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  1. Heavy Metal, ex Leek & Manifold 2-6-4 arrives in Hookton.
  2. A selction of Hooktons motive power a real mixed bag but at least I can ring the changes and there are another 5 available. You can never have too many engines.
  3. Today I have mostly been playing trains. Here is a few of the locomotive stock ( there is another 5). If I feel like it tomorrow I will start on the raised area and complete the road way over the next week.
  4. Messing about with a few bits and bobs nothing too stressful. Everything works as it should first time, which is an absolute first for me. Although I did waste 90 minutes trying to sort out a perceived track problem only to find that the loco I was using to test that all was well had oversized flanges, rewheel or new chassis coming up. photos showing just plonked buildings etc.
  5. Thanks Guys. Andy the brick paper is 1mm thick and is printed on Italian embossed wallpaper. It is shipped recorded from Greece. I got mine via ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393035485924. Hope that helps. Cheers Mike
  6. Thank you all for your best wishes and support. My problem is a combination of the lung scaring and ticker trouble which leaves me breathless and tired, but I'm sure they will sort me out. ECG Thursday , hospital on 22nd March. cheers
  7. Some times life throws a curved ball. In my case it was the result of my CT scan. Ok. not unexpected was the Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis. What was a suprise was that scan threw up a heart condition so I'm now under the care of the cardiology consultant. Modelling will now take a back seat just for while, but in the words from the film" I'll be back,so watch this space. Never say never again. Just playing around with colours.
  8. The name Hookton and the Lipp have been lifted from Halequin the first book of the Grail series by Benard Cornwell who has kindly given his permission for me to use the names. History. Hookton is a small village on the South Coast of England in the County of Dorset. The Lipp is a stream that is almost a river which enters the sea across a shingle beach creating a hook shaped shingle bar from which the village gets its name. During the Great Plague of 1665, Hookton could easily have become one of what we now call Plague Villages, just grass covered mounds where once there was lif
  9. A bit more tweeking, half relief now 360, single small cottage now semi detached cottages. Shown plonked on my under contruction " Hookton" note to self: really must finish the detailing and weathering of the buildings let alone progressing the actual railway.
  10. That’s not the same piece of track I dug out of the workshop is it?
  11. Almost but not quite gettig there, St Andrew's Chapel. Bellcote with bell, roof with tiles and west end with circlular window and buttress.
  12. Hi Steve, thank you for your kind comments. First of the stained glass windows trial fitted and the quoins now a little bit better.
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