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  1. Sound chip, speaker etc fitted. 56107 arriving at the fuel point. and a quick peak at my next project... Dougal.
  2. Nice bit of modelling there. I like the TTA’s, I have several myself. Do post photos of the 37/0 build. I plan to build a 37/4 at some point and interested to see how they go together. Dougal
  3. This weekend I finished off the electrics. All the LEDs are in, as well as wiring the motors and pick ups ready for the decoder. I should now just need to screw the wires into the terminal points on the decoder when it arrives. I also fitted plasticard screens behind all the see through bits and painted them black. This will be the last all metal loco I will build this year. I plan to do a 37/4 after Christmas. My next loco project for October will be along shortly.,,,
  4. Wait and see. I already have my next project to hand.
  5. I had a few days off, so I finished the 56. I just need to fit the LEDs. Next month I will purchase the sound decoder. I think I need to add an inside cover to the roof vents and the side mesh as I can see the motors. finished as 56107. Dougal.
  6. I spent this morning building the fans and enclosure, as well as the cabs. Next weekend I will add glazing and lights, as well as adding the pick ups to the bogies. Dougal.
  7. I built a clay hood recently from the Slaters kit. I added a triangular hood out of wire. It looks ok to me and goes with my Skytrex hooded wagons. It may not be 100% prototypical, but it is close. Dougal
  8. More progress today. I don’t have the correct size numbers at the moment, so I will have to order some. The paints I used are shown below, Valejo. I mix 50:50. Both power bogies finished and run in. Picks to fit next. Dougal.
  9. Hmmmm, looking at the photo, I need to do a bit more tidying up first.
  10. I spent a bit of time after work this week painting the body shell. Almost done. Transfers and weathering to follow...,
  11. Lots of progress this weekend. Body shell filled- only needed a tiny amount around the roof. Locating pieces and bolts fitted. side frames fitted. Chassis completed with fuel tanks. everything is at the correct height and the bogies swing around the curves. 1 bogie needed a spot of filing as it caught on the fuel tanks. off to the paint shop next.
  12. Funny you should ask. I was going to do Load Haul, but after seeing a large logo Blue one, I decided to go Blue. Hopefully, next weekend I can begin painting. Dougal
  13. I built a hooded wagon. I think this came out ok. Only problem is I need to build more to make a decent rake. For the 56, I built the inner frame to take the bogies, fuel tanks and floor. This is tapered at both ends to fit the body shell snugly. I need to order the wheels and the lights. Hopefully next weekend I can finish the power bogies. Dougal
  14. If I recall correctly there were several 03’s allocated to various China clay works in Cornwall, they were eventually replaced with 08’s. Doogle China clay diesel shunters and you find a few. Dougle
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