanks, Jason
  11. Looking for some suggestions on alternatives to Caboose Industries ground throws. I'm gathering up materials for a small switching layout and was wondering what any of you are using for manually operated switches other than the Caboose Industries ground throw. I know they work well, I just think they're kind of ugly. Is there another manually operated throw that you use that looks more realistic while still being as reliable as a Caboose ground throw? I'm not interested in any powered machines like a Tortoise for this project. Thanks, Jason C Indiana
  12. This is reported to be the paint scheme that will be applied to Norfolk Southern's AC44C6M rebuilds. DC to AC conversions. As far as current day Class Ones go, NS is by far my favorite. All the new and interesting paint scheme variations the past 4 years are a big part of that. The fact that NS has two major routes that cross and a fairly large yard two miles from my house is another major plus. I have easy access to watch NS. http://www.railpictures.net/photo/586236/ NS 4001 was through my town earlier this week so I finally caught that unit. Haven't downloaded my pics yet but here's some info on the AC44C6M fleet with pictures of the first three units completed. The blue/yellow/grey is pretty cool and since I grew up along the Delaware & Hudson, this scheme is somewhat reminiscent of the D&H. In spite of that, I think I prefer the black/grey version of the scheme. Looking forward to catching it one of these days. http://www.nsdash9.com/rosters/4000.html Jason C
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