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    O Gauge modelling and have been a member of The Guild since settling on O Gauge at an early stage in my modelling. I enjoy modelling micro layouts/working dioramas and currently have two, The Shed, and Osney Town which is basically a re-build of Osney which was itself a re-build of the original Osney Town. Both of these are available for exhibitions. I am currently building a new Osney and I may have to get rid of Osney Town to make room for the new layout. I prefer to model the period and area I best remember which is BR(W) in the late fifties and early sixties, which means mainly steam although my interests include railways generally.

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  1. Thanks for posting that video dpaws. It seems a long time ago that I was at Taunton, a most enjoyable show, and it is good to see the results from one of the photographers, which as an exhibitor you see in front of the layout and you often wonder what the results turn out like. Your comment on a possible variation to The Shed with an industrial line to the rear of the shed is certainly an interesting idea, that I hadn't thought of, but now you have got me thinking, which I shouldn't really be doing as I already have a half finished New Osney which hasn't progressed much in several months. However, once these ideas are lodged they can be difficult to get rid of! Best wishes Rob
  2. Hi Ray and Don, Many thanks for your comments. I have never been a fan of shunting with three link couplings but now with my new magnetic shunting pole I think that operating from the front will make that a possibility, time will tell! Hi Eddie, Thank you for your kind comments. I was once where you are and was inspired by some very good modellers, many on this forum, so I find your comments quite humbling when I look at my efforts.You have no idea how my modelling has been accompanied by much swearing and cursing and a great deal of trial and error, all of which continues with the present build. So all I can say is get stuck in and hopefully you will put something on this forum in due course. Kind regards Rob
  3. Hi All, Some steady progress down New Osney way. The background is virtually complete, still some minor details to be sorted, like the paint work on the hut and some tidying up. The platform still needs work though, then we can start moving towards the front of the layout via the track and loading bank. On a broader level I haven't thought about the fiddle yard yet, I have the traverser but at the moment it is acting as a temporary book shelf in the spare room!! No track on it at the moment. I have made the decision, however, to operate the layout from the front, which will be new for me but I think will make operation easier and enable me to chat to the public. Rob
  4. Work progresses slowly but steadily. The station building is almost there, still needs some cleaning up and when fixed down will be properly bedded in to avoid those dark gaps at the bottom. Hopefully it conjures up the sense of a somewhat run down station close to closure. More soon. Rob
  5. Hi Ray, Knowing when to stop is always an interesting question. Over the years I have found that stepping away from the model or painting for a day or so and then coming back seems to work for me. As you know all my layouts are on the small side so the detail tends to be what ,hopefully, brings the layout to life. I know I would have been a long way from that in December. The show is the Hayle clubs Christmas show, not one I have ben to before but it should be a good atmosphere. Regards Rob
  6. The last month has seen only limited work, for various reasons, including a few days exploring the Cotswolds. When I started detailing work on the station house I began to realise how much work there was still to do, and I had a bit of a reality check especially if I wanted to finish everything to my satisfaction rather than just getting it finished. So I have withdrawn New Osney from the show in December and it will be replaced by The Shed which will be brought out of semi-retirement for the day. Disappointing but it is for the best and since making the decision I have felt more relaxed about the layout and can now think about the detailing work with anticipation rather than dread. This will include the painting of some rather lovely figures from Modelu which arrived on my birthday. I will definitely have to get a magnifying glass out for them if I am to do them justice. That's it for the moment, will try and get some photos out with the latest progress soon. Regards Rob
  7. Hi All, Bits of New Osney are starting to take shape and I can be more optimistic about getting things ready for December, despite work going on all around me, as we have some of our old windows replaced, including the one in the railway room. I have been concentrating on the backgroud and most of the landscape work is nearing completion and I can begin to see how the layout, will look eventually, rather than seeing it just in my head. Whether the picture in my head will match reality is another question! The next job is the last remaining major item, the station house. This will be the largest and main feature of the layout and consequently it is important to get it right, probably why I have left it to last. In the meantime some pictures of trees. Rob
  8. Since my last post I have embarked on an intensive production line of trees, mainly what will hopefully look like Scots Pines when they are finished. This is something I can do sat watching the TV in the evenings. The more complete trees are taken from a previous layout. All are just propped up at the moment and there position in no way indicates there final resting place. I have used floristry wire to get the basic shape and the next step will be to coat the wire with a plaster mix. This is all along the lines described by Gordan Gravett in his books. Thanks to all of you for your continued interest, Rob
  9. It's been a while since there has been much to report from New Osney, mainly due to the school holidays and other things taking priority,not least of which was the need to remove the layout from the guest room so that it could be used for a guest, would you believe!! I had managed to do a little work prior to eviction but looking at it later I was not very happy with how I had painted the stonework. I used a method I had seen used very successfully elsewhere, using a sponge, but it did not seem to work for me and I am still wondering whether to repaint. I guess that at the end of the day I am going to have to bite the bullit as I know that I will never be happy with it as it stands. In the meantime I need to crack on or there will be very little to exhibit in December. The attached photo does at least show some progress. The shed is not fixed down but does give an idea of how it will look and how things will appear around it. That's all for now. Rob
  10. Thanks for that link Marlyn, I thought there would probably have been some discussion on the subject. It seems that there is no definite answer so will go with Rule 1, its my railway. The trouble is there is always someone at a show who knows the real answer and its never the way you have modelled it!! Rob
  11. A quick update on progress illustrated with a couple of very poor quality photos. Work has continued on the platform with stonework scribed in das modelling clay and indivually cut paving. Still work to do though. Can someone tell me whether it would have been working practice to have a white painted edge to a remote rural platform in the fifties. Photographs from the period seem to suggest it was 'optional' and I would rather not include it, if it is not essential, on my rather run down rural backwater.
  12. Just realized, it's currently lurking at the bottom of page 3! Layouts that is.
  13. Hi Benjamin Not cheeky at all. Sadly I am a bit of a one man band at shows and there is never a lot of time for me to take photos, but if you want to see some more pictures, there is a separate layout topic on here entitled The Shed. Rob
  14. I had a good day showing The Shed, and although a small show, I found the atmosphere good and I had time to chat to the public who wanted to discuss the layout. My thanks to Phil and all in the team for the invitation to exhibit and for their organization of the show. Rob
  15. One of the advantages of building small layouts is that you can plan, construct and finish within a realistic time scale. New Osney is the first layout I have built from scratch for several years as previous efforts have involved some degree of re-building earllier layouts, so I had forgotten the fun of being presented with a blank canvas and the project management involved. By that I mean making sure you don't go down one avenue to quickly and then realise you can't get at something you should have completed first. So far I think I have managed to avoid any pitfalls but there is still plenty of time! I have, however, now got to that stage when you can suddenly see the finished picture in your mind's eye and can see how those areas you were unsure about now fall into place. The only down side to this is that I now want to get on faster and faster to see the picture emerge. The main building blocks are now in place and the latest photos show how work has progressed, including the track ballast which has received its first paint job, although there will be much detailing to be done later. No work this weekend as I am off to Plymouth to exhibit The Shed and then there is the siren call of sun, sea and sand. Its a hard life.
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