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  1. Hi all, Apologies for the complete lack of updates recently. I ended up moving house just before Christmas and there is a lot of work to do on the new place. Speke East is still wrapped up in it's dust cover and the airbrush hasn't been out either. I do have some projects that need doing as I continue to evolve my stock collection to reflect the Merseyside scene in the early 2000s. I have some of the new Farish JMAs to work on as well as some HTAs I picked up on ebay and a Revolution 92 for Speke. In the meantime I have been making do with running sessions on my Kato unitrack to keep my locos in good nick and have been enjoying the intermodal rake featured last year. Here's a shot of the HTAs (un-weathered) that I took before the move but forgot to post. Hopefully there will be the odd update in 2021 amidst all the DIY! I've just enjoyed a quick look at every else's updates so that has given me some inspiration! Tim.
  2. 92s looking great Simon. Hopefully mine will be here soon! As you say, worth the wait. Tim.
  3. Super as ever. Love the 90, something a bit different. I am surprised we don’t have RES 47 from Bachmann yet as surely it would be very popular. They always seem to start with the oldest liveries and it takes a long time to get to something that would interest me! Tim.
  4. Yep it’s tiny. Just over 4 feet of scenic area. As I have mentioned in previous posts the “long trains” are staged as it’s really just a photo plank. Although it is still quite fun to operate due to the split level. Tim.
  5. Thought it was worth re-posting the original plan - drawn years ago! It's not far off!
  6. Hi all, Preparing for the house move forced me to get round to finishing the fascia around the layout. Hopefully this will help me to pack it up safely for transit. The top section lifts out for maintenance. Eventually I may get round to fitting an LED light rig to this, especially if I can find a spot to have the layout out more permanently rather than stored away. Definitely a job worth doing I think and it looks pretty neat! Tim.
  7. The first Sunday working in a while. Engineering work around Warrington means that a coal set from the Fiddlers Ferry circuit will start from Speke East in the morning. At dusk, 60054 is in charge of a loaded set arriving from Liverpool Bulk Terminal ready to continue to the power station first thing.
  8. Still watching with interest. Presumably when you come to build the fiddle yard it will be easier/cheaper to use ready built points. Assuming you can transition from finetrax back to Peco off scene? Also (sorry if I've missed it in the thread) will you need to do anything to your stock to get it to run? Tim.
  9. Final intermodal update! EWS service headed up by a FIA twinset loaded with 40 foot "high-cube" containers. This local service between Ditton and Arpley has run round at Speke East. Thanks for all the comments and likes over the recent days. It really helps with motivation. Tim.
  10. Cheers Ben. They are fantastic wagons and the weathering takes them to the next level. I was also really happy with the IZAs I posted earlier in the thread. I had been musing Liverpool as an option for a bigger layout project for the future and the Cawoods and Farish JMA sealed the deal. Finally I may actually need 8 Class 60s! It's so important to have wagons available that allow modellers to create time and place and the revolution range has really improved this in N Gauge so thanks for all your hard work. Look forward to the update (which no doubt I will watch on "catch up" as I am always too disorganised to catch them live!). Tim.
  11. Intermodal update number 3. Some different FEA-Bs on this rake and a new angle on the layout I experimented with. Tim.
  12. Just clicked on the Steadfast Models link - at some point in the future I will be in touch for some HTA graffiti! Tim.
  13. Thanks Jo. I've enjoyed them actually. At first glance they are simple wagons but some of the new models have so much detail. The megafrets in particular were quite challenging due to all the nooks and crannies. I spent a while on some of the tanks under the deck and then went and stuck a container over the top! Oh well, at least I know the detail was there.... My top tip is to prime them first. Because it's basically a respray due to the fact that in real life they are bear no resemblance to their original colour schemes, you need something for the muck shades to adhere to and give the nice matt, consistent finish. On the KFAs I used masking to create variations on the deck but got a more subtle result dry brushing some marks on the FEA-Bs. I used an excellent specialist dry brush obtained from games workshop. Tim.
  14. no code 40 track though Dave! I am watching with interest... thanks as ever for the encouragement.
  15. Intermodal Update number 2. Here are some of the KFAs and FEA-B twinsets on a Crewe to Seaforth service, waiting it's path at Speke East.
  16. Hi all, I hope everyone is OK and surviving lockdown 2.0. I have been tinkering with some more intermodal wagons and containers. I've built up a small collection now that includes the KFAs, Megafrets, FEA-B spine wagons and FIA twin sets. All the wagons and all but a couple of containers have now been weathered. I am looking to build up two rakes. One will be deep sea containers that will form trains from Garston/Seaforth and another shorter rake carrying domestic containers being ferried between Seaforth and Ditton/Arpley. There is some great inspiration on the excellent 8A rail website that covers all things Merseyside and the shorter rake will replicate the picture below. The rake will be loco + 1 x megafret twin + 3 x KFA. The second rake is not quite long enough yet but is currently 1 x FIA twin, 1 x KFA and 2 x FEA-B twins. I note C-Rail are producing the FSA quad sets and one of these will be ideal. The train doesn't need to be mega long as it will likely be 47/57 hauled on occasion. I think from their website you have to pay upfront though which I don't want to do at the moment. I've got a few more shots to upload in the coming days as I can only do 10mb at a time. Tim.
  17. Here's a couple more snaps of the KFAs. Excuse the clean containers - they are next on the list! Tim.
  18. Hi Dave, Yeah a really good point. On the real thing there is often a shade of rust in this area. I attempted to recreate it with some powder which I don't often use and it does create quite a strong effect. I have already sprayed over this to blend it but on the photos it does still look quite prominent. I don't think it's as bad to the naked eye. I will of course be updating on future projects but the layout itself maybe a year or two away as I will have to prepare the garage to house it. Could be up to 18 feet available though so exciting stuff. I also need to thoroughly research building a larger layout in an outbuilding successfully! In the meantime all the stock can appear on Speke East. Tim.
  19. Hi all, So it's been a few months since my last proper update and there have been a few reasons for that. Work has been very busy but in better news, we have secured a house purchase. This should, in the longer term provide space for a much larger layout in the future! This has led me to rethink my stock collection as on a larger layout I will be able to run prototypical longer trains, notably opening up coal as a commodity. This, and the release of the Farish JMAs and announcement of Revolution Cawoods PFAs has led me to commit long term to a Merseyside based stock plan. Whilst there's a few excellent Warrington/WCML layouts about I don't think I have seen a Liverpool based layout and away from the mainline in from Runcorn to Lime Street it is a very different and characteristic scene so I have been enjoying researching and planning. Expect trains emerging from Liverpool Docks, Northern Rail units and perhaps even a bit of the semaphore signalled low level line to Fiddlers Ferry. There's lots of options and in the meantime the stock will compliment Speke East. With the house move new stock will have to be funded by sales and I have a few listings on ebay at the moment for anyone interested. Here's a link that should take you to the right place.... There will be more in the future but I will tweak the collection as time permits. Apologies for the shameless advertising! https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/egglad7/m.html?item=133549762412&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Anyway - on to some modelling. I have been weathering some Revolution KFAs and I hope that I have done them justice. As with the cargowaggon twins some courage had to be summoned to get started! After careful study of pictures some interesting patterns take shape on the decks of these wagons that I have tried to capture. I have also modelled a mixture of wagons that have had all or part of the sides cleaned and those that are filthy all over, as per prototype pictures. As ever would appreciate constructive feedback as I try new things. They were certainly not just a case of firing dirt at them! Take care everyone. Tim.
  20. Absolutely superb as ever Duncan. Must admit I enjoyed doing my first 47 in the summer, it’s a nice model. Have you gone to the trouble of lowering the body? I haven’t quite been brave enough...
  21. If only our wealth was measured in seacows... I quite like my rake of 10 but is it worth £1500? No. It’s getting harder and harder to get wagons for a reasonable price. I welcome the fact that products are significantly improved but for me one of the biggest pluses in N Gauge is running prototypical rakes so it gets very expensive. I’ve been umming and ahhing over some revolution IPAs which I didn’t preorder but at £25 a deck based on this they are a bargain! I wonder if anyone will put together a long loaded rake with cars on. You could easily spend over £1000. It’s the same for intermodal. Once you add containers it’s crazy money for a proper length train. Tim.
  22. I was reminded of this discussion a few moments ago when I noted a single unboxed Farish seacow on an auction site going for £54 with 6 days left. Has the world gone mad? That’s 100% more than they were new! Sod stocks and shares I should have bought hundreds..! Tim.
  23. The first Sunday working for a while. 66042 leads a rake of HQAs that have been out stabled at Speke East, destined for a worksite at Acton Bridge.
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