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  1. I have found all 3 podcasts very good, thanks for doing them and look forward to the next one
  2. Just checked packet of white I had and one stick is white one more cream in colour also one stick is normally a bit harder than the other
  3. Yes they can be overhauled,have a look on YouTube a number of very good videos on servicing Lima locos. One by MikesMovies is very useful
  4. Received mine a few days back think it's one of the best issues yet
  5. Thanks for all your hard work Andy but take care, if you continue to sort out problems at this rate you could find yourself called to number 10 to deal with a little problem they have!
  6. Years ago when I used shellac for wood finishing I used to just cover the flakes with the meths if mix was to thick when dissolved just added a little more meths' hope this helps Mike
  7. Thank you for your help that's just what I needed to know Cheers Mike
  8. Good afternoon all Ref the Metcalfe PO313 00/H0 SCALE DOUBLE TRACK ENGINE SHED has anyone got one they could measure for me , I can get the outside dimensions for the web site but I need to know the measurement across the inside of the opening at the front to see if I have enough clearance to use one without having to relay track. Thanks for any help with this question Mike
  9. Thanks for that will take a look at their website
  10. Good evening all I am trying to find a supplier of split pins that can be used to support 7mm handrails but am having problems locating something suitabl, can anyone recommend a supplier?
  11. Thanks for the info Steve will lookout for the form
  12. One question, how do digital subscribers view the special issue?
  13. proving to be a good issue again but sill cant get extra commentary to work have tried on both laptop and iPad with no joy
  14. Hi Andy, great issue enjoying it on digital only thing is a sound issue. If I click on to hear your commits it locks up window 8.1 and have to close program and reload to clear it. Mike
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