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    Steam in the west country, Ca 1930, primarily GWR but also SR (former LSWR) and S&DJR.

    Also late 1930s steam on the Southern Pacific and the Norfolk & Western.

    Off Cadiz on October 9th 1805, in a memorandum to his Captains, Nelson remarked that "no Captain can do very wrong if he places his Ship alongside that of an Enemy."

    We could paraphrase that.

    No railway modeller could do very wrong by having a go at building a layout. (I should follow that advice some time.)

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  1. That's fair. It is worth highlighting that as a feature of Gold membership.
  2. Thanks for the clarification Andy. I'm in favour of more revenue for RMweb, but this one is irritating. If they were static, that would be one thing but flashing ads in the middle of topics or lists is over the top (in my opinion). Is is possible to control advertising to be non-animated?
  3. Mid-list advertising appears to be back. This is AdChoices advertising panels in addition to the panels at the top and bottom of the page. They appear after the first topic item in a list of topics. Like this one. I am also seeing them after the first post on the page in reply to a topic. On this page this morning. I respect the need for advertising and and accept the panels at the top and bottom of the page but have to ask "are the mid-list advertising panels necessary?" Does RMweb see more income with these additional panels? Two panels per page was plenty. The third panel per page is irritating and leading to unintentional clicks. (While I'm happy for accidental clicks to represent incremental revenues to RMweb it leads to random spawn on every web page I look at.)
  4. This is a much more sensible observation than all the back and forth going above on this page, though I would stipulate that I thought the Rapido UK newsletter was quite clear in terms of Rapido's plans for British outline products. It is my understanding that Jason Shron will be at Warley so there's a day left to ask him.
  5. Brian, I note with interest the following: How many respondents actually bothered to answer any of these questions? (I deduce that there were at least 34!) I was at first stumped by these questions, until my preferred steam example popped into my head. Presumably it is one that garnered no more than three votes. I had not anticipated these questions and it makes me wonder how many respondents similarly did not anticipate these questions and have an answer ready. I was a bit unprepared for the poll (it was released while I was on holiday, and I procrastinated) ending up voting late on the very last day of polling. Relative to the length of the poll, I do recommend that making it at least two weeks is helpful for people to participate when their holidays happen to line up with part of the polling period.
  6. I also note all the comments about boosting polling numbers. While 2,500 would not represent even close to a majority of British outline 00 enthusiasts, and of course, more would be better, I think it represents a very statistically significant sample. As such it accomplishes the objectives of the poll in terms of producing meaningful and statistically significant data about the collective interests of enthusiasts. I suspect the outcomes might not actually change that much were there more people contributing. Letting the internet do a little maths: The bottom of the top 50 overall vote is 205. This is about 8% of 2511. Assuming an infinite population (which it isn't) and plugging this into this online calculator here, if I have not messed anything up, this means that there is a 95% chance that the real value is within ±1.06% of the measured/surveyed value. The margin of error (with a 95% confidence interval) of the top vote (393 or 15%) is ±1.40%. Smaller population sizes will decrease the margin of error. These are results of which the poll team can feel justifiably proud. Where increased contribution might make a difference is the open-ended "re-make" questions at the end of the poll.
  7. Brian, I hope you had a good turnout for this year's poll. As always I look forward to your publication of the results. As usual the Poll team did an excellent job of providing detailed guidance for each of the items in the poll. The level of detail in the guides gets better and better every year. The level of research that goes into producing the guides is very evident. "Thank you" to you and the whole poll team.
  8. Bachmann? (Honestly my first thought.) I knew someone would have posted this reply. Ian was quick about it.
  9. Andy, thanks for the thorough explanation. Everything certainly seems to be working along those lines. I have noticed that the advertising banners are sometimes on the top and sometimes on the bottom, leaving the other blank. I don't know if that's intended, but I do like it that way. I have observed this in Wheeltappers where (based on the targeting 'rules' you described above) there is much less of the focused model railway advertising.
  10. Andy, can you clarify for me what position Warners has taken for advertising content on RMweb? First let me stipulate that of course Warners may admit any advertising that they choose. Funding is necessary for the website to continue, and, as such advertising revenue is essential. It doesn't really bother me, but I am seeing a lot of ads that I would not have seen on RMweb in the past. I know you have been spending a lot of time working on the delivery of advertising and this question is not intended as a criticism. What I have noticed is a lot of different behaviours. Some days it looks like the sort of ads we used to see - from people within the model railway industry, like manufacturers and retailers. Some times the banner ad space is blank. Other days it looks like a wider spectrum of "modelling related" ads - like an advertisement for model ships I saw earlier today. More commonly lately it is the kind of advertising courtesy of AdChoices by Google that I would see on any website, often based on sites I have visited, or the heuristics suggest (rightly or wrongly) that I might want to visit and purchase from. This page is currently showing an ad from a stone countertop provider in Central Oregon (about 150 miles away). (My laptop was connected to a router in that neck of the woods two weeks ago.) If this is the intended behaviour - no worries, it is nice to know that things were changed deliberately. If it is unintended, please let me know if there is any way I can help.
  11. Select the period from January 1, 2014 to present. I suspect that the smaller shareholders aren't moving the needle that much. Historically, it is dramatic company financial announcements that have the biggest impact. You note that this statement did not impact the price. There was nothing 'new' here financially since April's trading notice.
  12. No, revenues are down only from £35.7m to £32.8m. (The green line in my graph.) The disturbing part is that this is the trend for four years now, but the report does go to some lengths to explain the current situation. It is a smaller year over year drop than the previous two.
  13. Isn't there still just the one, majority, share-holder?
  14. The trading statement made after the financial year end on April 9 presaged this (as is proper) so there is little 'news' other than in the detailed financial statements. The revenue trend is not unexpected but it is not very encouraging. Year over year: revenue down; cash position is now indebted; losses almost halved.
  15. Website says AU$499.99 for the LEGO Taj Mahal. UK price is £299.99. I'm surprised John Lewis is discounting it. LEGO hold pretty firm on pricing. This is not a child's toy. If I'm not mistaken, it's also the second-most expensive set (after the ultimate Millennium Falcon).
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