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  1. Good morning Rob, this made me smile - particularly the line 'Tunnels that appear from under buildings, or where it appears the railway engineers saw a small hill and decided to aim for it.' This weekend I think we will have finally finished clearing my sister's house and I can hopefully get back to doing some modelling. It's been a very long and sometimes difficult process of sifting through the personal life of someone we love, trying to figure out what to do with so much stuff, so many memories. For us, it has taken a long time and had the effect on me of complete demotivat
  2. I wonder why they've taken the window frames out? It doesn't make a lot of sense unless they're somehow trying to remove the lever frame without taking the roof off. (Good luck with that, if so). I always think of Lowdham as having (to my knowledge) the last main line single slip in Notts into the single siding which was the goods yard. In the end it was taken out a few years back but there's still some isolated track there.
  3. Well, panic over! Just back from Bingham and I don't know what they closed the road for at the level crossing, but it wasn't to demolish the signal box. To clarify why I was so worried about it, they actually published the date that they intended to demolish it a couple or so years ago and there was such an outcry from the local community that they deferred it. But they made it clear at the time that it was just a temporary reprieve. So I am much relieved that it still stands and while it does, there is hope it will eventually permanently survive.
  4. That's looking superb Frank. What an absolutely brilliant piece of work from the design stage right through to the build. I'm very tempted to try my hand at CAD and the subsequent etch process but I do feel a little daunted by it. However I have at least two little projects in mind which may prompt me to take the plunge. I look forward to seeing the completed J2 - the last of GN 0-6-0s to be produced in kit form and to complete the full set!
  5. Yes. I fear that Network Rail, who have wanted to demolish these boxes for some time, have used the COVID situation to get them demolished when local opposition - not insignificant, certainly in the case of Bingham - are well and truly distracted. Anyway, I have to go to my sister's house at Bingham this morning and I'll see if my worst fears have been justified.
  6. I have a strong suspicion that we're going to lose another 12" to the foot signal box again tonight. Notices in Bingham, Notts of road closure starting at midnight tonight at the level crossing where the GN signal box still stands albeit devoid of steps. If I'm correct, it breaks my heart to see such destruction.
  7. Good Afternoon Frank, It's quite eye-opening when you see them side by side (or should I say top by bottom). It's just a shame that with Ultrascale, the range is limited and the lead time between ordering and receiving them quite long, though it doesn't seem to be quite as bad as before. As a matter of interest, do you use a wheel press with them or do you hand fit and quarter them?
  8. D5700 was the very first main line diesel I saw. I was seven years old. It was 1958, Nottingham Midland station. It pulled into platform 4 from the West, stayed at the West end of the station for a few minutes and then left for Derby. It was on a test run from Derby. A load of us kids crowded around looking at it in complete consternation. Nobody knew anything about it. Over the next few months we all got sick of them. Better memories of that year include being part of the crowd many times standing next to the Britannia in platform 5 on the 2-25pm London-Manchester, trips to Lincoln and Newark
  9. I think this layout is one of the finest and most appealing that I've seen. I am a bit biased with my love of the GN but it's captured that East Lincs GN feel so well. Lovely locos, passenger and freight stock. The buildings and scenery all capture the feel of the location and the time and I love the GN somersaults. Absolutely first class.
  10. Yes thanks Frank. I'd be keen to try your drive transmission system out on the J1 if/when released. I've still got a lot on this year trying to get the layout in better shape (signals, buildings and scenery) but a J1 would be high up on the list mainly thanks to a lovely John P Wilson photo of 65002 approaching Radcliffe-on-Trent with a Grantham train in 1954 that appeared in Locomotives Illustrated 153. The looks and running of the Q2 is very inspirational. I'm still tied to getting my sister's house sorted out for selling but I'm hoping that will pretty well be sorted out by the
  11. What an exquisite model Frank, and a lovely runner to boot. It's a crying shame it's operating period was too early for my layout. I wish I had the confidence to try a split drive like you've done here. I think it's the extra variables that put me off. What make of universal joint do you use for the transmission of the shaft motion to the loco gear box? I seem to remember Exactoscale made them. Weren't you looking at producing a J1 too? Now, with the last Colwick J1 going in August '54 (65002 with a short ex-J6 chimney), I could definitely squeeze one of those in.
  12. Ha ha! I should check what I post. It's supposed to say 'Keep you p eck er up' but without the spaces between p and r. RMWeb must have automatically removed the word. Anyway, Keep your up! I'll have one of the T-shirts, Andrew. (When my mum used it, I think it meant nose - and with it your head)
  13. Hi Tom, I think some of the replies to your original post give an indication of the support I have come to expect seeing on on this thread, and I am very much in agreement with the other replies' sentiments. The world is a crazy, unpredicable and frankly worrying place at the moment and the effects of lockdown etc. are invidious and cumulative. Something like modelling is such an important escape mechanism and it is potentially so very helpful not just to you, but to many of us - certainly me, anyway. All I can say is that your mojo will come back because anyone with the kind of spe
  14. Thanks Andrew. Senior moment with the first example. Yes of course it's the D322. I'd clocked it on table 89 but didn't clock it on 92. And yes, the second must be a GN218RR or should I say two of them as the consist was BT(5)-CL(2-5),T(10),CL(2-5)-BT(5). Presumably the T10 was a GC 60' matchboard? That train would certainly be an interesting build and great to have on the layout. If I remember correctly, the GN twins had top-lights on the windows and instead of vents on the doors. That certainly would be a challenge from Kirk kits! I've checked out the Bill Bedford site and my direct lin
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