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  1. I ordered; LEDs, wheels and a bucket load of figures. The lights and wheels should arrive tomorrow. The figures from ModelU will take a bit longer, but that is ok. I have ordered enough to crew 4 diesel locos and 1 steam engine. Today I decided to splash out and buy a sound decoder for my 1361. I have drilled a few holes ready to take a couple of lamps and a firebox glow. I will probably just have illuminated lamps for directional tail lights as space is really tight on this model and I only have the red micro LEDs. I haven’t seen many steam shutters with working lights, but I like a bit of light, especially in the winter months on a wet and miserable day. She will have to run crewless until ModelU complete my order. Once 1361 is completed I will fit the LEDs to my 58 and then I can start the cab detail. I plan to raise the floor level so I can add additional ballast to the cab floors. This should help add weight to the front axles. Sadly the drivers (same guy at each end) will end up legless. Dougal
  2. Thanks for the kind comments. Hopefully the wheels should arrive at the weekend. I need to check the ride height and swing of the bogies as they are a little different to ones I previously built. Assuming no major issues I hope to finish the model off next month and get a sound chip. Dougal
  3. Ok, a bit more work between sun bathing and playing trains....
  4. Nice neat work, very good.
  5. Ok so, as the sun is out and the wind has died down, I sprayed some more. The yellow is already done and masked off. This is the grey coat. Once this drys I need to spray the windows around the cab fronts and the side mesh in black. Here are a few shots and one of the retaining wall that has had a spot of graffiti. Dougal.
  6. So, last weekend and today I finished off the body side. The bogies and side frames are done, well almost. I have left off a few of the very fine details to add once the main model is completed and painted. I need to order some wheels from Slaters to replace the wheels supplied, once they arrive I can finish and paint the power bogies. This afternoon I began painting. I will post a few photos tomorrow. Dougal
  7. I built one a few years ago. It was pretty easy to build and fits in with some JLRT Presflos. Dougal
  8. Ok so, a bit more progress today. I tackled the sideframes and the chassis. The chassis is easy as it is exactly the same for every diesel in the range. The cosmetic sideframes were not so simple. There was much muttering as I tried to figure out where the parts fitted- even looking at the online photo instructions didn’t always help. I got there in the end. I also modified the frames and chassis to take some locating screws so that I can remove the frames if I need to. Here are a few photos after the parts had a bath in the washing up water to remove any flux. Dougal.
  9. How did you get the PCAs? I had a feeling that Skytrex stopped trading. Dougal
  10. Obviously a Sunday today, considering the amount of Engineers traffic around. oh and a 128 for some reason.
  11. Thanks for all the positive replies, much appreciated. I spent a fair amount of time Thursday afternoon, most of Friday and an hour or so today working on the floor and subframe. Initially I thought I had made a major cock up as the cab floors did not align. After sulking for a bit and muttering, ‘fiddle de Dee’ , I figured out that it didn’t matter as it can’t be seen. I had to trim a little off of the floor at one end and then it was fine. I have added more side frame pieces and built the fuel tanks and buffer beams. I need to buy some more brass wire to add some more detail pieces. I have modified the kit. I didn’t feel the existing brass supports to hold the body shell in place were rigid enough, so I added an L section to both sides and I also added some brass section across the centre of the body shell to make everything rigid. I have noticed that the brass by the exhaust port is a little warped.This just needs a spot of solder underneath to correct. I think I will call it for this week and do some work again next weekend. I am keen to try building the bogies and frames to make sure they fit and swing enough to cope with my set track curves. Looking at the kit, it appears the cosmetic side frames are designed to screw directly to the bogies. enough wittering for now, some photos.....
  12. Hi Craig, Not sure yet but probably Railfreight grey. Dougal
  13. I feel your pain. I’m glad my shed is at the bottom of the garden so that Mrs Doyle can’t hear my modelling induced Tourette’s! Stick with it and it gets easier as you build more. Best advice is take your time and make a point of having tea breaks, too easy to rush and get a tad annoyed. Dougal.
  14. Ok, a bit more progress today. I have fitted the cant rail, windscreen wipers, lamp brackets and the rails to the front of the cabs. I also made up some large crosses to fit behind the side mesh pieces as these don’t come with the kit, but are very evident on the prototype. I am using my reference book to guide the build. There are detail differences among the class- for example not all of them had the side door screen pieces fitted. I have only to fit the door grab rails and then the soldering for the body shell is done. I will superglue the white metal door handles as they are too small to solder. loads more to do, including opening up the holes to take the 2mm LEDs and the chassis floor needs doing and the power bogies.... Dougal
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