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    O Gauge modelling and have been a member of The Guild since settling on O Gauge at an early stage in my modelling. I enjoy modelling micro layouts/working dioramas and currently have two, The Shed, and Osney Town which is basically a re-build of Osney which was itself a re-build of the original Osney Town. Both of these are available for exhibitions. I am currently building a new Osney and I may have to get rid of Osney Town to make room for the new layout. I prefer to model the period and area I best remember which is BR(W) in the late fifties and early sixties, which means mainly steam although my interests include railways generally.

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  1. After a short break to enjoy the delights of North Wales we are back doing minor work on the layout. I must be a sad case as I find I am spending more time than is necessary trying to decide where to leave a shovel so it looks as though someone has been interrupted in their work and how many passengers there might be on the platform to give the station that little used and about to be closed look. All this results in a lot of time spent just looking at the layout rather than getting on with the last major job, the fiddle yard. Seriously though, I think I can safely say that most of the scenic work is now done and I can get on with the fiddle yard so that trains can run into the station rather than just pose for the camera. On a slightly different topic I have been looking at the competition recently announced by the O Gauge Guild for a small layouts but I am not sure whether New Osney would meet the aims of the competition. It certainly meets the size criteria but they are looking to encourage new modellers to O gauge and to show that you can produce an interesting layout using rtr rolling stock. There is still awhile for entries to be submitted so will give it some thought, at the very least it would spur me on with the fiddle yard!! In the meantime some recent photos. Regards Rob
  2. Cheers Don. Creating a believable picture is what I enjoy most about the hobby but its a bonus when others appreciate the efforts as well. Regards Rob
  3. A few more photos to illustrate on going progress down New Osney way.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have been doing further work to the coal wharf which is now about where I want it to be, in terms of weathering and general decrepitude, not sure if that is a word but it sums up the appearance I am looking for in the final finish.
  5. I have been working on the coal wharf, as well as other small details, with still work to do but thought some photos might be appropriate at this at stage. In the background you might spot that poor Mrs Williams has had to make do with sitting on a luggage trolley for so long that I decided to give her a proper seat to sit on. She likes to sit the trains come and go but never actually catches one. Have also just noticed, having posted the photos, that a member of staff seems to have flattened a member of the public. On a more serious note I must get the station building bedded in Rob
  6. Thanks for that Barnaby, I agree 'slow and steady' can be good. With this build I have done slow, its the steady I've had problems with Regards Rob
  7. Hi Everyone, although my last post suggested there was some progress down at New Osney, this was before the summer break , which included visitors and holidays, so not a lot has happened of late, but I now have some free time and am making real progress at last. I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel, which gives even greater impetus to the build. I mustn't get too carried away though, as I haven't even looked at the fiddle yard yet. No photos at the moment but thought that I would at least let you know that things are going ahead but will try and get some posted soon. Regards Rob
  8. When word got out that work was progressing at New Osney a few locals decided to have a look. There was not a lot to see but it was clear that closure could not be far away as the grass was taking an increasing hold on the platform and no one seemed to have the incentive to do anything about it. Rob
  9. Hi David, When I first read your comments I decided to take a few minutes to consider how to respond as it seemed completely inadequate to hit the thank you button. I think we all model for our own enjoyment and when you put your efforts on to a public forum you can never really know how others see your work, so I can only say a big thank you for your comments which are greatly appreciated. Kind regards Rob
  10. Thanks for all your supportive comments, and its good to be back and feeling more positive about everything. Regards to you all Rob
  11. Hi Don, Thanks for your comments. I actually have a high stool to sit on but because of the height of the backscene on the layout I still can't see everything , so find it is easier to stand, especially when talking to the viewers. Hopefully as the new layout will be operated from the front I shall be able to operate from the luxury of a chair. Rob
  12. I cannot really believe we are into July and my last post was in November. You would think there would be a lot to report but sadly there has been little progress with the layout. A multitude of reasons, my last exhibition in December triggered problems with my hips, caused by standing up for about 6 hours , and this on top of other health issues. Exhibiting is enjoyable which is why we do it but it can be very tiring when you are on your feet all day and chatting to people and I came home wondering whether I would do it again. Because of the problem with standing, working on the layout became difficult and what work I did do was rushed and not what I had hoped to achieve with the layout.The end result was a massive loss of mojo and I seriously considered abandoning the whole project. Due to the uncertainty during this period I turned down two invitations to exhibit, one because I knew the layout would not be finished and one because I felt the long hours of the show would be physically to much for me to deal with. But now for the better news, physiotherapy has helped considerably with the hip problem and other medical issues have been sorted, hopefully, and I am once again turning my attention back to the layout and have even started some tentative work , although it is difficult to spot where it is on the layout, I know its there and that's what matters. So fingers crossed and I may just have some progress to report soon. Regards to all Rob
  13. Thanks for posting that video dpaws. It seems a long time ago that I was at Taunton, a most enjoyable show, and it is good to see the results from one of the photographers, which as an exhibitor you see in front of the layout and you often wonder what the results turn out like. Your comment on a possible variation to The Shed with an industrial line to the rear of the shed is certainly an interesting idea, that I hadn't thought of, but now you have got me thinking, which I shouldn't really be doing as I already have a half finished New Osney which hasn't progressed much in several months. However, once these ideas are lodged they can be difficult to get rid of! Best wishes Rob
  14. Hi Ray and Don, Many thanks for your comments. I have never been a fan of shunting with three link couplings but now with my new magnetic shunting pole I think that operating from the front will make that a possibility, time will tell! Hi Eddie, Thank you for your kind comments. I was once where you are and was inspired by some very good modellers, many on this forum, so I find your comments quite humbling when I look at my efforts.You have no idea how my modelling has been accompanied by much swearing and cursing and a great deal of trial and error, all of which continues with the present build. So all I can say is get stuck in and hopefully you will put something on this forum in due course. Kind regards Rob
  15. Hi All, Some steady progress down New Osney way. The background is virtually complete, still some minor details to be sorted, like the paint work on the hut and some tidying up. The platform still needs work though, then we can start moving towards the front of the layout via the track and loading bank. On a broader level I haven't thought about the fiddle yard yet, I have the traverser but at the moment it is acting as a temporary book shelf in the spare room!! No track on it at the moment. I have made the decision, however, to operate the layout from the front, which will be new for me but I think will make operation easier and enable me to chat to the public. Rob
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