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  1. A bit more time spent working on the PGA rake. 2 variants kit bashed to add some variety. I have 2 more to make to finish a rake of 5. The last 2 will probably be basic kit builds. I plan to fit a tail light into one of them and power it via a function only decoder. This one will have to have a removable load. I have also had a bit of fun using my steam shutters for a while. Dougal
  2. Hi, what colour is the loco?
  3. I have an 05 too! (This one is easy to fit a sound chip and that opens up lots of play value) Welcome to the world of O gauge, or the funny farm as I like to call it. lots of advice here on this forum. I have been modelling in O for 10 years - lots more RTR now and often at a good price from Hattons or Rails of Sheffield. for kits, I would echo the advice of trying Conniseur if you want to build in brass or try Slaters or Parkside kits if you want to build plastic. Dougal
  4. I spent a few hours today applying transfers and some light weathering and some play time. The class 15 is very powerful and able to pull rakes of my heavy brass kit built wagons without issue. I am still getting used to setting different light configurations when running, even though I have no idea what the different configurations mean. The sound file is pretty awesome. The decals suck! They were a pig to apply and fell off during handling. I have plenty of alternatives from Fox, so I will apply them. If you ever get a class 15, throw the supplied decals away! The model comes apart easily with 6 screws removed. Unfortunately the cab appears to be a fixed and self contained unit- I don’t see how I can add a driver. I will save ‘Nigel’ for my Hymek I think. neither of these minor niggles is a particular issue for me really. She looks great shunting a few coal hoppers around or pulling a rake of Presflos. Very happy I bought her. Oh, for those interested, D8203 was scrapped along with every other member of the class, except one. Still, she lives on in sunny Cornwall. Dougal.
  5. Aha! My class 15 turned up today. Lovely model, looks brand new and hardly used. Sound fitted and still set as default address of 03. The transfers and etched plates are included. No tail lights, but has various configurations of marker lights and a cab light. I will spend tomorrow painting the driver and adding the transfers as well as more ‘testing’ (playing). very impressed with the sound file and running qualities. I plan to lightly weather. She will probably be set to work on cement workings with my presflo rake. photos to follow tomorrow. Dougal.
  6. Having patronised my local model shop for some supplies, I managed to finish off the first PGA. I plan to build the other 4 as different diagrams to add a bit of variety. I have also numbered my 05. The driver is for the class 15- when it arrives. Dougal.
  7. I spent an enjoyable few hours in the shed today. The body shell just needs filling to smooth out any blemishes, The head code boxes came out nicely, once I added some plastic strip. next step in painting the chassis and bogies. You can see the chassis here- just a simple frame that fits snugly inside the body shell. I just need to work out where I want to fit a few fixing points now. Dougal.
  8. Ok, I spent the weekend working on the Hymek. Both power bogies are now built as is the underframe. I need to pop to the model shop and get some black paint then the bogies can be painted. Photos to follow. Dougal
  9. Merry Christmas! I have not done loads of modelling lately as I have been testing my trains or playing. I managed to remove another link from the Delrin chain from Denise and she now runs incredibly smoothly. I have purchased a class 05 from Rails of Sheffield as they were selling them at a bargain price and today I managed to bag a sound fitted class 15 from feepay. cant wait for the 15 to arrive. Dougal
  10. Thanks, Denise is my 7th Loco build. This was a Judith edge kit and it was a pleasure to build.The hardest part was making sure the Motor fitted and then shoe horning in a Delrin chain. Dougal
  11. Thanks Andy. Very pleased with this build. Only cost £16.45. I had enough odds and ends in my bits box- including wheels. I have weathered her now in a mucky rusty brown sheen. I will post a photo once I have applied Matt varnish. Dougal
  12. Slurry tanker done. Just needing a lot of weathering.
  13. Hi, the side frames are fixed with bolts, so they are easy to remove. I copied the idea from the class 08 I built. Dougal.
  14. I bought a Lima Tanker from Feebay recently for the princely sum of £16.45. I have begun modifying the body shell and Underframe with various parts from my bits box to depict a slurry tanker or TCA. This is not based on a specific prototype, more ‘inspired by’. a few shots...
  15. All done now. I fitted the sound chip yesterday and the lights were completed last weekend. for those interested in such things I used; maxi sugar cube speaker BT20, stay alive rectangular 870007 and MX645R decoder with Sentinel Diesel sound file. The file is good, perhaps not as recent as some of my other sound files, but does the job. I had to refit the pickups as they twisted under friction and I also trimmed the Delian chain as it was a bit slack. Here are a few shots.
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