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    O Gauge modelling and have been a member of The Guild since settling on O Gauge at an early stage in my modelling. I enjoy modelling micro layouts/working dioramas and currently have two, The Shed, and Osney Town which is basically a re-build of Osney which was itself a re-build of the original Osney Town. Both of these are available for exhibitions. I am currently building a new Osney and I may have to get rid of Osney Town to make room for the new layout. I prefer to model the period and area I best remember which is BR(W) in the late fifties and early sixties, which means mainly steam although my interests include railways generally.

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  1. Hi Stu, I can thoroughly recommend it, lovely scenery but it is a long trip, if you travel the whole line you need to allow the best part of the day. Hi Marc, good to hear from you and I'm sorry you are unable to model at the moment. I have long been a fan of your work and as you may remember you were instrumental in getting me posting on hear in the first place, so hopefully you will be able to get back to it some time in the future so we can once more enjoy your work. Rob
  2. Hi Everyone, Its been a couple of months since my last post so thought an update might be appropriate, although in a somewhat negative way. Life, in a good way, has got in the way of modelling. A holiday in North Wales and an opportunity to ride behind steam again. The visit coincided with my wife's birthday so we treated ourselves to a first class trip on the Welsh Highland from Caernarfon to Beddgelert. We bought one of their luxury hampers, designed for one person, which we thought we would share. Well, it provided sufficient for the two of us for lunch for two days. Amazing and well worth the expense. Altogether a lovely day out. When we got home there were visitors to stay, which meant the 'railway room' had to revert to its other use as a bedroom and now the decision has been made to decorate one of the bedrooms which means the room has been emptied into the railway room, so I am still unable to erect the base boards where I can work on them. However it does give me more time to consider the options for the new project before I get started. In the meantime a couple of photos of 7404 shunting the Osney Farmers Siding. You may notice that they were practicing social distancing even then!! Rob
  3. The consensus seems to be to keep the siding, but you know me, simple in everything, and if you are struggling to find a use for it, then in my book, it is surplus to requirements and should come out. I think it would look ok without it, just my personal opinion. I will watch the build with interest. Rob
  4. I'm a big fan of having something big at the front Don, but a willow tree sounds like a step too far, but then again, what a challenge. I will have to get my Gordan Gravett books out. He must have made one!
  5. Afternoon all, Well, there has been a lot of thinking since my last post. As I said before, I want to create a picture to make the best use of my coaching stock to complement the Wharf, which is goods only. While I am not looking for anything complicated I want the final picture to look balanced, but at the same time the railway aspect must be a realistic portrayal of the railway scene, at least to me. All this in 5 feet. The two stations that I have homed in on are very different, Hemyock has been modelled many times and I do not intend starting again, and it is too big anyway but I do like the way a siding leaves the platform line to serve the dairy on the other side of the road. The Looe line has some lovely halts along its length, some associated with some lovely bridges as scenic breaks. Coombe Junction station, where trains reversed direction is simple in the extreme with just a waiting shelter on the platform. So my thinking, so far is as follows, a short platform, served by a single line with a siding leaving to serve the wharf. The line would be contained between two complex bridges with arches to serve the railway, the adjoining Osney river and a footpath. The front of the layout would comprise the river its banks and a lot of vegetation. The risk is that all the interest will be at the rear of the layout. My first effort involved just a waiting shelter but it actually looked too small and disappeared completely behind the auto coach! So I went for a small station building similar to those on the Hemyock branch. To make some sort of sense of all this I have attached some photos. The old track bed will roughly form the river and the bits of the old platform are just to give a sense of what it could look like with a building to the rear to give some interest. This reflects the old mill behind Coombe Junction station. So that's it for now, comments always welcome, Rob
  6. Hi Adam, many thanks for your comments. The Shed has always been one of my favourites, as I think it came closest to what I try and achieve in my layouts and the picture I see in my head. I have no current plans to get rid of it for a number of reasons but it no longer has pride of place in the workroom! I'm glad you like Osney Wharf as I feel it does what I set out to do and has taken the place of The Shed as a result, physically and mentally. You cannot always plan these things, the little cameo with the two men really came by chance. I have mentioned previously that that particular corner had caused me problems and a number of solutions had been tried until I literally stumbled on the final solution. I always think about what my wife has said to me in the past. If a particular model works for her she says that she wishes she could shrink herself down so that she could walk down a certain path or open a door of a building to see what is inside. So I tend to use that test when I am working, what would it be like to be able to walk around that area? What would I see? Does it feel right? However, at this point I think I had better stop as I keep thinking of that line in The Big Bang Theory, I'm not mad, my mother had me tested! best wishes Rob
  7. Hi All, You may have noticed a change of title to this thread. This is to reflect what the thread has turned into during the course of the last few years and hopefully how it will continue. The Wharf, as it will probably end up being called, is still receiving attention in its new location in front of me, rather than in a different room, so much more convenient for adding the occasional detail when inspiration strikes. I have, however, been giving a lot of thought to where to go next. As mentioned in my last post I am looking for somewhere to run and pose my passenger stock as a contrast to The Wharf which is a shunting layout. I'm looking for something simple, in line with my modelling history of keeping things simple but creating an overall picture. Passenger stock is always going to look large in a cameo, especially as the scenic area is only 5 feet in length, or unless you use 4 wheeled stock, which I don't have. In the past I have used the trick of putting the running line behind the platform to reduce the impact, Osney Town for example. Having been down that route more than once I think it is time for a change. I have had my books out looking for inspiration, that one glimpse of something that will provide inspiration, and have homed in on Hemyock, on the Culm valley line, and Coombe Junction, on the Liskeard and Looe line. I have an idea that combines elements of both, but leaning more towards the latter. In the meantime I have been preparing the base boards. These had a photographic backscene, which you will recall I was less than pleased with, so having removed the old scenery my intention was to paint over the backscene. Simple! Not so, when I removed the scenery I discovered the vinyl was coming away from the backscene in a few places. Closer inspection revealed that the mounting card I had used to create the curved backscene was also coming away over large areas. I had used the card thinking that as it was not going to have paint on, it would be ok. What I should have done, I think, is to have sealed the card prior to applying the glue. So, it all had to come off. I have now replaced the lot with bendy mdf, which is what I should have done in the first place. So that is where I am at the moment. The next step is to mock up a few ideas and then I can take some pics to share and get your views. Regards rob
  8. Hi All, Just a quick update on progress. First of all thank you for all your likes and to Stu, Steve, David and Pete for your lovely comments. I did hit the thanks button but that seems inadequate as a response, as your comments are really appreciated. In considering my next move I was thinking about when I started The Shed, so I looked back through this thread and discovered that it must have been in 2011. How time flies and not surprising that it is looking tired. Looking back also got me reading through some of the thread which made me realize how much has happened in my modelling over the years and just how many of you have followed my ramblings along the way. Some of you I have met but others I probably never will but it's what makes this hobby all the more rewarding. So thanks to you all. Having got that out of my system, back to the current situation. I have bitten the bullet and moved The Shed into long term storage in the garage which we all know means that it is one step nearer to the end, although for emotional reasons that is probably still some way off!. There are also details on it which I would remove and reuse as they provide a link to the past and provide, for me, some continuity in my modelling. The Wharf now takes pride of place in the workroom where it can still be worked on and small details added. New Osney, or what is left of it, has been moved back in on the trestles vacated by the Wharf, after dusting it off and removing the spiders. It is now handy for planning the next move. Looking back through the thread someone mentioned that however long you look at something, if it doesn't look right it is never going to get better. My view entirely, so the wrecking ball will shortly be applied while I consider the next step which will almost certainly include more pictures of the Wharf with any added details. If there is anything else I will keep you updated. Regards to you all, Rob
  9. Hi everyone, I said earlier that I had found my modelling slowing down because I had realised that the layout was nearing completion and since then everything has proceeded at a snail's pace. However you can't put off the inevitable for ever and the photos below show the present state of play. A few details have been added to give life to the wharf, people have appeared and a few other items. Really there is little more to do, a few flowers, perhaps, and the odd, trade mark, cat (those who have seen my layouts at shows will understand). I have also been mentally distracted but more of that later. This layout has been very much a product of the lock down and has served its purpose well. I have enjoyed every bit of the build and am pleased with the end result, well almost the end. When I started I really thought that it would be the last of my cameo layouts, but the closer I got to the finish the more I realised that I would need to come up with a new plan to keep me occupied while the other half is off working to keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed . With The Shed and the new Osney Wharf, I had no where to use my auto coach and Bubble Car, and I have also been eyeing up the Dapol Class 121/122, as a suitable item for a small cameo layout. So my mind began to think of options before I had even finished the Wharf, such is the addiction of this lovely hobby. Some of you may wonder about New Osney and ask , why not use that layout? The sad answer to that is that it is currently gathering dust in the garage and has also been slightly cannibalised of one or two items. The good news is that it represents base boards which could be utilised for a new project. That is the current state of play and I am developing one or two ideas but I will come to that in due course, if the ideas get to the stage of construction. To create space in my small workroom The Shed may have to be moved to the garage but it is now several years old and beginning to look tired, so I am not too dismayed at the idea. It has been in my eye line for a long time and could be replaced with The Wharf! Well, I have rambled on for long enough, so regards to all and hope you like the current batch of photos, Rob
  10. Hi Richard Thanks for that and you know that in O gauge you don't need a lot of space. best wishes Rob
  11. Hi Ray, good to hear from you. Hopefully things are moving closer to the day we can all go to shows and meet up with old friends. As we all get older the effort in exhibiting seems to get greater and after two years away I begin to wonder whether I will be up to it, if indeed I'm invited!! best wishes Rob Hi Steve, yes it is static grass applied with a puffer bottle. No fancy electrical gadgets here! Due to the size of my layouts this method has always been adequate for my requirements and I find it gives me the close control I need. The bulk of the grass is a Woodland Scenics static grass flock - Burnt Grass with a few other bits added when necessary. Regards Rob
  12. Hi All, Well I did say that the next update would involve the great wall, so here goes. Before I began work I spent a fair bit of time researching the type of stonework likely to be used on quay walls and quickly realised that I had so many examples around me down in the far west that I was really spoilt for choice. The variety was amazing, so I came to the early conclusion that Rule One could easily be used and consequently I did my own thing. I started on the left hand board, and despite intending to proceed slowly across both boards to get continuity, I ended up completing the left board first. This was mainly due to not being able to initially get the effect I wanted, so carried on till it looked right. I don't think that it has turned out quite the way I saw it in my mind's eye when I started the layout but looks ok, I think. Anyway it has gone to far to really change it now apart from minor changes. The foreshore, which is modelled at low tide still needs a little tweaking but i will get the right hand board done before going back to that area. So that's it up to now, hope you like the photos. Regards Rob
  13. Glad you like the curve, I have a photo somewhere of a line wending its way through industrial buildings which was at the back of my mind, but the Wenford Bridge line also has that feel as you say. I took the photo as this view is not one that is normally available from the usual viewing angle. Rob
  14. Hi Nick, thanks for your comments, hopefully progress won't be too slow. Rob
  15. Hi everyone, I managed to get down to the wharf early this morning to get a few snaps. I was surprised at the lack of activity as I understood the quay wall had been damaged in recent storms and I had expected to see some work progressing, but nothing. However I took a few snaps anyway: As luck would have it I was just about to leave when I heard the sound of movement on the branch to the wharf and it appeared that the daily goods to Osney had a van load of fertilizer to deliver to the Farmers association siding. I was fortunate to be around at that moment as days can go by without any rail movements on the branch. Normally the working would be one of the panniers from Osney shed but today it was unusually a 14xx Class which must have been deputising for the normal loco. So out with the camera again: So that's the story but now for the reality. Progress has been delayed by school holidays and having to camp out in half the house while a new kitchen and flooring was installed but also I suddenly realised that only one major part of the layout remained to be done, the quay wall. When this is finished only minor items will remain and the layout will be finished. I know that they say a layout is never finished but with 5 feet in 0 gauge, believe me it is finished! As I have really enjoyed this build and am very pleased with the layout so far I think I have unconsciously slowed right down because I don't want to finish. There is also the small matter of having to scribe nearly 5 feet of stonework on the quay wall, but looking at it from another viewpoint, it should keep me going for a while. And finally, those of you who have followed this saga may have wondered about the sudden appearance of the 14XX. It appeared about Christmas time from Tower models who had helpfully given it a light weathering to save me the trauma of having to work on a pristine loco. I can add to that if I want but it certainly needs some real coal, fire irons and a crew. Something else to keep me occupied. So that's the story up todate, the next installment should be news of the great wall. Regards Rob
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