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  1. Absolutely! Whilst as a kid it was the Jordans that ticked the yellow box, especially offset nicely with the black, but some of those 80s schemes were ace! Jo
  2. I think I like it more because it's not predictable. Whilst fluo orange and white always looks cool (and I'm a sucker for the 99 Focus WRC in fluorescent Martini) I've always been a fan of yellow things, particularly yellow F1 cars. Jo
  3. I wonder if the pink one still has "The Panther" written in the cabs above the windscreens? Can't remember if I've driven it, but it was around a lot on Mendips when I was a shunter. Jo
  4. I don't know if such an axle exists. These Dapol ones, the pin on the rear face of the wheel extends maybe a couple of mm inside the plastic centre. Perhaps some brass tube of the correct inside diameter could replace the plastic if you wanted all live? Jo
  5. Some Dapol wagon and carriage wheels are individual wheels in a plastic centre axle, does this offer a solution? Each wheel is independent and a push fit into the centre plastic axle. https://www.petersspares.com/p/Dapol-300200-9f-n-gauge-wheelset-non-geared-tender this link is an example of the style, though at 4 quid an axle it may be cheaper to buy second hand wagons and coaches? I can confirm Mk3s can come up cheap and use these axles, not sure what else off hand. Jo
  6. Nice to see they've chucked junk on top of the part loads of fresh ballast, so those Falcon will need scraping out rather than topping up. Especially since there's a tench in the formation that could have taken the sleepers. Jo
  7. A few 66s from me. First pair from September last year, but only recently uploaded to Flickr. 66714 passes through the mass of steelwork that is Severn Tunnel Junction, working 6V75 Dee Marsh - Margam, a service that in April 2024 returned to DB Cargo haulage. 66714 was one of, if the not the first GBRf 66 to be retrofitted with the modern BMAC clusters in place of the large circular 'bug eye' lights. This was diverted via Cheltenham due to the Marches route being shut, then further diverted due to issues on the route via Gloucester and Lydney. 66197 powers up the climb from the Tunnel and into Severn Tunnel Junction working 6V92 Corby - Margam, diverted due to issues on the route via Gloucester and Lydney. The train is a mix of JSA (originally tipplers, then converted to covered steel carriers, now with hoods removed) and BYA wagons (again covered steel wagons, but with hoods removed). And one more recent, from March. Having worked down from Westbury as 0Z03 on a road learning trip, first of its kind 66001 sits in Exeter Riverside Yard waiting for the return leg, running as the same headcode. 37607 and its test train are stabled before working an overnight 3Q07 from Exeter Riverside to Penzance. The Harry Needle orange machine is on hire to Colas. Jo
  8. Yes I saw that, which is weird to have the old flashes, and was one of the first things I compared from the video to the Accurascale model hence my OP...good spot. Presumably permitted because it's a preserved historic item rather than something that needs to meet mainline regs to move itself on the mainline. If the owner wanted to use it mainline, it'd need the modern OLE stickers, and internally OTMR, TPWS, GSM-R etc if it doesn't have them already. I've not worded it brilliantly, but that'll be difference. Jo
  9. It's just dawned on my, YPF is an oil company. In the 90s I remember Repsol YPF sponsored Seat rally cars, and having a look online I think that Merc's meant to be an AvGas bowser. Jo
  10. No problem Dan, hopefully now we've both bounced out the bin next time the emails should come straight through. Any suspected missing mails, just give me a nudge on here. Good luck with the house move, fingers crossed it goes smoothy. Jo
  11. That Transit is coming on nicely Dan, exactly the sort of thing I remember bobbing around on council jobs or garden lanscapers having when I was a kid. Jo
  12. Yes Relief lines only. We don't do any of the really heavy stuff, but everything I've seen seems to go via the Feeders so as not to disrupt the Main lines side of the station by crossing at the East end. It'd be interesting to have a go on a jumbo over the Feeders to be fair, as the back end being on the downhill from Oxford Road probably helps get the train going, even though the loco is climbing from the Feeders towards Reading. The vast majority of the freight through Reading is coming on or off the 30 mph Feeder lines, so even the 40 mph Line speed isn't seen often! Jo
  13. I believe it comes from the first red loco 59206 having a nameplate on the left hand cab side. 67018 was the first red 67 (though Canadian not DB red) and this too had a nameplate on the driver's side of the cab. Other red locos have the number under the driver's window, its only the GM locos that have the right hand number. Jo
  14. Yes, summer 2022 the font changed. Some appeared with the older stickers after those with new style numbers, but these were repainted earlier and sat at Toton waiting parts. Jo
  15. I resemble that photo 😅 Nice to chat earlier Paul. That's my 2 days at the show done, avoided the burgers and baps, the smell of which was wafting in the front doors making us hungry, so settled on a takeaway tonight. I enjoyed the show, even though a lot of the layouts weren't my cup of tea there was some very good modelling on show. Hopefully we did our small part to help entertain people on the DEMU stand and help promote the diesel and electric powered side of the hobby. Jo
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