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  1. Glad to see you are back to building again George. Looking forward to this one.
  2. I just want to say how much I have enjoyed this thread. Your modelling is of a very high order and must be an inspiration to many. While your mastery of CAD is a source of great envy.....
  3. As a boy I saw both engines double heading an excursion at Oxford. Clearly remembered from my close association with choking to death by leaning over the footbridge (Hinksey) as they departed.
  4. Another one here for the ikebana thread. Truly excellent modelling.
  5. Thanks also for that link to the Warwick videos Ian. Very useful.
  6. Have you contacted Andy about this? This forum has been my go to section for years but recently only Jazz seems to be posting on a regular basis. Both you and Sandy are sorely missed.
  7. They protect the brake gear from the drop doors on mineral wagons.
  8. I had the same problem with a lose piece of lead and used some bathroom mastic which I had to hand. Not a squeak out of it since.
  9. Agree. Fascinating glimpse into a forgotten world.
  10. Annie you mustn’t forget to have donkeys on the beach. No resort back in the day was without them. Remember Nicholas Nickleby’s aunt was constantly waging war on the donkey boys.
  11. Tarnished etches get sprayed with Bar Keepers Friend and left for fifteen minutes on the shower tray. Easy to rinse off.
  12. Agree with loaded but worry slightly about how bright the signage is on the side of the wagon and the Glass label. Could just be the effect of photography, but would a printed black label have been so bright back in the day? Apols for being so "picky", but your modelling is so good it requires careful attention from your followers
  13. Such a great looking brake van. Can you post another photo when you have it painted? Just trying to convince myself that Col.Stephens bought one somehow...... (though I don't fancy filling that flimsy etch)
  14. Leave it distressed. More in keeping with the atmosphere of the layout.
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