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  1. It has been a while. Unfortunately over whelmed with the day job and other things. But, the narrow gauge baseboards are nearly done in the spare bedroom! Looks a nice model of No 8. Later on she had a wooden tool box thing on the right front of the footplate and has sliding cab "shutters" visible in some pictures. Tom
  2. The ones I cut on Monday have been in the warm living room. They've dried and curled up a bit looking most realistic, even with the little veins standing up. I've seen some at the bottom of a pond with resin water and I suppose they can be fixed with dilute PVA spray with a wetting agent like IPA or fairy liquid, like any other flocky stuff. Haven't tried though. Tom Oh, IPA = propan-2-ol, not India Pale Ale, although .... it certainly does things look better for me :-)
  3. Hi I just stumbled across this site after talking to a war gamer? They are a bit strange but have some pretty neat scenery tips. Leaf punches for making little leaves out of real ones? Just ordered 3. I have no connection with this vendor. Tom http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/95-model-leaves
  4. Where did that pen come from! This young lad showed a keen interest so I invited him to operate, which he did for about an hour. (The one the on the left ;-) Another young lad did the same in the morning. Hope they had a great time and felt inspired to join in our hobby. Children are welcome. Tom Woodlands Brewery
  5. http://www.geoffs-trains.com/Museum/jacktar.html As far as I know was used in UK to help build a line to Chinley before being sold with her sister. Her sister was sold to Kettering Iron and coal company, if she'd been sold to Africa maybe she'd still be around :-(.
  6. I'll be there hanging around Woodlands Brewery ... wow .. front page! http://www.gauge0guild.com/Kettering_2017.pdf
  7. Hi. Sorry to intervene. How much do you want to widen the gauge? I say this because M4 is 0.7 mm pitch which I think may be coarse for your application. To reset the gauge so it's true, accurately, given the play on the thread, I fear may result in some hair being torn out. How about two gauges, one split with shims (very thin washers effectively) between two halves to get the correct and repeatable dimension? Just a suggestion. T
  8. Sorry, I'm going to sound nerdy! Plastics (polymers) are interesting things, but there are lots, and even more blends. You have to choose one that is suitable for both the production process and durable in the end application. Small factors like being wettable, ie paintable might be major deciders, it may need priming for adhesive? Nylon absorbs water, 6 and 66 a lot which can change dimensions (2%) so it's not really suited to 3d printing. It absorbs a lot of things so you can get Nylon 66 impregnated with lubricants for example which is great for bearings. Nylon 12 is much less, like 0.5% or something. I think the process is sintering so melting temp and viscosity and temp range as liquid is important. You need it to be UV and ozone resistant if it's not going to get brittle with age (like that garden chair that suddenly snaps)? Abs for example is pretty good at flex cracking, ie, flex a lot, doesn't break, polycarb isn't and in the presence of solvents is terrible. Poly carb is cheap and factories (East of here) will routinely blend 20% polycarb with abs in production which you can only tell with a FTIR. Which is why you shouldn't put stickers on your motor cycle helmets. Sorry to be so nerdy. Hope your son enjoys and gets a good job, he will understand a lot more about this than me. I just fix shoes. T
  9. Hi All Thanks for your support! I am over whelmed. I know it's slow and sorry for that. It probably took about 5 years previously just to get good drawings of this lady. Once this layout is out of the way I'll be back on track so to speak. If anyone is around on Saturday Kettering MR show is on, details above. 00, 0 and N, normally a test track in various gauge, with small trade appearance at what i think is an excellent venue for this small show. This is a fantastic school! Rumor control has it that 4472 will be watering in Kettering about 9.45 prior to it's run to Corby and very nicely, (thanks), the highways agency recently spent £34 million building a new road with a lay by right at the top of the climb from Barford Bridge and it's alleged ghost. Lots of pubs around (Charter, Rothwell etc) See you at Kettering. Happy to bring extra junk if any one wants a look T
  10. Hi Paul I'm really keen to stay connected with anyone involved in documenting this kind of history. Lots of people around that have draw up locos and taken measurements in the 60's when the were laid up. These things were very temporary and it's so important (to me) when you look over the countryside to realise it's not natural and was reshaped with pick and shovel and that's why it looks do beautiful! There are several guys I know that have books on the way about various systems, they are not young though and this information needs capturing. If you think there is anything I can do to help let me know. T
  11. Hi Mate Just got back form a business trip to Mexico, weather back here is a bit of a shock to the system! Can't believe how time fly's by when your not having fun! It's the Kettering show this weekend. It's at Wren Spinney School, Gypsy Lane. I'm currently in a panic trying to get a mates industrial layout running. He's good at scenics, I'm doing the electrics. 3 way interlocked withe a Y facing into it is testing my brain. So if the Y is set to enter the 3 way the 2 3 way blade have to bet set as well, which it appears to do correctly. I made a small board with 3 relays to interlock the blades in kind of a route selection logic. Then I have to wire a small turntable, with two tracks that feeds the fiddle yard, for two controllers. Why do I take these things on! If you have time drop by, and if you like old camaros let me know, I'll take you for a spin (abiding by the various laws of course). Take Care and keep in touch. Tom
  12. It's a lesson though of how quickly time goes when your not looking! I think last time I was considering the best way to just dress a little off the drivers and take a little off the root radius. It's this that seems to be preventing the wheels from reliably negotiating a fine scale 3 way points which I'd like them to do. There's been a couple of jobs sitting on the bench including a particularly annoying swiss HO loco. It would have been easier to fix a watch. But out of the way now. I should have the basis of a layout now but, well, son 2 decided he wasn't gona get married any more and moved back into my toy room which I had to clear of all signs of enjoyment. Bit of family upset, some solicitors, eventually sold his house, 6 months of my life etc. I got the money he owed me back though so quickly went and bought this ... which came with a late mid life crisis. So smiling more often now :-) T
  13. Gosh, over a year, hard to believe that. I did warn at the outset it might be slow. Not much progress I'm afraid, other things getting in the way but you're right, must get on. Funny, I was sitting outside today which has been a rare thing round here, over looking some fields where there are faint signs the railway once existed, if you know where to look, thinking the very same thing ... must get on with it. T :-)
  14. Hi I recently had the need to find some replacement gears for a Swiss Metropolitan HO loco which were awkward to find and found this supplier on ebay. Really good service and quick delivery from Germany to England. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Hohn-Feinmechanik?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Hope the link works. Hope it helps someone out. Take Care Tom
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