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    O Gauge modelling and have been a member of The Guild since settling on O Gauge at an early stage in my modelling. I enjoy modelling micro layouts/working dioramas and currently have two, The Shed, and Osney Town which is basically a re-build of Osney which was itself a re-build of the original Osney Town. Both of these are available for exhibitions. I am currently building a new Osney and I may have to get rid of Osney Town to make room for the new layout. I prefer to model the period and area I best remember which is BR(W) in the late fifties and early sixties, which means mainly steam although my interests include railways generally.

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  1. Hi Barnaby, Thanks for that, I am well pleased with progress so far. I always think that one of the advantages of limited space and micro layouts is that your options are restricted. This means that you can plan the construction easily with a definite end to the project. If you don't like the result you can move on, which I have done several times. I know from my experience that if I had a lot of space I wouldn't know what to do with it so I can sympathise with your problem but if we enjoy what we are doing what does it matter if we don't finish, if we do we will only have to start
  2. It has been a month since the last update so thought it was time to show progress. There has not been so much done as I would have hoped which has not been for lack of effort but more difficulties in getting small things right. Throughout this build I have had a clear picture in my head of what I wanted to build with the exception of two areas, the roadway and the coal merchants, and ideas for these went round and round in my head leading to countless colour variations on the road and three different build solutions for the coal merchants. With the road I wanted the feel of a surface last laid
  3. Hi,RCF

    I see there are 2 incarnations of Osney one Osney Town the other Osney Wharf, the ones I am most interested in is the one with the low relief station building and the ramp down onto the platform, it’s a wonderful diorama/ minimum space o gauge what are the dimensions please for the scenic section.



    1. rcf


      Hi Jon, only just seen your comment for which thank you. The name Osney has featured in most of my layouts in their many forms! There were a couple of Osney Towns, a New Osney and now Osney Wharf . The name comes from where I used to live, many years ago, and comprises an area of Oxford. I think the layout you are referring to is the one based on Abergefni in Wales and features a goods line running behind the station. The scenic section was 6 feet by, I think, 15inches Hope this helps. 


      Regards Rob

  4. Hi Everyone, A happy and safe New Year to all of you who have followed this saga over the years. Thank you for your continued interest and all the comments and 'likes'. They are all greatly appreciated. After a quiet period over Christmas and the school holidays I am now on my own during the day and can pick up where we left off, while the better half is out looking after the children of key workers. Although not modelling I haven't stopped thinking about the next stages. As you will have realised by now my modelling is aimed at the creation of a 3D picture, and while
  5. Hi Don, yes indeed, it would be the perfect loco for the wharf, just shunting the odd wagon around. I can see it in my head! Regards Rob
  6. Hi All, A further update from Osney Wharf. The rear section is now largely complete, just a few little items to add later to bring it more to life, like the odd person and other bits and pieces, as they spring to mind. At the moment I have to decide whether to model the gateway into the wharf open or closed, decisions , decisions. Then its back to the last of the buildings, which is already in shell form. I did say in a previous post that this would be based on an existing building on Newham wharf, just down the road, but I have decided that the mock-up was a little to large. So, t
  7. Hi David, thanks for that. At the moment I am managing to contain my enthusiasm and the results seem to work so it makes it easier to slow things down! Hi Adam, thank you for your continued interest and comments. Thanks also for your offer over Newham and pictures, but as it happens, as I type this, I am not a million miles away from Newham Wharf. In fact I often walk down the old branch line, which is now a footpath/cycle path. There are still a few features left, including the old stone built goods shed which has been restored to a business premises and which I have in mind as
  8. Time for a quick update. Work progresses on the main building to the rear of the wharf. Still a few tweaks left to do and then it can be fixed down and bedding in done to get rid of those black lines beneath the building. I am really enjoying this build and have to keep telling myself to slow down as there is a tendency to rush on and cut corners, to see how it all works out in the end!! However, despite the limited size of the layout, there is still much to do to keep me happy for some time yet. Rob
  9. If its well drained I won't be able to put any puddles in
  10. Hi Barnaby, You ask an interesting question. I keep looking at the area between the tracks, and it is a large expanse, relative to the whole layout, and thinking about the very question you have asked, how do I finish that. I am also after a well worn, unmade surface. If you look back at the first page of this saga there are some photos of Bude Quay, which has the sort of finish I am after. I think most of my layouts have used the same approach to the ground level. I use the cork tiles to bring the surface up to sleeper level. This helps to create the allusion of olde
  11. Some work on the yard area of the Osney Farmers Association warehouse, including initial work on the carcass of the warehouse, has commenced but there is still some way to go. Nothing is actually fixed down as yet, as you can probably tell from the photos. so far so good! Rob
  12. After a slight pause for half term activities work continues down on the wharf. As you can see I went for the cheap and cheerful approach on the loading bank and chose timber for the facing material, which I think works for the atmosphere I am looking for, that is gentle decay at the end of the line. I think I will continue along the back of the right hand board before doing anything more to the left. That way I can then move forward along the length of the layout without risking any damage caused by having to work across existing detail. Regards to a
  13. Hi Don, thanks for that. The idea that we may be going to exhibitions again, anytime soon seems a long way away but we can but hope. We thoroughly enjoyed our last visit to Taunton so maybe it will happen again. Kind regards Rob
  14. The workmen have been busy down on the Wharf and have managed to knock up a couple of new 'old' buildings. There are still a few details to add, including guttering and down pipes, and maybe some advertising, then they can be bedded down and the yard areas in between completed. The fencing you can see between, and to the rear of the buildings is there to give a feel of how the area will be developed and will be replaced with something more appropriate in time. The trouble with showing them at this stage is you see all their all their faults in lovely technicolour, rather than seeing them in th
  15. Hi Steve, no, no airbrush involved as such but a spray can of 'sleeper grime' as a base coat and then a brush using a fairly dilute paint building up layers, as I've mentioned, until I get the affect I want. I also start with a dark ballast, in this case Woodland Scenics medium brown ballast. This works for me because I am usually modeling track that has seen better days but I might have to use a different approach it I were to model pristine track. A few photos of work in progress. The light is not good ,so apologies for the quality. One of the foamboard buildings to show how I ha
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