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    BR 1948 - 1968, Steam/Diesel, Scotland.
    Layout based on Yoker, 65G, Loco shed, Glasgow in 4mm/1ft. EM Gauge.
    Member of East Ham and District MRC. EM Layout, Clatterford, Ex-GE branch in BR days.
    Proper Beer.

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  1. The Lord never made halves! (According to my Dad). (He wasn't a god botherrer either!).
  2. Gosh. Went to Skeggie once and we turned around and went back to Mablethorpe! 🤣
  3. OO scale? It's the gauge not the scale. Scale is 4mm - 1ft.
  4. Not Bachmann and Sh!te!
  5. The article in the latest MRJ regarding coaches, (Bachmann Mk1's), using Kadees inside the rakes looks interesting.
  6. DCC Sound (Topic)! 😁 Hat, coat, door!
  7. Welcome back Dave. Take it easy so you fully recover. All the best. Andy.
  8. I also saw E2001 at Rugby around that time. Should have been preserved. Best of luck with the move. Legals dragging their feet? Andy.
  9. What did he play, Tiddly Winks? or was he one of those 24 grown men chasing a bag of wind around a patch of grass!
  10. Didn't know fish could cry!
  11. It is a kit, just not built. And overpriced!
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/364701826479?hash=item54e9ec3daf:g:lJQAAOSwCeBltRcm&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0IB%2Frm6s9nSxM45x3poa8BgNei17p%2FZsHE0WoEnSuEft8lYgg29ArXiCRtjMi8EFnfOzMLrQFG6i0BtQdITsn060uydPXuOK%2FCQe9JjJlZiSfV5N8wYsOTp1L3OukPTWr0xEcWgFx44uwYuZPnE6zlYKpl7mdkfqnOeAjO%2BwmBUq6x1AAJhv74x1geBUJU2jIwplEdmSGQ8DMBWjUx%2F3H526Fe1rArZEf%2FvRXLiVttsMjifou50L9dHc189jgXYTq4h8hY8biPTikiok0H%2FlB1k%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4TOx5qqYw Kit Built! Does not look at all built to me. GosTURDe again.
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