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  1. Here are my niece and nephew enthralled with the trains... (Also as photo evidence that I did it for them and not for me... well, mostly for them and some of it for me )
  2. City of Truro takes the ceremonial first train on the Line.
  3. I created this fine layout last night for my niece and nephew who visited earlier today. They enjoyed watching some fine green engines run around the Christmas tree. Obviously, this layout is just for the holiday season but it's an excuse to get the trains out since I don't have a layout of my own yet. The only problem that I worry about is the needles from the tree playing havoc with the train set. Might have to create some shelters like they do for the snow avalanches
  4. I have a question, shouldn't the shed have an ash pit or a tunnel to oil the engines from underneath?
  5. In the second picture, it looks like the ship is about to do a wheelie
  6. A busy pannier never offends..
  7. Thank you for the responses. Does anyone have any pictures of GWR/WR bankers prepared and waiting, or would anyone be suggest where I would be able to find some?
  8. I understand that at major stations on the GWR, the banker/pilot would be waiting to be attached at the front/back of the train. Are there any examples of where the banker wouldn't necessarily be waiting at the station but at a signal & signalbox or near a water tower on a siding? Thank you in advance.
  9. Would trying the Cakebox Challenge be a good first step?
  10. Thank you for the suggestion, I haven't forgotten about it.
  11. Right now I am going in between a continuous single line running with just scenery and not much else, or a double track main line with or without a rural station. I will likely be the only operator for the vast majority of time. I think my original plan was a bit ambitious. I would like an engine shed/coach sidings/freight sidings eventually but it's all conjecture at this point. Maybe expanding into the basement bedroom. I think right now, ditching the storage lines underneath might be the best idea. The reason I wanted it is that I didn't want my stuff to sit in boxes and to at least be on rails in some way. Please give an example of a specific layout, so we can all know what you are referring to. I've noted this for reference. Do you have any other examples of runnings for West Wales?
  12. That's not a bad design to be honest, I would rather shorten the length by a foot or two so I can walk around to the side rather than crawl under.
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