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  1. Hello Ray, - sounds like you lived very close to where i grew up in Kent. (1956-1973) My parents house was located near the bottom of a small cul-de-sac that overlooked the main BR.(SR) lines between Margate and Broadstairs. These are in a cutting between the road overbridges at St. Peters roundabout and the next one down by the old East Kent tram/bus sheds and the gasworks. I spent many hours sitting on the platforms of Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate stations, train spotting - and to start with everying was in green. Your proposed layout ideas sound interesting, and most of the place
  2. The oo gauge model of the van' c' in BR red, R4347C as produced by Hornby has black painted ends I believe this is correct for mid 50' s- early 60's. I have one of these models running in one of my parcels trains. Regards Steve SIGTECH.
  3. Thanks Miss P that was a speedy response... . I was sort of hoping for that answer, as I've cheated and already painted them that colour along with the wheels and roof, - have also just found a second one on the web, again in BR crimson and with black ends. Knew I'd get the info on here, it never fails!! Regards sigtech Steve.
  4. As above really, I have been searching on here for a definitive, or shall we say the most likely colour that Fruit D end walls were painted when in BR red livery. As it comes the ends are same as body, I've seen a photo of one with black ends as per other npccs during the mid BR period. Question is which is correct? Any advice gladly received, Regards, sigtech Steve.
  5. Hello again, problem with adverts is now solved, re-read my previous entries, along with the replies from Martin Wynne - he of 'Templot' fame, then altered Firefox security settings, regarding cookies, from Normal to Strict, along with change to HTTPS only and clearing out of cookies, Result, once more I am add free, and as a bonus the computer is generally running much faster (all that extra rubbish now removed at source...) Regards. gog ( grumpy old git )... SIGTECH. Steve.
  6. After an excellent two months WITHOUT adverts - I switched on the computer, clicked on RMWEB... and they're back! everywhere, just annoying - tried to get rid of a few - and they just pop back up again - I consider advertising easily the the most annoying evil of the modern so called 'smart' online world, it's a form of brain washing and there is no escape from it, on tv, radio and online ( I believe that Firefox has had an 'update',( that depends on your point of view - it seems to me that an 'update' is always a step backwards when it comes to computers ) , and that has carefully removed any
  7. Thanks Martin, although it was only about 3 weeks ago that this happened, before that, using Firefox I still got all the adverts!! Regards Steve (SIGTECH.)
  8. This is the first post I have made under this topic, it's not a gripe ,- just amusement.. I have always been plagued by adverts on RMweb, - at least since they changed over from the old site software and I have attempted to remove/reduce them by resorting to antisocial tactics - not signing in to the site, reporting ads as intrusive/not appropriate/unwanted, deleting them constantly,reducing my time on the site, not posting anything etc. That was until a two or three of weeks ago - then something strange happened. ( I am a luddite and don't care much for the modern world... My pc
  9. Howdy folks, It's been a long time (well over a month ) since my last missive about the goings on in Sproston, - my only excuses are 1. it's been cold in the loft, and 2. I have had a bad cold. The major project which had been ongoing for at least a month, and had been held up by a lack of available parts ( Bachmann 14mm dia coach wheels ) was the improvement of the Dapol Stove R. This has now been completed successfully, by carefully following the steps outlined in Ray's ("Silver Sidelines") RMWEB blog entry entitled "The Dapol Stove R - a show stopper or half baked?" I now have a Stove
  10. It looks like there is also some kind of capstan arrangement for hauling individual tanks along. I see four bollards equally spaced between the running line and the siding, with a larger, possibly motorised drive between the second and third. Regards Sigtech Steve.
  11. You could be correct Karhedron. There is evidence of water all around the wheels of this tanker (which is also chocked at its wheels) and it is standing on a concrete apron, so obviously has had a washout. Regards, sigtech Steve.
  12. I tend to agree with John - the only photo i have seen of this, is one at St Erth, where the creamery worker is seen standing on the access catwalk of a tanker and is holding a thin vertical flexible white pipe connecting to what appears to be a run of stainless steel pipework routed into the building.There seems to be some sort of cover over the open tank filler, with the white pipe inserted through a small aperture in it. Regards SIGTECH Steve.
  13. Hello Keith, I've been following this discussion since it started, as I'm a great fan of Harlequin (Phil's) drawings, and also own a small (6'7'' x 5'2") BLT. My layout 'Sproston', is on here under the blog of 'Sigtech', a contraction of my previous job title under Network Rail, Amec and previously British Rail. The layout is in the loft, oo gauge, and uses two interior flush doors - fixed together in a wooden frame as its baseboard. The trackplan is very similar to the terminal station - u- 4 track fiddle yard, you are discussing. This is the plan drawn in 'Anyrail'.
  14. Please ignore my earlier comment regarding Ramsgate Harbour station, William - I realize now after reading the layout planning section of RMWEB that we are talking about Bromley North...Interesting track layout.. Regards, SIGTECH Steve.
  15. The close up photos and part plan - is this Ramsgate Harbour (LC&DR) station in the 1880S ? Just curious, as the station had an unusually cramped track layout. Regards, SIGTECH, Steve.
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