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  1. Oh, I agree that there should be more - but the purpose of posting it in 'Things that make you smile' thread was to get a bigger potential audience. But all it attracted until you, was comments about 'a rumpus room'. Obviously, yet another mistake of mine!
  2. History of Model & Miniature Railways, was published by New English Library. According to Wikipedia! It has indirectly ended up with Hachette. But if you've tried and they've denied, then go for it! Just keep a record of your email! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_English_Library#History This also appears under their "Book Series", of which HoM&MR is definitely one the series. Trains and Railways Special Publications
  3. I don't know about copyright holders (I tend to agree with Chris Leigh - make reasonable attempts to ascertain the rights and if unsuccessful, just publish with a brief apology. After you aren't attempting to make a profit). The issue you want is 1974 May Pages 150-153.
  4. The Premium is a bargain at £12 pa. Not saying that you have to pay it, as obviously everyone has different values and choices in life.
  5. Presumably searching for 'LMS' will bring up more results because it would also find words like 'films'? An advantage GWR fans have.
  6. Yet in the given example, not one comment has been made about the model railway within it, just the room itself!
  7. I am paying the subscription and for some reason RMweb, is running very slowly. I suspect the issues have some relationship.
  8. The ABC is a national broadcaster and has a quite respectable charter, the nearest equivalent is the BBC. Never heard of the term 'cultural colonies', in relation to Australia and it would not be a particularly desired one!
  9. I don't think we want to know what you think it's for! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recreation_room Anyway, it's a large room that the couple have designated it for their model railway, nothing wrong with that. Except to say that I'm jealous!
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-05-25/model-train-enthusiast-recreates-adelaide-to-victoria-rail-line/103821714
  11. A disgraceful performance by Newcastle United, against an Australian All Stars team. An 8-0 defeat, just shows what it is, a complete rip off for their own fans, who happen to live in Australia. We all know that the junior players need a break and match experience, but this is an insult to fans. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/articles/c511gvv8z9xo Perhaps this is something the EPL, should be taking a look at? It's certainly not the first time, but a regular occurrence.
  12. Just call it 'Formerly known as Twitter', for short!
  13. Sold for more trains - such is the rate of new models!
  14. And yet the seller is concerned about the non mainland UK postage. For the expected sale price, he ought to throw in postage ANYWHERE in the UK.
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