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  1. Hi Rod, looking good... Layout developing well! Btw, the bus is not a kit... it comes as you see it in the pictures. All you add are dog rails and mirrors plus number plates, fleet names and destinations to suit your taste. Regards Nigel
  2. Hi Jon,Turns out it actually is. I got out my existing model of the UCOC one I have on my layout and compared them... The images above are the genuine article, even I was slightly taken aback. Must concentrate a bit more! ;-)
  3. Hi Rod, agreed, I have the St.P one and it is a really nice model but expensive. These were imported by Watling St Models, Telford some while back but I haven’t seen them recently advertised, I guess the high price is a barrier. You’ll see below it is Scale Link, not Radley who does the more attractively priced version. I know the bridge over the Dee at Queensferry, always a bottleneck. I spent time at Sealand and along the coast with a friend at Llandudno so came across plenty of Crosville buses. Plus where they filmed one of the ‘On the buses’ films in Prestatyn. Later on, my 2nd daughter looked at Bangor Uni so we were up there again, although she ended up in Scarborough at an annexe of Hull Uni so it was then United buses... Same look - just change of livery. As I said, mine is a United Counties model, but the real one is a Thames Valley... How’s the modelling going? ‘Bout time for a bit more DMU action... Regards Nigel
  4. Ah, thanks, you are right... it is Scale link, Radley do the LT ones. Regards Nigel.
  5. Hi Rod, could quite easily have been but once we got talking I completely forgot his name!... As previous dsicussion, here are some 1:43 bus images I mentioned... So let me know what you think. Regards Nigel
  6. Hi, thanks for this, yes, I know of JandM but personally they are not my ‘cup of tea’ for constructional methods. I too was at Bristol and spent a short time bending the ear of Shaun at Easybuild once more - he is definitely on the case, but has an issue with origination of the ends at present, but he is working on it... Bristol was a good show once again and well attended, our gang picked up a few bargains and I also got to meet a gentleman from Hayle in Cornwall ( contributor to this thread) so it was nice to put a name to a face... And of course DMU’s were a topic of conversation as was this excellent layout, Thanks for the contact. Nigel
  7. Hi Rod, glad to hear you have a kickstart for your mojo - it often happens that we all phase in and out of ‘the mood’ to model. Usually not the best time to do detailed stuff if you are not ‘in the zone’. Besides, it’s a hobby, not a job for most and we do it ‘cos we like it. Just to add a bit about the buses... the Lodekka had traditional seating both upstairs and down (2 per side), it was its predecessor, the Bristol K type that had the 4 across and sunken gangway. Our group doesn’t have one of those but I have driven a friends one quite a lot. The LWL I have is its single deck version of the K, pure 1930’s styling inside, made up until 1952 the design stayed pretty much as prewar... My vehicles aren’t Crosville i’m afraid, United Counties instead, from my stamping ground as a youngster growing up. The RE is one of my favourites as it had a most wonderful exhaust note when accelerating hard in 2nd gear that sounded like a DMU rasp, it could rattle windows and set off car alarms in narrow streets - wonderful... I made sure I got the correct exhaust to make mine do it . Turning to DMU’s, the 127 is actually a Westdale kit, subtly different layout and underwear to the 115 with Rolls Royce engines and torque convertors it haven’t yet found a DCC soundfile that is suitable (no gear changes - at least until 45mph when the final drive lockup occurred) so if you come across anyone who does one i’d like to know. Also they were Red Triangle coupling codes so can’t run in multiple with anything else... ( you may know they were originally blue square like most others but after some spectacular gearbox destructions due to overrunning mechanical units they were coupled to in the early days, they were re-classified)... The 124 is a pipe dream at present, i’m Leaning on Shaun at Easybuild to do it along with a few other people and I hope he is weakening... really would like a full 6 car one - imagine the DCC sound from all the cars that carried an engine, awesome! I have to say that from personal experience (and others views) I would find it hard to take on a Steve Beattie kit of anything - they are a challenge to say the least - I hadn’t heard that he was planning a DMU and a lightweight has already been done by others so it’s an odd choice. My 103 is an early kit like David Hampson’s , it is already DCC but need fettling with an interior.. currently is it in BR blue but I am contemplating stripping it when I do the interior and add lights, smoke etc. And they will all be green with whiskers or small yellow ends. Thanks for the kind offer of a play/operate if I am around the area - much appreciated. Don’t know if you mak any of the shows but we/I will be at Bristol this weekend with a layout ‘Penpoll Quay’ and then Kettering in March with my layout ‘Willowbrook Marsh’, please come and say hello if you are there... Will follow your developments with much interest - keep going. BTW, was expecting a left side rugby tackle from Craig about the 115... Regards Nigel
  8. Hi, been lurking since the start but never posted here until now... You’ve got Dave Hampton @ OKSP to thank for that. I spent a very happy hour at the CMRA show in Stevenage playing with his on OKSP ( also a fabulous layout & Apethorne junction) I covet them all. First i’d like to say this is a fabulous piece of work - I really like this layout and the DMU’s are fabulous ( barging Craig out of the way to be first in the queue to get the 115 unit ;-), well done Rod - great work and a very good read... all 79 pages of It! So 1:43 buses then... Well if anyone wants a Bristol Lodekka (FS) or an RELL to measure up, I have them both, plus an older LWL... Will definitely follow this thread with renewed interest. Did I say I liked the DMU’s.. Oh I did... I have 103 and 105 on the go plus a few early derby lightweights but the piece d resistance will be the 127 bedpan unit to match your 115... that is until Easybuild do the 124 Transpennine 6 car... If I am ever up that way again ( used to live in Burnley) i’ll Definitely beg to come by for a cuppa and a play. Super layout and thread - keep it up! Regards Nigel
  9. Sorry, perhaps I was not quite clear either... I was operating the station shuttle, BUT at the time you mentioned, I was assisting in clearing the queue at the A14 overflow car park with our double decker and was simply pointing out that unfortunately you had perhaps just left for home as larger vehicles took over this service and cleared the backlog. Just a shame it happened the way it did, as soon as the event organisers became aware of the problem, there were efforts in place to resolve it. Best regards and we hope to be able to offer you a suitable lift another time...
  10. Sir, sorry to hear that you felt the need to go home again immediately after arriving at the venue. As the driver of the preserved bus operating the station shuttle,it seems you perhaps were a little to impatient... maybe you could have waited in your vehicle until the shuttle arrived. Just for clarification of what transpired, and to bolster the event organisers efforts at resolving a situation that developed. This what happened from my perspective... The bus was providing the rail station connection. There was a 19 seat minibus laid (no doubt at originally unplanned additional cost to the show organisers) to provide the link to the overflow car parking in the A14 compound because of the waterlogged secondary car park at the main site. This operated during the morning and indeed struggled to cope with the larger than expected visitors arriving simultaneously. As soon it was realised that the minibus was not coping with the numbers of people , the driver returned to his depot and fetched a large coach to provide greater capacity. Whilst this was taking place, the bus from the rail station took over and cleared the backlog in one journey (incidentally, the crew of which gave up their break period to provide the support until the shuttle coach returned)... This was around the time you suggested, so it looks like you were unfortunate. The larger coach coped well for the rest of the day and on the Sunday, again with a couple of additional trips from our vehicle. Just for the record, we maintained all our advertised service times in addition to this. The St.Neots team should be congratulated in coping with the situation in a responsive manner as it developed. I`m sure they have learned from this unexpected consequence of being popular and will factor it into any future show planning provision. This was a very good show with some stunning layouts, so sorry that you missed it.
  11. Lodekka

    Dapol 08

    Glad my ramblings were of use, I've done three of these now along with DCC sound conversion and stored charge lighting and a separate DCC/ DC switch for other layout running... Regards Lodekka
  12. Lodekka

    Dapol 08

    There was a blow by blow description of how to dismantle the whole thing in previous posts when the 08 first came out, hopefully that may be of help. Regards
  13. Ah well, I'll get my coat... All done here bar the shouting... Returns to cave to contemplate his misery, and plot the hostile takeover of LLC by Dapol. Was fun while it lasted...
  14. Hi Toffee, Of course, I would agree that a CL22 recreation group would naturally show CAD model of its own items. But I was simply highlighting the major differences between the types. Also agreed that it was previously stated that the new LLC model would not be an ER based loco. I just hoped it wouldn't be a CL22. Plea for clemency from the dock M'lud.
  15. Gentlemen, gentlemen, order please... A couple of facts if I may be so bold. The CL22 was a North British loco with MAN engines and hydraulic transmission. Known in some circles as Baby Warships, although a less common term. The CL23 was an English Electric loco with a Napier engine. Known widely as a Baby Deltic. Key points are that the CL22 was western region based, CL23 was eastern region based. Both classes are/were extinct and therefore both candidates for frothing.... Projects currently exist for recreation of both types. The key pointers here are the engine and transmissions, that will be the differentiator once all is known... The case for the defence rests M'lud...
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