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  1. I like the left bit, is a lot simpler than I came up with A double crossover would have been nice but I'm limited by setrack with it's angles. The left bit on the grey is somewhat temporary so we've got a layout we can run until another one is done and they can be joined. Tweaked it to get 4 lines from the fiddle yard.
  2. You're not wrong I was just throwing some ideas about and as it's on a non scenic part wouldn't have to look pretty.
  3. Thanks, I forgot to mention some ambitious future plans so it currently looks like there's more sidings. It will require making some custom turnouts but I'd like to join the 4 lines on the lower left to complete the loop and diverge off to another future layout.
  4. I'm hoping access wont be to hard. The right side will be where the bedroom door opens too so I'll be able to get more access behind from that side. I've used setrack for ease (and we were given a load of points already) to get a workable layout going. This one is for a friend who's more interested in being able to run trains than things looking prototypical. Sidings are just to add a bit of variety, unlikely he'll want to do any shunting but they'll provide some space for some abandoned wagons I'm thinking of using 63mm x 38mm timber with 9mm Ply. If it's glued and screwed I don't think the Ply will sag.
  5. This one is for a friend so he can run trains, mostly modern era, no particular region. He's got a GWR Azuma and waiting on the LNER Azuma too plus a steam loco and coaches to represent a heritage tour. The plan is to have a J shaped layout with another one using code 55 that will join to this. I did try to avoid the setrack points but they do allow a bit more in the space available. I've got 3rd and 4th radius at the ends apart from the curved points due to them being 2nd/3rd. We tried the new Azuma and it seems to navigate them OK on a little test track. A steam loco we tried would derail running tender first though.
  6. Hi All, Apart from dabbling in a bit of T Gauge I've not had a layout for nearly 20 years but as a bedroom is becoming free I'm wanting to get back into modelling. This time I'll be going for N Gauge having previously done OO. I've been using AnyRail to get a plan going and just looking for feedback/thoughts and if there's any potential issues I might have missed. The baseboard sizes are a bit odd but leaves room for expansion later. Thanks, Alex.
  7. Hopefully we'll have some more choice now Ref: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TGaugecom/108055265922840
  8. Alex.

    Little Tee

    Added some railings, Still need to paint and weather.
  9. Alex.

    Little Tee

    Bit more movement. An old colliery line.
  10. One of Aldi's upcoming deals is an Ultrasonic Cleaner for £22.99. Thought it might be of use to those who print in FUD. https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuys/sunday-26th-january/product-detail/ps/p/ultrasonic-cleaner/
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions. Thinking of trying the Pontypool bridge, Nice simple design.
  12. Thinking of having a single line crossing over a double as a unique feature but not finding many useful images in Google. Any pictures would be a great help to see the different designs that have been used. Thanks, Alex.
  13. This might help, East Grinstead was similar to what you're after. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/e/east_grinstead/index.shtml
  14. Alex.

    Little Tee

    I have some 3d printed shells (66 & 67) and like Robert hoping to finish them off with some transfers as they're a bit awkward to paint. Either need to try myself or hope someone makes a 37 too :-) Bit more industrial.
  15. That sounds good. Any chance of some full livery decals for the 66 that's available?
  16. What's the best method at removing the wax residue? I used white spirit once and the print went frosty white, worried it might have weakened it.
  17. Alex.

    Little Tee

    Been lurking for a while so thought I'd finally get a topic going. To get back into modelling I'm giving T Gauge a try. Making a layout loosely based of an old line near Manchester, http://www.penmorfa.com/Wrexham/ten.html as I thought it had some unique elements.
  18. Alex.

    T gauge pointwork

    @Brian, That's impressive. I attempted a scratchbuilt point for T but the biggest issue I had was fixing it together, my soldering skills aren't up to much and gets a bit tight. Can I ask what you used for the sleepers and how you fixed it together?
  19. @Marbelup, Makes sense to at least have some gears trial printed first, Just need to find a company with reasonable prices. @SpoorObjecten, FUD is great, already used it to make some wagons but it's not fine enough for gearing etc.
  20. Hi all, Been dabbling in T gauge for a while and want to try some more custom stuff like new chassis and gearing. Have been looking at the form 1 by formlabs but not sure if the gearing in T is too small to be printed. Hoping someone with experience will know. Regards, Alex.
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