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  1. You could try the Army Medical services museum for info as they had a preserved ambulance coach on display at their base in Ash near Aldershot a few years back, not sure if they have moved since then but they should have records of stock numbers
  2. Thank you all for the very useful information cheers Mike
  3. Good morning, advice please. layout is single track modern image to small station no run round. with a turnout just before station into maintenance depot what would the right signaling be for the turnout into depot. Would I use a 2 aspect with feather or twin aspect one for station and one for yard entry, or have I got it completely wrong (more than likely) and need something else
  4. Thank you all for the most helpful info cheers Mike
  5. Good morning, I am looking at getting a Dapol class 68 in 00 gauge and am wondering which decoder to use (not sound) I see Dapol do the Imperium 21 pin and have seen listed the ESU 5461 not been to well up on modern decoders what do others think of the above or recommend for this loco, thanks for any feedback. Mike
  6. Hi Trofimow, thanks for the info tried it and system seems to be working again. cheers mike
  7. Just popped in he loft to see it's the LZV 100
  8. Good morning ,your thoughts please on following problem i have a Lenz 100 set which is between 15 and 20 years old it has not been used a lot over last few years but say once a month. Unit was showing increasing problems of erratic working, locos would respond one minute and not the next, one day program track would work next error 2 code only. Sometimes hand set not responding to commands. Due to age of base station my thoughts went to failing battery which I have now replaced however the following then happened. when first powered back up all seemed ok ,I then went to use program track readout said error 2 followed by all locos on layout trying to move at once. Having removed all locos and trying different ones always the same result loco try's to speed away at top rate and does not respond to handset input. Have powered down layout and down reset as per manual but still no joy, if anyone can give some insight into what's it doing I would be most grateful, layout details below thanks Mike small yard based asked layout app 5 foot long , peco code 100 track and points. Only locos run by dcc points etc separate, mix of med rad and 3 way point work. Decoders a mix of tcs Bachman lenz and gauge master
  9. I had the EDT done on my last van following advice from garage ( independent outfit) but found no notable difference in running and would not use it again
  10. Thank you Dominion that answers my question I now know which way to go. Mike
  11. First many thanks for all the info, having looked at the different colbalt models I am going for the Cobalt Classic Ω as I do run the layout on dc at times. If I may indulge you help with one last question and that concerns the switches used to control the points. having looked at lots of sites online I am more then a little puzzled at this point (no pun intended) Dcc concepts show a DPDT switch but I can not find out if thats a latching switch or hold to make type switch also some sites show push button switches. This puzzles me as I thought that slow acting point motors needed a small power supply at all times to hold the point closed. As the remaining brain cell is getting a bit overloaded any input would be most welcome thanks Mike
  12. Thanks Newbryford that sounds a interesting idea Mike
  13. Thanks for the info, not sure which make to go for as have had no past that experience of using them. The layout is dcc but point control is dc mike
  14. Good afternoon, your advice and input please. My small layout at present uses solenoid point motors I am thinking of changing to a slow motion type instead. So what do you use and how easy are they to install? I use Peco code 100 track and have a 3 way point at one location so can 2 slow action motors be fitted under such a point? Are they good for switching frog polarity? What type of power supply do you use with them? Thanks for any advice on this subject Mike
  15. You can get it off eBay or amazon without any problem
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