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  1. Personally I have no problem with Humbrol rail acrylics, but I brush paint and in any case they have been discontinued. Unless I am able to bring back acrylic colours from the UK I just have to experiment by buying samples from Vallejo, Citadel (Games Workshop), Badger Modelflex, etc. Modelmaster paints were also discontinued.
  2. Is there actually an 'agreed' standard for DC wiring direction? For kits I just copy the two RTR locos I have, a Lima and a Bachmann that are the same.....
  3. It looks superb - I wonder if the body can be lowered for use on wider curves?
  4. The original launch cancellation was a problem with the Atlas launcher. Subsequent delays were with the capsule.
  5. I mis-typed, probably no hydrogen on board. Same leak I think!
  6. I understand; it was a rhetorical statement. Compensation is less essential for short wheel bases such as 4 wheel wagons and bogies. However even dead flat wheels will, for electrical continuity, be like three legged stools. So keeping all the wheels hard on the track is advantageous in all scale/gauge systems. My O-16.5 layout has compensated locos but rigid 4 wheel wagons and coaches. It runs well apart from the wheel drop through the Peco O-16.5 points!
  7. Yes, looks very nice but does EM-SF require compensation with the slightly deeper than P4 flanges? Regular EM is claimed not to need it and a reason often given for EM over P4? If it does need it just go to P4.......
  8. Yes, this is the key. My track was built many years ago (when C&L was K&L) using Scalefour gauges and all the back to backs are set using the same gauge.....
  9. Another delay for Starliner crew launch.....maybe June 1st! Further test on hydrogen system.........
  10. Hence the need for compensation in P4.....this is not rocket science! However I believe this is the single aspect that puts a lot of modellers off P4 and they therefore settle for EM. For me EM has all the disadvantages of OO and very little of the advantages of P4...... Yes P4 track needs care in laying but compensation overcomes reasonable discrepancies.
  11. Worth having or making an uncoupling skewer for occasional problems.......or ad hoc use......
  12. Agreed, but from the front the gauge is very obvious, as is the tyre width. Gauge is not so obvious from the side but the wheel flanges are, especially on steam locos and diesel shunters.....
  13. Excellent, don't forget the tripcocks....... Also, another brake van needed as most trains had two!
  14. Ok, I stand corrected......But
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