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  1. sigtech


    GWR pattern signalbox nameboard - plastic kit was made by Coopercraft - BUT obtainable from Gaugemaster, sold as kit no.2008, with enough letters ( in black plastic ) to make up to 4 GWR pattern signalbox nameplates, ( each plate has the letters 'SIGNAL BOX' already fitted to the RH end, you just have to make up the name and then fit the individual letters to the blank LH end, shortening the plate if required. Very fiddly, but worth the effort. Then paint the surround and letters white, affix to box and your done... Alternatively, 'Scale Model Scenery' make LX093 oo gauge laser engraved signalbox nameplates, you just tell them the name of the signal box wanted when you order it online. £4.94 https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx093-oo-laser-engraved-signal-box-nameplates-oo4mm176-1081-p.asp Regards, SIGTECH Steve.
  2. Hello Johnster, I now have a total of 7 working Dapol 00 lower quadrant signals fitted on my layout 'Sproston', two of them being on one of the new LH brackets. They are powered by a redundant 3 pin plug-in charger with an output of 5.8v DC. This feeds the seperate + and - under baseboard terminal strips, to which each signal is then wired. I treat all the lenses of the signal lamps with a thick coat of Tamiya x-24 acrylic 'clear yellow' paint, which reduces the brightness still further, and gives a gentle yellow tint to the light produced, simulating oil lamps. I will add a few photos of them on the layout. HTH. Regards SIGTECH. Steve.
  3. sigtech

    GWR Junction Signals

    Hello gents, here are the Dapol instructions for the new GWR bracket signal, I have just installed the oo gauge lh bracket version on my layout 'Sproston'. Hope this helps. Regards (SIGTECH) Steve. Scan_1.pdf Scan_2.pdf
  4. Finally completed installation and testing of Sproston's inner home signals. no2 and no4 signed into use @ 22.30 hours. I have included a few photos just to prove it.... All ready for the new revised signalling box diagram. Had great fun extending the operating cables - as I said previously they are 11 inches long!!! (each) - The Dapol spares number for additional 2metre extension 3 core cables, Dapol part #4a-000-014 seems to be a total work of fiction - none available....anywhere!!! So I used the old fallback viz: - 2 x 3 hole terminal blocks, 6 length of single colour multi strand cable, solder, soldering iron, insulation tape, side - cutters, and a terminal screwdriver, add a lot of colourful language, stir well whilst cutting both cables carefully in half, insert centre sections include a couple of thumps on the head whilst scrabbling around underneath the layout!, result it all works. I AM NOW GOING TO HAVE A NICE CUP OF TEA!! Regards, (SIGTECH) Steve.
  5. Phil that is great! I suspect this will be the final version, i'll just ask Mike to give it his seal of approval... Regards Steve.
  6. Thanks Mike - think that solves the problem. so Phil - thats 4 foot arms on both 2 and 4 signals please, and I'll go with mechanical fpl on all 3 ends of facing points - 11 will have them mounted ( imaginary.. ) on both switches, due to the lack of space in rear of the toe of these points. No track circuits . I believe that just about covers all the necessary alterations. Are you happy with this Phil,- after all you're the one in charge of producing the new diagram?? Regards Steve .
  7. Thanks for that Phil - I assume it will have to be both with 4ft arms - not really relishing the idea of chopping lumps off a £55 signal....!
  8. Helo Phil - I don't know if you had read my last comments re a couple of small changes? one concerning the spare levers, numbered and with plates - not spaces, and the second the labelling of the headshunt behind the box as 'spur'. ( this was on the previous iteration of the diagram ) I have just been reading Mikes comments - hence my question re a track - circuit in lieu of the switch mounted lockbars (anything to make it easier)! and the fact that the new bracket signal has 4 foot arms on both dolls... Awaiting Mikes verdict on these questions, as this will probably affect some details on the drawing, apart from that it's all good! No further progress on layout to report.. Steve.
  9. Hello again Mike - just another quick question, have just realized 2 and 4 signals both have 4 ft arms, i assume that is o.k?
  10. Hello Mike, - re the above conversation, as there is no room for a second lockbar unless it was mounted on ( both switches of 11 ), would the existence of this problem makes it more likely that there would have been a track circuit installed? Regards Steve
  11. Hello Phil, that looks very nice, the only minor things that I can see are.levers 3,9,13, and 23 are spare levers in the box (need a lever plate with lever number and 'spare') - there are no spaces in the frame, also the headshunt was labelled as 'spur' on the previous diagram. Otherwise its truly excellent. Not really sure about rationalising 5+6 lever leads - is there any need or would it be likely? With regard to Mikes question - no track circuits, I presume a little out of the way place like this would not really justify the expenditure. It is after all a single track branchline. There is not enough room in rear of the points for a locking bar on 11a - unless it was mounted on the inside of the actual switchrail, (this is about the only place a track circuit would really be useful ) I presume 11a would also only have one fpl notch in the lockbar and 14a likewise. 8 would have notches for both normal and reverse. When I was originally thinking about the layout of signalling for this station, I had drawn plans for a mechanical clearance/fouling bar on the main platform road - just before 24a - due to the curvature of the line and the distance/sighting from the box, but scrapped the idea as improbable/unlikely for a little terminus such as this. I have attached 5/6 discs to the left side of the main post of the inner homes, - on a small 6ft high platform with ladder, The signal is now in place and I am working on extending the wires for the two new control switches ( 2 choc-blocks 6 wires and some soldering.... ) Hope to get it finished, and then tested soon ( tomorrow? ) Regards, (SIGTECH) Steve.
  12. HI Phil. I definately prefer the latest version of the diagram, the engine shed looks better with the siding aligned that way - it's also much closer to the actual track layout. Been busy this morning cutting out a recess under the board, for the twin servo powerpack, this fits underneath the actual signal, and it needs a LOT of room.... glad I don't have anymore to fit!! i have extended both the power wires by about 18" to enable it to reach the layouts signal bussbars. I don't think marking signal distances from the box on the diagram will be of much relevance - as all distances on this layout are terribly compressed! ( The main platform ,from bufferstops to end of the ramp is only 41 inches), and the bay will only take two coaches and a small loco. However, I will have to extend both sets of the 3 core signal operating wires, as the length supplied is only 12" ( plug in unit to switch terminals ) - rediculous... even on this little layout with these being the closest signals to the controls, they need a further 2 foot or so of extra wire added. The short siding behind the box was labelled as 'Spur' ( headshunt ) on the old diagram. The new bracket signal is temporary fixed in place, as I still have to fit the landing with the co-located discs and a small ladder to it - and to then finish wiring and testing. Progressing steadily! Regards. ( SIGTECH ) Steve.
  13. Hello Phil. - it looks good to me - have spent most of this afternoon proceeding with the alterations. 21 signal removed, reposition, wired up and now working o.k. as 21 Bay Platform Starting Signal. Lever 23 is now 'spare', repainted white, - not very easy with the frame fixed in place inside the box.... Disc 23 removed and ''on'' aspect (white light) added, signal repositioned as the new 12 disc. loop exit to up main. disc22 removed from layout, converted to a double disc 5 with disc 6, both discs and mounting platform with ladder removed (carefully!) from old Hornby u/q 3 doll bracket signal. Awaiting fitting to new inner home bracket signal. Hole for new Dapol working bracket signal (2 doll lh l/q signal ) cut in baseboard. Holes where previous signals have been removed covered with card, and ground scatter applied/ballasted as required. More progress hopefully tomorrow. Regards, (SIGTECH) Steve.
  14. Thanks Mike, - so from your reply, - as the period covered is 1956 onwards and assuming there had been no major signalling renewals, would it be best to have disc 12 as a white light ( with horizantal red stripe ) and would it be correct for the functions I mentioned in my previous post? I remember reading on here somewhere recently that there had to be a signal in advance of the white light disc, showing a red aspect, so does that mean that the bufferstop lamp on the spur must show a red light? is that an acceptable option, or do i need to rethink it? (reason I ask is mine shows white at the moment - as it is alongside a running line ) - or is that of lesser importance?. With regard to discs 5 and 6, then the best thing would be to mount them one above the other on a separate platform with its own ladder, and at about 6 foot off the ground fixed to left hand side of the main signalpost - no.6 at the top reading to the parcels dock, and no.5 underneath reading to the loop. Correct? One last question - with a view to getting no.21 right, at moment it has a straight post,- but would it be better for sighting for it to be mounted on a left hand bracket above the parcels dock line? No more questions you'll be glad to hear - at least I can't think of any right now ¬ ( I'm hoping Phil is following me and reading all this....) Regards, Thanks for all your help - and thanks to Phil also. Steve.
  15. Hello Mike, and thanks for taking the time to look at this, and for providing such a comprehensive reply - I must drop Phil a line and ask him to read all this - as it will save me rewriting it! There are no track circuits on Sproston. This is Phils earlier effort (2017) to draw a diagram for me - he can now make the details much closer to the BR (WR) style of drawings. I have put 21 in as it is for the bay and is at the fouling point for the crossover to the loading dock,it allows an autotrailer and loco to sit there, as you had guessed 20 is to allow a longer train to occupy the bay, whilst still allowing a train to arrive/depart from the main platform. With regard to 5 and 6 , I have 6 raised on a platform on the LH side of the post, so I assumed that 5 - as it reads to the loop would be at ground level and on the RH side of the signal post.- is this wrong? Also would disc 12, as it is the exit from the loop onto the up main, but can /needs to be passed when 'ON' for shunting the yard and to allow access the creamery, have a white light instead of a red. I believe the GWR or BR (WR) did not use a yellow disc? Period for my layout is 1956-1963, GWR built branch with ex LMS running powers ficticiously located in Cheshire. Signals are/will be Dapol. Once again, thanks Mike for your time, I've no doubt I will need to call on your services again... Regards Steve.
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