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  1. Sorry in advance if I've got this wrong, but why would retailers want to have larger reductions on brand new models ? I've just looked on Hattons website for a Bachmann 1F and it appears to be sold out at the required reduction, with Bachmann selling out to supply orders, why would retailers want to cut their profits until they have assessed the markets need? After 8 weeks the demand for new models would have relaxed, and then surplus may require greater reductions. Phil
  2. Having looked at an early example (38-700) at my local model shop it doesn't have the black panels, the one above must be the late version. Phil
  3. Don't forget we're still part of Lancashire in our hearts Phil
  4. Are these the new Bachmann ones Kev ? Phil
  5. coniston branch

    Simon Says

    I don't normally get involved with the price debate, but are things really that bad ? Argos is listing the Hornby Tornado Pullman Express at £99, the same price as last year, a number of Bachmann sets are still available for less than £100. I realize that a number of models have increased markedly, such as the pollybulks and presflows, but the new Bachmann 1f is selling for around £75 and the porthole stock is still less than Hornby Staniers of a couple of years ago. Phil
  6. Have all 200 of these been allocated yet, or can I still sign up for one ? Phil
  7. A really good day out, good to meet Kevpeo and chesepe . Hope everyone has a successful weekend Phil
  8. coniston branch

    Bachmann 1F

    I think what Chris was asking was which side to fit a driver and fire man from Bachmanns loco crew set. Phil
  9. Crafty Hobbies in Barrow had both versions in stock yesterday. Phil
  10. coniston branch

    Bachmann 1F

    This is probably a stupid question but I just read in the Hornby magazine review that the review model had an LMS builders plate, why would they not have a midland plate ? Phil
  11. Looking forward to the show, see you there on Saturday Phil
  12. Is this going into the main range, or just for collectors club first ? Phil
  13. Bachmann home pages now reports that they have been returned to china after the discovery of decoration issues, not due till next year now. Phil
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