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  1. Silk purse and sow's ear comes comes to mind, Tony. It's got real character!
  2. Hi Ian, Please put me on your list for one of these, they look great. Thanks Clem
  3. Good morning Tony. I don't know how you feel but I think it is more than sentiment that makes me prefer my own kit built locomotives (or at least full replacement chassis) to RTR on their original chassis. It's more the way they run. Even though my direct conversion (to EM) RTRs have adequate pulling power, they don't seem to transmit that feeling of mass and power that a loco with a home built (or Comet) chassis seems to. I can't put my finger on it but they just have a lightweight feel about them. I would be happier if there were replacement chassis available for all RTR types and then at least they would run in a more convincing fashion. I know many replacement chassis do exist (Comet range) but there are some big omissions..... the O4s, J11s, WDs, K1s in my area... They would save me time over a full kit build (I'm not as fast as you, Tony - an understatement if ever there was one!) and in any case, it's hard to get hold of a kit for an O4 these days. ... And finally I agree with you. I also think your kit built locomotives look better, more realistic and more substantial, than any RTR equivalent out of a box.
  4. And here's my latest contribution to the Nucast J6 topic. It's running with its prototypical load of 23 loaded coal wagons for the Derbyshire & Staffordshire extension... It's hard to beat a good J6 or two on the layout!
  5. Here's the scan I have, Tom. It's not the BRM annual but an earlier article. Tony, I hope you don't mind me posting this (or for that matter BRM). If so, I'll delete it. coach_HnbyGres_MJTSides_001.pdf
  6. Tom and Peter, I wonder if Tony may be able to put you in contact with the someone from the mag in question who can get you a back copy via his contacts? Failing that, five or six years ago, I got rid of a whole pile of modelling magazines (space issue), simply because I could never read them as there were so many and I didn't know what was where. But before I got rid of them, I went through them and scanned any interesting articles in and now they're much more accessible. The Tony Wright coach conversion article is one I have scanned and saved. If you like I can send you a copy of the scan (pdf). The scans are not as good as turning the actual pages but they are easily located.
  7. That's brilliant, Jesse. Has a real ECML feel about it.... IS that a bus on the bridge? :-)
  8. I'm going to say something a bit controversial... A number of things struck me straight away... One: I cannot see the attraction of the streamlined Coronations. I find them ugly compared to the defrocked versions. (although the sheer size of the prototypes was pretty awesome) .. Two: I am reminded of the sight of a Hornby Dublo Duchess of Atholl running around an oval of track at full speed, with working Walchaerts in full forward gear. I cannot imagine this would give me a tenth of the joy I'd get watching the valve gear of that Duchess of Atholl as it tanked around the oval..... Three: It has a perfect finish but I can't get away from the feeling that it looks like it's made of plastic. Oh dear! I'm turning into a belligerent old git!
  9. Clem


    Beautiful work, Frank. Absolutely top class. Also a lovely prototype. I wish they had lasted into my modelling era. Best Wishes Clem
  10. Yes. I particularly like the K3s (61841 and 61842 if I remember correctly - the latter on the 'Great Central' album and the former on 'Trains in the Night' album) starting out from the slow line at Princes Risborough. You never hear that sort of effort and rhythm on preserved steam lines, welcome though they are. I think I've got most of the albums but I'll check the site out.
  11. ' Evening all.... It's about time I posted something of what I have been doing, rather that what I feel bad about not doing... So, I'm getting close to having a spring clean of the workshop as present projects are nearing an end. Just a 3 or 4 wagons to complete. I posted a picture of Colwick's last J5, 65498 just before Christmas. Here first, below, as you can see, she is very close to completion. Built once and painted twice having had an attack of the peel of the Donald Trumps.... The second photo shows her in the yard on a pick up. All the wagons in this train have been built or modified since Christmas. Just two are RTR - the second cattle wagon (Hornby) and the brake van right at the back (Bachmann). My plan is to make some progress on the layout itself next which, as you might be able to spot, is a long way off being presentable and the progress of which if you've followed previous posts, I've been promising for a couple of years now. BTW the signal box is just a place holder. It's a card kit from about 38 years ago and is a little worse for wear. ... oh and a quick picture of my Bachmann K3 just to complete the K3 circle ... Have a good weekend, folks.
  12. That is an incredibly impressive shot, Andrew. It really gives the impression of size and distance But it's the carriages to the left which catch my eye. They just look ...... well...... real!
  13. Beautiful. It's hard to beat working Walschaerts. (and if you're me it's very hard to make!)
  14. Tony, your prolificacy puts us all to shame! That's some going!
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