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  1. This discussion is not meant at any specific layouts, I was just curious on people's perceptions - do exhibition layouts generally get the speed right of various loco movements. Obviously the starting and stopping part is hard due to the miniature version of the real thing and the way that model trains work.
  2. A bit awkward to explain to children ”well you see jimmy, when two diesel locomotives love each other…”
  3. Thank you, it's a bit confusing when there's a picture of a model that doesn't have the underlined features.
  4. Yes I have that information too from the above mentioned GWRJ magazine.
  5. Quick question, would the Hall have retained its brass safety valve and copper capped chimney or would they have been painted over?
  6. Hi everyone, I have Great Western Railway Journal magazine issue 7 (Summer 1993) and it notes the following repainted 4-6-0 locos (King, Castle, Star, Saint, Hall, Manor) from April 1942 to April 1944. I was just curious if anyone knew if any King class engines were repainted in March 1942? Thank you in advance.
  7. As part of my wartime black GWR King (Link Here), I am at the stage of paining it. I've put two coats of spray primer on it on everything and I am looking to spray it with black. My question is; what is the best way to protect the front/rear buffers and the safety value so they don't end up black and can be painted at a later time? (Red for the front/rear buffers and brass for the safety valve). Thank you in advance.
  8. Very well said Mike. One thing to remember is that model railways are somewhat unique in terms of customer spending. There are definitely customers who aren't being financially affected by the current situation due to government/company pension income or just financially prudent/wealthy in general. So there will always be demand for model railways from a customer point of view.
  9. 2nd coat of primer, used a bit of very fine sandpaper on the smokebox (did not have emery paper unfortunately). In the second picture, there's a bit of irregularity in texture nearer the front of the engine but I'm not sure if it's worth it to try to fix it with some more sandpaper.
  10. Do you mean the tender or both? Can you kindly describe how i would smooth out the smokebox?
  11. This is my first time with a spray can. I think I was overzealous with the can on the loco but not enough on the tender? Please comment.
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