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  1. Better a Russian Orthodox Church than demolished and turned into a supermarket car park. I actually like that.
  2. If they particularly caught Ed's imagination they might happen Stephen, but I really don't like bothering him with engine requests as I'm sure he gets too much of that as it is. I know he has a personal list of engine he wants to make and I don't think he's finished with compounds yet.
  3. It certainly is an arrangement I've had little experience of Stephen which makes me wonder how easy it would be to lay it out using the Trainz Model Railway format rather than going for a full railway in the landscape effort. The lack of Midland engines in Trainz would mean that I'd have to go for at least the 1930s in order to be able to find anything I could run which would be a nuisance, but it looks like the station didn't change much over the years so it wouldn't be a gamebreaker.
  4. And good on her too. I've never met your wife, but I like her already.
  5. Looking at Eardisley Station on a 1880s OS map it certainly looks to be an interesting trackplan and I think it would be a nice subject for a model. But with already having a number of projects I'm trying to finish I don't think it's a great idea to start distracting myself with yet another fascinating trackplan. 1960 and the station still looks to be nicely kept. (Kenneth Williams Collection)
  6. I always thought there was something seriously wrong with PE teachers since they got so wound up over what was an essentially a pointless brain dead activity. Perhaps they were constantly worried that that someone in the Dept of Education was going exclaim, 'What are we paying all these useless people for!' and sack the lot of them. Being someone who enjoyed walking and walked a fair distance to and from the railway station every day I never understood why I should be dragged away from my studies and have to change out of my school uniform in order perform completely pointless and daft physical jerks. That said I was a good distance runner which I liked because it was just me without any of the team sport 'strength through joy' doctrine that my school seemed to subscribe to getting involved with it. As for those considered to be the school's best sports people, - who were of course all male since anything the girl's teams did was never mentioned, - we were supposed to look up to them as Übermensch with the expectation that we all should bow down and kiss their feet. As far as I could see they were all knuckle dragging louts not worthy of anything let alone adoration. Those of this elect band who played Thugby were of course candidates for immediate beatification. I both liked and hated school. I liked learning, I liked haunting the library and reading, - I loved books. What I didn't like was having to be educated amongst a heaving mass of my fellow humanity, - though I wasn't entirely sure if some of them actually were human. As a skinny bookish schoolgirl whom others seemed to enjoy picking on and bullying I had no problem with coming to an understanding of the principles of eugenics long before I'd actually heard of it or read about it. And before anyone becomes outraged I certainly don't believe in or would want to see eugenics being practiced as a matter of course in society; - though I am well aware that it has been practiced in the past and is still being practiced in covert ways by members of the medical profession as well as genetics researchers. I know the pandemic is a terrible thing in this the third year of the great plague, but I can't help liking the fact that it keeps people away from me. I don't hate people, - I used to be a social worker for heaven's sake, - but that was mostly working with clients one on one, face to face. It's hordes of people en masse that I don't like.
  7. Broad Gauge cheer up picture: I don't know about you, but this picture of 'Timour' certainly cheers me up.
  8. Narcolepsy has affected my eyesight in ways that my new glasses can't really correct for Simon. Throw in micropauses on top of it and sometimes what I type can turn into a real mess. It really annoys me because my ability to type documents without making mistakes used to be very good.
  9. Thank you so much stupid Woolworths eyesight. Spelling mistake now corrected.
  10. Morning GWR cheer up picture: I love this picture, I love everything about it even if it's not Broad Gauge. The station building has survived apparently and been preserved which is definitely a good thing. (Kenneth Williams Collection)
  11. I've had a digital subscription for some time as well so the archive is a bonus, but I'm sure some new subscribers will be disappointed if they think the archived copies are going to look as good as the current digital copies. I agree that a drawing would have to be seriously trashed not to get something from it, but so far I haven't had any real problems with any of the ones I've hunted out and taken copies of.
  12. Morning cheer up picture: 'Lion' as recovered from the pump house on Graving Dock in 1928. (Photographer unknown)
  13. I have to agree Mike, - I'd rather have access to it than not and while some of scans could be better they'll do if nothing else is available. Some scans of books done by Google's digital project weren't much better, in fact some were worse.
  14. Amen to that. Poor nutrition is a major health problem in industrialised societies leading onto diabetes, heart problems, obesity and lower life expectancy. The fast food corporates know very well that folk on the bottom of the heap with poor education and very little understanding of nutrition will buy their 'products' as an easy choice so they swamp their neighbourhoods with their fast food outlets. I can remember having a conversation with a woman who worked for McDonalds at corporate level and when I told her that I'd never eaten at a McDonalds 'restaurant' or purchased any of their takeaways, - her telling comment was, 'I don't eat that muck'. Somewhere on the interwebs there's a report someone made about their experiment with eating nothing but 'food' from McDonalds. From memory they monitored their weight, vital signs & etc and the results were more than a little disturbing.
  15. As someone who has health issues caused by liver and kidney damage and who almost a decade ago discovered that being vegan is a good way to keep my blood work at normal levels without having to take medication I understandably want no part of being associated with the nutter fringe. Fast food though I can't really understand why anybody wants to eat the stuff. Learning to cook is such a useful skill to have simply because if you know how to do it well you can save yourself so much money not to mention the benefits of eating a healthy and balanced diet.
  16. The scans that I've hunted out so far have been straight and square and I had no problems with copying drawings using the 'print screen' key and then editing them in graphics software. It's just that some of the magazine weren't in the best of shape to start with and at some point things were starting to get a bit rushed with less care taken. Overall though the archive is useful especially for anyone who doesn't have a collection of older RM's readily to hand as a resource.
  17. Nothing that I've seen Simon. It is plain though that some of the old back copies they scanned were not in the finest of condition, but compared with nothing at all or hunting all over the place for a second hand copy that's likely to be in the same condition I'll take it.
  18. I've just received the latest digital copy of Railway Modeller and inside they have a double page spread reminding subscribers that RM's digital archive going all the way back to the first issue published in 1949 is available. As a school girl with slender pocket money reserves it was RM that guided me to make all manner of things for my very first 6 foot X 4 foot model railway. Somethings I made were better than others and eventually I became a dab hand at making my own cardboard buildings. Perhaps somethings like my first go at making a 6 wheel cardboard coach were a bit rough, but I was very pleased with it at the time. Here in New Zealand at the time there was very little in the shops in the way of specific railway items apart from good old Triang so the only option was to make most of it myself. Maybe it wasn't perfect, but I did have a lot of fun and I learned an awful lot of skills along the way such as how to solder properly that served me well for years afterwards. And a definite thumbs up for buying broken and down on their luck second hand locos and rolling stock and making repairs as that was about the only way I was able to obtain anything for my model railway back then.
  19. My digital copy of the February issue of Railway Modeller has arrived which I shall settle down with a good cuppa and read in a minute. There's a large two page spread in this issue promoting the fact that subscribers now have access to the RM digital archive going all the way back to the first issue published in 1949. This is no small thing as having recently (6 months ago) spent far too much time and money searching out ancient and crumbling copies of RM to obtain GER carriage drawings available nowhere else I can heave a sigh of relief at no longer having to do such a thing again. And of course the nostalgia trip of reading magazines again that I last read when I was in high school is really quite wonderful. The big takeaway from reading these old magazines is that back then railway modellers made a large part of their layouts themselves from raw materials. Here in New Zealand when I was in my late teens there was very little available in the shops apart from a not very good range of Triang items as only the basics were imported and never the full range and an increasing amount of old second hand Hornby Dublo* which nobody seemed to want. There were some Superquick card building kits and of course Airfix kits available along with a locally made range of dyed sawdust scenic scatter materials, but that was pretty much it. With the aid of RM articles I had a go at making all manner of things with varying degrees of success and I did have an awful lot of fun doing it too. *I used to buy HD LMS tinplate coaches and rewheel them as poor girl's Exleys.
  20. Light and minor railways cheer up picture: Glencarron Halt platform in 1873 with a fine example of a Mckenzie & Holland request stop signal.
  21. Point of order Mr Chairman, - the worthy member from Sydney is implying that women are unable to play a decent game of cricket.
  22. Major cheer up announcement: My consignment of tea has been delivered! All is now right with my world. Supplementary cheer up picture: Original publicity illustration of the 'Great Bear' because why not. (Illustration courtesy of the National Railway Museum)
  23. I have China green tea in my order as well Mike. While I do like good quality Assam or Darjeeling tea, - China green tea is very much my favourite.
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